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An awakening to empty homes

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Yep. Now, Paul has woken up to an empty home without Leora and had time to go through the computer. Yes, she was really angry and sad for him yesterday, that he slept all day and woke up at ten o'clock in the evening, and that he did nothing but move from one table to another m, m. It sounded like that even mother each had sparked the altercation, which now had to Leora to react so strongly to maternal ownership to decide everything. But we'll certainly now see Paul take their responsibilities in the home and tidied up a lot, and even make the bed behind her before she arrives back again. For Leora is no need to be alone does not, as she possesses the skills far above most of the RLC. For Paul is probably taken directly from her mother, so Leora has much work ahead to get him up in the most in terms of home all things should be done. one day it will surely run one or more children around in their home, which Paul probably need the vital knowledge to keep order after the children's rapid mess around them. It is not just to sit at a computer and believe that Leora be kept fresh for ever. It is very strange that Paul does not value their loved Leora more than he does today. Life is too short to play at the high cards, but he must think of to begin relieving her more everyday, and just because he is not so keen on stepping out of the apartment, so he had to give her the air and games room as she always social needs for a healthier life. Love to you both. :)

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