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  1. It just goes to show how naive you really are Mikey if you beleive that OBAMA did not tap into or have NSA look into President Trump and his campaign. Here you go Mikey:a article by the most Liberal Washington Post titled: Obama scores the worst legislative record in history Actually Mikey I watch all the news channels, Includuing Clinton News Network and MSNBC. I am very informed by what I read and what I watch. I do make up my own mind as to what is right and wrong. I don't lie Mikey, and you are the one who started this shit !!!! and If you want to play the game, I am here to play the game with you. My family is democrat, My mother was a life long democrat who would have given anything for the democratioc party. I am a registered INDEPENDANT, I do not agree with the right wing of the republican party and futrhermore I make up my own mind without blinders on like so many do., I state my opinions openly and accept that not everyone will agree. OBAMA was a fucking FAILURE.... huge failure as a PRESIDENT of these UNITED STAES. He cost this country more than you or I will know unitl the next 10 years pass. Mikey I did not compare you to BOX, I said the Liberalism that is the democratic party and leftest idelaogly is so far out there that the very best off shore fishing equpment would not be able to real them in. I sure as hell hope you don't fit into that catorgory. Mikey I am as saine as you are, I have a reason to be passionate about the future of this country, I have son who currently is protecting your ass and mine, I have a grandson who I wish for the very best life posible. just like my parents did and yours did for you. I think maybe you should watch that same video again with an open miind. you might just pick up on the truth with an open mind. Trump is an arrogant man, but he has the right to his arrogance, he is sucessful asshole, but he is far better for this country than the allternitive which was the Clintons and I can not under any circumstance beleive that if we do not drain the swamp of these fucking establishment politicians, then we will never really address the problems that face this country. The following comes from my personal resume, I would ask you what have you done for your community lately ? Have you really given of yourself to your community ? Have you stepped up to the plate ? Community Activities Dale Carnegie Human Relations, Leadership Liberal Graduate and State Representive, President and Vice President Planning & Zoning Board, Vice Chariman and Board Member Liberal Ecconomic Development Council, Chairman and Vice Chairman Liberal Community Center Foundation, Chairman and Vice Chairman Focus On The Future Committee, Board Member Liberal Housing Authority, President, and Vice President Liberal Culture Diversity Counsil, President and Vice President Kids Incorporated Youth Sports Organization, St. Anthony’s Catholic Church Chairman- Capitol Campaign, Chairman- Building Committee and President and Vice President Pastoral Council. Board Member Southwest Aquatics Council, Kansas Parks and Recreation Aquatics Division Representative, S.W.S.C.A.C. Board, President Southwest Aquatics Club
  2. I am not sure why she deserves top cam ? or any bonus money. she has been second rate on her second visit to RLC
  3. I don't what you are listening to Mikey, but he has not backed off at all from what he originally said, and felt it was very important to inform the PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES !!!!! You need to open your narrow minded eyes and mind to the truth OBAMA was a Cheating Lying ass President that loved the Muslim people so much he bowed before them like they were gods, all his fucked policies have cost this country greatly and we may never recover from that, mostly the 10 trillion in debt he amassed in just eight years. Lets give away everything for free to those lazy people that know exactly how to take advantage of the system, and BTW lets make even easier for them, and make the those who have worked thier asses off to get ahead pay for it. LIBERAL philosophy at it's finest. You know what is the worst I bought into his hope and change bullshit and voted for him the first time, but not the for a second term that is for sure. Now the LIBERAL RADICALS have fallen so far out of touch with the american people, the very best off shore fishing equipment can not real them back into reality just like BOX Since you want to play this game Mikey, Thesta your old buddy will be right in your face daily if you continue to call me out.
  4. Upon watching the Kami beta phi sorority for a couple months now, I have come to the conclusion that Kristy's Angels are a much better fit for RLC. WHERE ARE THE ANGELS ? When is graduation day for the sorority girls ? The once great Moscow Penthouse has fallen to the ranks of mostly not even viewed anymore, because of these sorority girls that Kami has taken up residence with. ANGELS ANGELS WHERE FOR ART THOU ANGELS ?
  5. That a boy Mikey your getting the hang of it, and your fucking premiums are about go up again so get ready to pay $10,000 co pays, on top of the $3000 premiums for the almost non exsistant OBMACARE bullshit healthcare. In Kansas I can pick from oh yes how many insurance companies ONE !!!!!! as for the lifeline..... the truth always comes out in the end. If not for your Failed and Overturned fucked up 9th circut court of liberalism, that is overturned by the SUPREME COURT over 80% of time tells you they are just political cronies of the PELOSI'S and SCHUMERS. they carry no real judical credibility. MY mother a life long Democrat has stated on many occassions the reason she voted for Trump was because the the democratic party has no leadership and is heading nowhere with all the radicalization of the party, and she simply will not be apart of such nonsense no longer. That from a true demacrat of over 65 years and one who campained for many local and state level dems, and chaired the local democratic party for more than 15 years. She is now a registered independant. She represents the sediment of most of this nation Mikey. I think pretty much says it all doesn't it !!!!
  6. DRUM ROLL PLEASE........ and the truth comes out Many fenoly charges to follow for handling of classified information, TIME TO DRAIN THE SWAMP
  7. The TRUTH COMES OUT FINALLY ...... TRUMP MAY HAVE BEEN TAPPED House Intel chairman: Trump's personal communications may have been collected President Trump responded positively Wednesday to a statement by Rep. Devin Nunes (R-Calif.) that he says vindicates his accusation that Obama wiretapped him. Trump was asked by a reporter if he felt the Nunes statement vindicated him. “I somewhat do, I must tell you,” he responded,” I somewhat do, I very much appreciate the fact that they found what they found, but uh, I somewhat do.” Update: House Intel Chairman Nunes spoke to reporters when he left the briefing at The White House and had some more stunning things to say: *NUNES: BRIEFED PRESIDENT ON CONCERNS OVER INCIDENTAL COLLECTION *NUNES: `PRESIDENT NEEDS TO KNOW' THESE INTEL REPORTS EXIST *NUNES: SOME OF WHAT I'VE SEEN SEEMS TO BE `INAPPROPRIATE' *NUNES: TRUMP, OTHERS IN TRANSITION PUT INTO INTELLIGENCE REPORT *NUNES: QUESTION IS IF TRUMP SHOULD BE IN THESE `NORMAL' REPORTS And the punchline: there are "multiple FISA warrants outstanding against Trump" Nunes also told reporters: PUT THAT IN YOUR PIPE AND SMOKE IT BOX
  8. stay on topic please, this is a flamebaiting, these type posts are deleted as soon as they are discovered by the mods !!!!
  9. Amy your are popular
  10. You do know you have been taken off the list of favorites by the GODDESS for this outrage and BETRAYAL
  11. Goodness make that 6 wow time to compare who has the finest pussy on RLC .... what do you all think ? I am tired of polls so let us know who has the finest pussy on RLC currently ?