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Apartment Review and Discussion, Masha & Sasha


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Apartment Review, Masha & Sasha

This is one in a series of my honest opinion of the current apartments. I'm dividing each apartment into its own review so I could post each one in the appropriate thread. I'll post each as I complete it.

Two Thumbs Up !!!  This couple is another "real deal" apartment. Real life, openness to the RLC concept, good relationship, and interesting guests. Some have complained that Masha "fakes" her 'bates but I simply think she's one of those individuals who doesn't blast through it in 5 minutes. She actually enjoys it - which is another sign she isn't faking (who would want to fake an orgasm that took 30 minutes to get to?). The main thing I notice in this apartment is they aren't afraid of the cameras - and as such, you get some pretty good and unexpected views now and then.

Any couple who invests themselves into the purpose of RLC to entertain their viewers deserves a good word, or two :). Two Thumbs Way Up !!!

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