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  1. Open Mouth insert foot still Serafailure, but now the other two AWESOME ALLURRING AMIRA, and KISSABLE KARINA
  2. Welcome Sierra to our little place on the internet, The staff of CC hopes you have lot fun here with us. If you should need anything or have any questions, please feel free to PM any of the staff, we would be more than happy to help you. Again from the staff here at CC welcome and please post away.
  3. OH shit now she found Oski for the next hour.....
  4. I know that everyone has been quite preoccupied with the going 's on in B-1 which I have been watching as well, but Daisy has been non stop talking for over 3 hours now. first over an hour to Selma and now she has been on the phone for the past 2. Goodness that girl can talk your leg off.
  5. You are talking about the "The ICE Crown Princess" that is self explanatory. These are the normal folk and beneath her Majesty. BTW welcome aboard cracker, glad you decided to stop and have little fun with here at CamCaps.
  6. Damn Global Warming anyway. It is failing us voyeur's now. BTW they need some games or cards or something or just go up Serafailure's bed for a group massage. Man it doesn't get much worse does it ?
  7. " AWKWARD " because they are stiff as board.
  8. The B-1 Debauchery what once was a house of pure seduction and sensuality has now become the Barcelona Nunnery Featuring Unsatisfying Serafailure and her side kick Artificial Aggravating Amira, and their new recruit to the nunnery Clueless Kindhearted Karina, expect no thrills or frills from this group. The New and Upgraded B-1
  9. Well it appears the Dynamic Daisy may turn out to be light weight and can't hang with the players in the Barcelona Hotel. She can consume the booze but when it comes to being player, I think she is scared to let her inner self come out to play.
  10. Well then if that is the case I raise my glass of good ole Blanton's 12 year old bourbon to you my friend CHEERS
  11. Damn it Naga I have told before that you must use both hands to type with !!!! 😉
  12. I think Amina has already left the project
  13. Was there ever a question that was coming next ?
  14. Hummmm UMMMMM HUMMMM Me thinks there is a Jilling Jenn in the bedroom
  15. Thestarider


    Am I too old to take up tennis ? HELL NO !!!!