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Lovingly and beautiful Kristy

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Kristy can step into any room, and she always has a smile on his lips, which can easily spread to all the others who are there. she is the one that supplies air and lovely energy throughout the apartment. for she is and can be completely yourself in the recitals, to be mischievous, sing what she wants to do crazy and frisky things anytime, she dares to enjoy everything that can give her own pleasures there, without having to think about that what she is doing is wrong. Yes all this, she naturally and honestly beautiful Kristy do without problems, because she does not have any relationship there that try to control how she should be and so do there. Therefore, she has her eternal smile remained, and with wings for her where she wants, but no one has had their chance to cut them. But it has been marked that as much as she stands up for those she so likes to have around them, it's not as nice attention and safe hands back. Yes when Kamila was a little sick, so Kristy took the risk to creep close to her and give Kamila warmth and friendly neighborhood. Now Kristy was unfortunate sick himself a little later, and we could see how she tried to do everything by various means to get rid of his illness. That's when you think the other lover that she so always have sat and listened for hours with his beautiful smile and has given her many fine laughter of joy, so that she should bother back. But not then. For as soon as the boyfriend comes into the apartment, then it is that it is taking over and it is he himself who lives there, and the other girls will either move away or simply go from the apartment, so that they get an honest chance to be completely themselves, and maybe go in just underwear or other private as they want in their own homes. This is for them a disrespectful action, then those who really live there, should have first feeling of security to get to do what they want. as long as beautifully fine Kamila has her boyfriend in their vicinity, they seem to others who stood up for her when she spent alone without her boyfriend, becoming the most often treated by air instead. It is there that Kamila will stand up for these girls, and speak up if he happens to offend or otherwise give a bad atmosphere for the inherent friends she daily will hopefully continue to be nice to live with. Well how in love she is so, then there are always limits to so everyone should get feel as good. As differences of Kristy and Kamilas boyfriend, then Kristy could easily have his dear friend Kamila in her lap, from what her boyfriend would rather choose, to replace his beloved Kamila against a computer in your lap instead. Very loving behavior to show his love for her. I can only conclude by Kristy offers heal herself of fine honest spirit. This lovely lovely Kristy, should not waste their fine efforts on those who are not aware of them. Love..

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