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As RLC and its relationship with the members of Camcap. may change because of the aggressive moves of RLC and its protection with its content. I would really like to acknowledge those who kept me informed with pics and vids. I have mostly subscribed since July 2013. I'm in a time zone that is pretty opposite of most the apts. on RLC. So it was awesome to see a community looking out for those who pay or not to keep up. I don't want to name names because of who knows with RLC and the banning trend. WE ALL KNOW who has hooked us up. Thank you.

I must also say I am a proponent of Intellectual property and protection of original thought and how it is presented. If you are making claim to someone else's content I wont agree with you. I do think its fine to share amongst our Camcap community. Why because they were obviously paid for. Much like when you used to buy a movie or CD and share with those who also liked the product and has contributed financially to support the product you love. I don't agree with RLC attacking our members if they are showing it on Camcap because its out of love. If our members are posting them elsewhere or going a little far with their communication efforts with the apts. Well.....

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