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Well ive been on here a short time and I love it. I have learned that all of this is only entertainment -- similar to a TV soap opera. Im meeting and talking to new people everyday and they seem to feel the same -- they don't take it seriously. IM glad that you can miss a day or two and you've really not missed anything. Especially the A,D,A room. The (almost sex) meaning fake is an everyday thing, but kinda entertaining never the less. Basically we need to enjoy but not believe hardly anything we see. K&K to me is the best room -- it's believable, but whatever you do -- please keep your stronger beliefs to yourself or you will feel the wrath. Even if what you know is true -- keep it close- vest and in the end you will see the true ending. In other words -- enjoy the site but don't take it seriously lol. # Oh and don't worry about missing a day from here. It will be pretty much like the previous day you watched lol.

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