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  1. She will have to convince me to become a fan, currently I am not. Tonight she had every chance to become one of the elite participants, and where is she, the same place she is when Rock was there, in bed sleeping. currently Nyusha blows Annastasia out of the water and is far more sensual and seductive than Anna is.
  2. Zoi & Tim

    Sensational Sally wants her place on VHTV, another single girl apartment. Well then the bathroom bate is any indication of how Sally will be in her own place, she will not get the hits on her apartment required to keep it operational. Just ask the two of the most beautiful girls ever to grace the VHTV screens in Jeka's failure of an apartment. Showers only just don't bring in the masses. You must seduce the viewers into a trance to continue to watch your apartment daily. Sally is a very beautiful woman, but entirely too conservative for VHTV and it's majority membership. Sadly I believe that she can not hold the membership and will be a failure on her own.
  3. Mira & Henry

    Do not flame-bait, flame, or attack other member’s comments or tenants actions without explaining yourself. Treat others and their Comments and/or Quotes with respect. Especially in the RLC, Camarads, VHTV, And VV Apartment and Old Dudes threads, treat other members and tenants with respect. It is fine to disagree with another's opinion or to critique the action of the tenants, but do so in constructive ways using socially acceptable language. Do not be an annoyance, or members will file reports against you, and Mods will be irritated and will ban you.
  4. Zoi & Tim

    Agreed it was a quickie and her head was a bobbing in rhythm.
  5. The NFL and the National Anthem

    Seems everyone has forgotten just how down and out the cowboys were before Jerry Jones bought the team, Let me say that again BOUGHT the TEAM. Roger Goodell is worst commissioner in the NFL"s history. What a fucking pussy !!! yea let the employees tell you how it is going to be !!! Piss poor businessman. As for the owners their pocketbooks are already feeling the pinch and it will get worse. You pay the players to work for you. they can protest on their time and in their own place, not the one the taxpayers and you the owners have paid and are paying for. God rest Pete Rozell's soul , He is turning over in his grave right now at how shitty the league he built into such a powerhouse, is being ran by the players, and their union, and not the owners and their representative. ? Next thing you know the cheerleaders will protesting that the Poms Poms are discriminating, and that girls are being exploited and sexist even though they are ones who stand in line for tryouts and apply for the job, just like the over fucking paid players. Thank GOD for NASCAR and the NBA
  6. Mika & Layne

    More than half a million firearms are stolen each year in the United States and more than half of stolen firearms are handguns, many of which are subsequently sold illegally. Ask a cop on the beat how criminals get guns and you're likely to hear this hard boiled response: "They steal them." While many guns are taken off the street when people are arrested and any firearms in their possession are confiscated, a new study shows how easily arrestees believe they could illegally acquire another firearm. However a key finding is that "the illegal market is the most likely source" for these people to obtain a gun. "In fact, more than half the arrestees say it is easy to obtain guns illegally," Responding to a question of how they obtained their most recent handgun, the arrestees answered as follows: 56% said they paid cash; 15% said it was a gift; 10% said they borrowed it; 8% said they traded for it; while 5% only said that they stole it. Let's be honest. If someone wants a gun, it's obvious the person will not have difficulty buying a gun through the extensive United States black market." Ironically, the prevalence of illegal guns in America is, in a way, due to attempts to decrease the number of illegal guns in the market. When the government attempted to regulate guns in an attempt to decrease crime, it inherently necessitated the creation of an illegal gun system, as criminals sought a way to continue to obtain weaponry while avoiding the American government. A large portion of those juveniles found carrying illegal guns claim that they require the weapons in order to protect themselves from opposing gangs and other threats. This makes the presence of illegal guns in American society even more problematic, as it is possible that some of these illegal guns are, in fact, kept as means of protection in urban environments, where going without a gun at all is much more dangerous than possessing an illegal gun. Crimes are obviously committed using illegal guns, but it is unclear how many illegal guns are obtained specifically for the purpose of committing crimes. Last year, 10,177 people in the United States were killed by firearms, mostly in cities and urban areas. It's difficult to obtain a permit to own a gun and even harder to legally carry a gun in New York and New Jersey, but that hasn't stopped the sale and use of illegal weapons. One study indicates that 'legal' guns are used 2.5 million times a year to properly and lawfully protect citizens. Ok this is my last words on this issue. Legal gun owners are not the problem here. It is obviously the illegal gun owners without training and permitting.
  7. Mika & Layne

    It still doesn't change the fact that 3 of worst five were in Germany does it. And look up the statistics on mass shootings and you will also see that US is not the worst country either. If you can control illegal guns and the gun violence that is caused by gang violence in US it would be in line with most countries around the world Maturin. I currently only own a shot gun to hunt with, every hunting season my sons and I go upland bird hunting. You really should look at all aspects of every issue instead like all liberal do, just pull out things that make your point. I have to go to work but we can carry on this conversation in the political thread if you wish.
  8. Mika & Layne

    Look at recent history. Where have the worst K-12 school shootings occurred? It has not been in the U.S. but Europe. The very worst one occurred in a high school in Erfurt, Germany in 2002, where 18 were killed. The second worst took place in Dunblane, Scotland in 1996, where 16 kindergarteners and their teacher were shot. The third worst high school attack, with 15 murdered, happened in Winnenden, Germany. The fourth worst shooting was in the U.S. -- Columbine High School in 1999, leaving 13 killed. The fifth worst school related murder spree, with 11 murdered, occurred in Emsdetten, Germany. With three of the worst five attacks, Germany may be a surprise to those who believe in gun control. Even by European standards, Germany has some of the strictest gun control laws. Indeed, these laws are far stricter than existing gun control in the U.S., or for that matter, the restrictions currently being discussed in the United States.
  9. And back to praising the porcelain god LMAO
  10. Zoi & Tim

    sadly No she has not
  11. Hand held high BTW Love you can push my buttons anytime you wish
  13. I bought it off e-bay for 300 bucks The best 300 bucks I ever spent Barcelona was the best of times for Kami and Kristy, the most watched internet voyeur experience ever !!!
  14. Ok time for the nightly love and chant for Kami We love you, Kami Oh, yes we do We love you, Kami And we have a wish for you Oh Oh Kami It is time for you just let to go Oh My Kami Why don't you let it go No more sunshine It's followed you away We all cry Kami Till you're home to stay And each and every night We will watch you faithfully Oh My Kami It's awful hard to bear completely Oh My Kami They love you, Kami Oh, yes they do They love you, Kami and we can too. Oh My Kami It is all up you