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  1. Oh Magical One, you forgot to play Africa by Toto, that was the problem with participants tonight, they need a little of your expertise in how to really seduce the viewers my love !!!
  2. I like this Milena too juggy, but I am a firm believer that she can show us so much more of her sexuality and sensuality, she just needs to let go of her insecurities and inhibitions. I remember once a long time ago Leora was no different. Now she is the Matriarch of RLC and garners more posts by herself than any other apartment.
  3. Milena the Most Measured one and All Praise Alla have limits and they are going to exceed them for us the voyeurs that pay the bills. I am so use to this from the participants of RLC.
  4. Oh yes and let me add enough with this rub a dub dub stuff and lets gets serious girls, it is about time to take it to next level and really make a mark in the RLC timeline.
  5. I have been waiting for so long to see the Double Mint twin double their pleasure and ours, so to me this would be a night to really remember.
  6. Yes and No as I have seen the ultimate night to remember on three different occasions as many 110 pages of posts.
  7. Yes she is but the other two have limits and will NOT let their guard down. TOO BAD what looked so promising is going to be just another night in B-4, Nothing really memorable.
  8. WTF dildo's not required tonight, lets see them explore each others sexuality. lets see if they are willing to go over the edge and explore new limits with each other ???
  9. It really depends on how much they had to drink, I know from times past the more they had to drink the better the night progresses.
  10. Noldus this could be really worth the time to watch or on the hand it could be another complete disappointment.
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