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  1. Nothing exciting has happened in B-5 since the party girls were there, and with MOTHER SUPIEROR TEREZA and FATHER TIMUR, nothing ever will. HANNAH could be a superstar if they would just let her take the lead and Aaron needs to chill the fuck out and let her be. That is why no one comments or watches this place except when the rest of RLC is sleeping.
  2. Ok I would love to label Marta the magnificent, Marta the marvelous, Marta the Magical, but it looks like it will always be just NERDY GERTY the waitress .... 😪
  3. Martina, don't you think it about time to repay Alberto's patience with Marta and real good tease job if she is willing ? I know the voyeurs would really enjoy it especially me 🙂, and so would he and make for much better sex. Hummmmm something to think about ? I would say make it a birthday to remember and fantasize about !!!
  4. 6 am in the morning and Masha wants to gab her ass off, Babi wants to forgiven by her friend, Tanya just wants to fuck, and Hiedi is caught in the middle of this triangle of madness. I say lets all fuck until the sun comes up......
  5. I see that the holier than now "MOTHER SUPERIOR TEREZA" is again dressed in all black on a day that is 85 degrees in Barcelona ,,,,,, WTF ??? I am sure she has been making Hannah pay her penance for her sins with the party girls the other night.
  6. Well and I too like Nelly and always have, I love that sultry sexy voice she has. She got me when she would send sneaky messages to the voyeurs way back in the street actors guild and musician days of St. Petersburg
  7. Well ladies and gents I guess I will catch the replay in morning, going to bed.
  8. B-4 front door is one of the top cams LMAO along with B-5 front door HAHAHA
  9. I would have went to bed and told her don't call me if you get thrown in jail, see ya when I see ya.... HAHAHA better yes I probably would bed all three women with high hopes and let nature take its course after the show on the couch.
  10. That is for sure something is definitely going down the drain !!! 🤣
  11. Mother Superior is lecturing Aaron and Father Timur is asking the party girls to repent HAHA 🤣
  12. What started out with some promise and a reason to be a fly on the wall, just goes on and on like the energizer bunny going to nowheresville, we should have known with MOTHER TEREZA and FATHER TIMUR running the show.
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