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Apartment Review and Discussion, Adriana & Daniel

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Apartment Review, Adriana & Daniel

This is one in a series of my honest opinion of the current apartments. I'm dividing each apartment into its own review so I could post each one in the appropriate thread. I'll post each as I complete it.

I like this apartment for more than a few reasons. First, this couple really, REALLY cares for each other. Daniel strikes me as a bit odd in some ways, but when you see the expression on his face when she's paying attention to him - it's priceless. It's almost like he cant' believe she loves him. It seems like Adriana would do anything for him. She certainly will do anything sexually to make him happy. There have been times she doesn't look like she's totally enjoying things, but she does it for him anyway. That says a lot about her. I do love those times she's about to 'bate and she looks at the camera with this "what are you looking at?" expression LOL I do wish I could buy her a new set of Pajamas though :)

As I stated, I like this apartment. Not sure what it is, but I watch Adriana more than one would expect.. Maybe knowing she truly loves who she's with keeps bringing me back.

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