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  1. You were told to read the rules, and now you are here again being an annoyance ! 5) Do not flame-bait, flame, or attack other member’s comments or tenants actions without explaining yourself. Treat others and their Comments and/or Quotes with respect. Especially in the RLC, Camarads, VHTV, And VV Apartment and Old Dudes threads, treat other members and tenants with respect. It is fine to disagree with another's opinion or to critique the action of the tenants, but do so in constructive ways using socially acceptable language. Do not be an annoyance, or members will file reports against you, and Mods will be irritated and will ban you. Last warning dmac
  2. HAHAHHAHHAHAHHHAHHAHHAHHAHHAHA LMAO off at click bait central, better known as tent time with Sophie
  3. Jasmin will suck you in and fulfill your dreams Naga I would leave click bait Sophie and Noami to their teasing for the cameras.
  4. Tag Teaming again..... and in this corner Ravishing Rosie and her partner Bodacious Belle versus whoever is the victim of the night.
  5. As Dandy Don would say turn out the lights the party is over.
  7. You know that say about Preacher's Daughter's..... When you least expect it........expect it.......and when one gets on the loose, they become loose...... Glad to see Tiana come alive.
  8. That is two paths that need to cross OH Yea
  9. KRISTY CAN.........KRISTY DOES........KRISTY WILL........The most magnificent marvelous "BUNS of STEEL"
  10. Soon Real Soon I Presume And then this would be perfect And of course no one would complain about this, now would they ?
  11. It's Party Time Barcelona Hotel Style
  12. Joyous Joyful Juicy Jazzy Jasmin PURE PERFECTION at is FINEST