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What has happened to CC


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What has happened to CC ? 

I have been a  full member for 1.5 years, and read the forum for well over 3.years. In the last several months, the only good discussions that takes place is on the political boards, or the old dude's board.

The threads for the RLC have especially suffered, we have now a bunch of newer people who really are not interested in having a real discussions, whether they be positive or negative about any of the various apartments or the tenants.

She needs to go because she doesn't do this or she doesn't do that , they need to go because they don't do this or they don't do that, this is not real life because they are hiding from cameras, they choose not to show themselves or flaunt the nudity or sex, that these newer people seem to think that is all this site is all about.

So I have been very outspoken about Kamila and Kristy's Angels, I wanted to see just how much of a real decent discussion that could be still found in this forum, that wasn't singularly based on T& A, Fucking, Masturbation. To my dismay, only a one page of discussion transpired. There were a few good rebuttals to my assertions about Kamilla, and that Bookmaster by far was the best, and I expected that he would stand up for the tenants as he always has. His rebuttal was genuine, well though out, and made me really think about what I had posted. Thanks Book

I enjoy having real discussions, for that is what the purpose of a forum is meant be used for, not this less than 10 word post's with no real content, no real thought, but has turned into a cam 4 or chatturbate, or even worse than that Voyeur View mentality of the members who post. Demanding this or that of the tenants like they are their disposal as slaves to fulfill their fantasies. Most of all, the trolls that chase people from thread to thread just to antagonize them, just simply to be a pain in ass. Then when you block them, they chase you to the chat and do same damn thing there.

It is no wonder that some of the best long time members have left the forum, and more of the good people that made this forum, are being chased away by lack of intellectual stimulation, and replaced by those who stimulate with one hand while typing BULLSHIT with the other.

What has happened to CC ???



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