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  1. Hint Hint...... Face Down Ass Up naughty little Nana, and of course Klassy Karol can you please teach her what this means !!!!! Now that is just Fucking Fantastic, what person in their right mind could refuse that ?
  2. Million Dollar Question ???? Will NO No no way NANA ever get NUAGHTY and NASTY ???? My bet, HELL NO because she doesn't know how to seduce a man. Maybe Klassy Karol can teach her thing or several about the art of Seduction.
  3. As of Tuesday September 14th, 2021, there are now 56 cargo freighters anchored off the coast of California from Oakland to Long Beach in what can only be considered a Manufactured Supply-Chain Halt that will result in food shortages and supply disruption Nationwide in the coming weeks and months. A local long-haul company Driver that travels the Continental 48 states on a weekly basis has personally seen Chicago freight yards backed up three weeks in a row...now with hardly any movement at all while more and more containers are stacking up without any logical explanation. The Question to ask Yourself is...WHY??? Why would our Government do such with supplies that Small businesses, Manufacturers, and American Citizens may need to survive in one way or another?!?! Why??? Probably a good idea to make sure you have enough supplies to last several weeks or a couple of months should the inevitable finally happen....They will sink the ships and crash the economy if it means Bringing The People to Their Knees with Submission!
  4. Great Post, Thanks for taking the time to post. I too can relate very well to past, and your present. Thanks again.
  5. I use to watch her a lot because she has such a great ass. She spends more time laying on it than she showing it off.
  6. Now that Klassy Karol has arrived, NO No no WAY NANA will no longer get any interest from the voyeurs and my guess is she will most likely not even know what top cam means anymore. She doesn't from me anyway.
  7. That is the only fireworks in B-2 the ones outside that they see from the balcony. B-2 is 2x's bored to death.
  8. The only way this isn't just click baiting is for one or both of them fuck him on cam. We all know the double mint disasters will not do anything sexual on cam so then all it is just BULLSHIT click baiting for subscribers and by how much RLC has fallen off the face of the earth it isn't working for them. Man it just gets worse everyday and I am so glad my sub is running out. No way not going to do it Nana has really not been worth watching, I do love to watch Klassy Karol though, tent time with Radi and Mila is just plain ridiculous.
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