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  1. I see, well then you would have not liked the Barcelona vacation apartment concept, when it was run by the Queen Bee, back when she brought us the likes of Kami, Kristy, Rita, Milana and Coco were there in Barcelona acting like normal people would act. Most likely you wouldn't much care for a bunch of street actors from St.Petersburg either. I myself, found it interesting, that Nora was able to bring all tenants in Barcelona together for a night of getting to better know each other. Lots a good food, singing, dancing and bonding, I also found it very interesting to see the interactions between the different tenants, I guess I will be forever be old school RLC.
  2. Looks like to me that Kami is packing for another trip
  3. The Athiest Delusion

    Our Father, Who art in heaven Hallowed be Thy Name; Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us; and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen. Jerusalem is the known house of the Lord, Why should the US settle this longtime issue between the Sunni population and the Shite population, They should grow up after 2000 years of fighting each other and settle this issue themselves. We are going to put our embassy where the government has their parliament. It would be like the US putting their embassy in Dublin or Glasgow !!! I think it belongs in London !!!
  4. Trump and Jerusalem

    What the hell does where the US put their embassy have to do with the 2000 yr old fight between the Sunni and Shite Muslim's. How much of an ally has the Shite Muslim Palestine been to the US ? For all the help we have given them over the years, you must ask what benefit has this been to the US. Trump is only carrying through with policies that those before him didn't have the guts to accomplish. Reagan, Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2 and of Oslama Obama the Muslim bow down to thee Shite Muslium. It has become obvious that the central axis of conflict in the Middle East today is no longer the Arab-Israeli conflict, but rather the conflict within Islam between Sunnis and Shiites. This war lies behind the ongoing bloodbath in Syria, which pits the Alawite regime, backed by Shiite Iran, against the Sunni Muslim majority of Syria, backed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. For many years, the Sunni-Shiite war also fed the internal conflict in Lebanon, in which the Shiites emerged victorious through Hezbollah. The Sunni-Shiite struggle was also behind the Shiite insurrection in Bahrain against its Sunni rulers, and it explains a good part of the civil war in Yemen where Zayidi Shiites have been battling the country’s Sunni-led government. Looking at the mounting tensions in the Middle East, Mohammad Kharroub, a columnist for the Jordanian daily al-Ra’I, wrote this month about the possibility of a full-scale war breaking out between the Sunnis and the Shiites. Right now, Israeli interests appear to be aligned with the Sunnis in this struggle, largely because Iran supports the Shiites’ quest for power. But moving beyond the present, is it true that Israel’s interests are permanently aligned with the Sunni world against the Shiites? Vali Nasr, a former U.S. official who was born in Tehran, reminds his readers of the stereotypes held in the U.S. defense establishment on the Sunni-Shiite split: He quotes a Pentagon official in the 1980s who said that the Shiites were “bloodthirsty, baby-eating monsters.”
  5. Kami and Kristy cuddling from Barcelona revisited.... It has already been done and won't bring in the viewers. Been there and done that !!! It leads nowhere.
  6. Gentlemen, please take time to look at the Alexa rankings and you will see that RLC is slowly loosing membership and hits monthly, no matter what new concepts they come up with. They have only their own arrogance to blame. If you bite the hand that feeds you, eventfully you quit being fed by the hand. RLC is now experiencing that first hand. We tried to make peace with them, but they chose to completely ignore the Admin, They could have chosen to meet the Admin or even contact him, and talk it out, so we both would benefit, but instead the said screw you little guys, so we moved them to the very bottom of the board, and began to feature a much more friendly site (VHTV) (thank you James for working with us) , and low and behold they are up 200 to 300 % monthly in membership and hits, from 2.5 million 6 months ago to almost 16 million in the last month's records on Alexa, and dominate the threads on CanCaps because they allow Pictures, Gifs, and Videos,with restrictions they set forth for the forum. This is due a great business plan and being friendly to site to all those that promote their site without having to hot link it to other voyeur sites and pay those advertising fees. We also promote Camarads, and they have found some success from our boards as well. Voyuer Villa is a long time member of Camcaps and it too has found some success from our board. These site all allow us to promote them in all aspects. RLC has taken the big gun status, and shot themselves in the foot, thigh, and soon in the head, and said they are a the premium site that charges a very high premium price for their services, but needs no partners to promote their site. Numbers don't lie, and actually tell a very true story of the big dog getting it's ass whooped by the underdog. CamCaps gets about 2 million hits and page views monthly, so you can see we do influence the voyeur base with our site. RLC has said so much for the free advertising from Camcaps with the DMCA take down orders on the site. Kind of reminds of CNN and MSNBC compared to the new kid on the block FOX news, and how they have destroyed the others in the ratings. All you have to do is cater to your fan base, and you will be very successful. This is something that RLC has completely forgotten in their own arrogance of success. This is a very long explanation, as to why RLC is no longer our premium site, but just another site in our large forum base of voyeur sites and and voyeur information..
  7. Tax Talk

    So says Wikipedia Eagle: The United States were basically divided into two classes- the large (more populous) states and the small (less populous) states. The large states included Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, and Massachusetts. The small states included Rhode Island, New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and even New York Also, one may consider Georgia and the two Carolinas as small states, but these states hoped to increase their population and become large by importing slaves and attracting "immigrants" from other states. The large states wanted to have proportional representation in Congress. They wished that the more populous states have more representatives than the less populous states. However, fearing that they would be overwhelmed by large numbers of representatives from other states, the small state delegates suggested that all states receive equal representation like under the Articles. James Madison of Virginia proposed a plan, which was presented by Edmund Randolph, supported by the large states, the Virginia Plan. It entailed: A very powerful Congress of two houses based on proportional representation One house elected by the people, and the second house elected by the first one An executive chosen by Congress Congressional power to cancel any state law Based on population Meanwhile, New Jersey politician William Paterson proposed a plan on behalf of the small states. It involved: A Congress equivalent in structure to the Articles Congress A Congress more powerful than the Articles Congress, but not as powerful as the Virginia Plan Congress An executive chosen by Congress Congressional law being supreme over state law Thirdly, Alexander Hamilton of New York proposed a plan extremely similar to the British government. The British plan included: A legislature of two houses One house chosen by the people for limited terms Another house chosen by a special body for life terms An executive chosen by a special body for a life term Congressional power to cancel any state law. Based on population Hamilton's plan was rejected very quickly- it reminded the delegates too much of the tyranny and unhappiness under the King of the State of Great Britain. Connecticut Delegate Roger Sherman suggested that the small and large states compromise. He felt that the large states would never accept equal representation, while the small ones would never accept just proportional representation. His compromise, known as the Great Compromise, suggested the following: A Congress with two houses One house based on proportional representation Another house based on equal representation A very smart man !!!! a real negotiator, a person who believed that every citizen has the right to equal representation in the new congress!!! Though Sherman's compromise was initially rejected, the delegates were forced to accept it eventually. Otherwise, the Convention would have clearly broken down on the issue of representation. You know Eagle, I have debated without throwing out innuendos, and insults, but you continue to try insult my intelligence, and that only shows your arrogance towards those who disagree with you. Second your services payed for by your tax dollars, are in no way better, than the services provided by my tax dollars, they are in fact, the very same actually.
  8. Tax Talk

    The real problem is, Eagle you agree to be consensually raped by your own state legislature, because you have the right to vote them out and get some fiscally responsible legislators. I am tired of being raped to subsidize your state and the few other super high tax states. Why should the needs of the few states outweigh the needs of the many states ? Remember we are the 50 Untied States of America, and it's territories, not just the five big populous states !!! Taxation and Representation equally !!! I have figured my taxes on last years income and deductions and according to the new tax laws, I gain almost 3000.00 in tax savings from the new plans and could be even more if they allow you keep you state income tax deduction (which would in fact benefit you greatly in your high tax state). I am really sorry you live in such a high tax state, but that does not represent the majority, and again only the a very small minority in reality. That is the real difference between us, you feel that the population centers should control congress, and it's decisions, and I believe that all fifty states, should be treated equal, and represented equal, just as our founding fathers wrote. Federal adjusted gross income of $83,000.00. I believe that would be the middle class.
  9. Tax Talk

    Here we post things that are related to our Taxes
  10. Anything and everything from their cam shows, or the different sites they cam on should go here. Yes you can post Pictures, Gifs, and Videos from their cam shows here as well.
  11. The Admin is still the king around here, I am just one of his merry men, along with StnCld316, Foamy the Squirrel, and moos54. We are so glad to hear that you hold us in such high regard. We do appreciate a intellectual, as well as one who contributes so much to the forum.
  12. I believe that one needs to step back and ask themselves why the translators, and old timers, and those who have been on this forum since it's inception, no longer choose to post to these threads. Just look at the last two responses after my post about Kitek, and you will see why, they simply don't care to join in the open forum anymore.