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  1. Take off hoser, this show is going nowhere except to bed, and that is where I am off to myself. Beauty go Eh ?
  2. Sera was blessed with all the gifts from the Goddess Aphrodite, but the most important one of all. How to Seduce a man or woman. Not one sexual bone in her incredibly beautiful perfect body.
  3. Just like Sera and Ginger HUH ? 😞
  4. I suppose that you have to learn to crawl, then to walk, before you can stand on your own two feet. Sera is still crawling while her friend Ginger stands tall. Maybe Ginger just needs to show Sera how so she will learn, because I don't think she has a clue how to do it by herself.
  5. Goodness Holy Moly that girl is on FIRE, So Hot , So Sexy , GO DIANE GO GIRL.
  6. So long Sera and Ginger time to move to a real woman.
  7. She is one Super Seductive Sexual woman, that knows how to please the viewer and herself, I am glad they brought her back again.
  8. If I was a coach of a soccer team, Sera would be my lead defender of goal, because no one can score on her 😎
  9. That would be Ginger that needs to make the first step. you know Sera will just block like always.
  10. So close that St. Peter is waving for her to come to the pearly gates of heaven.
  11. Sera if you really want to put on a real show for us, you tell Ginger in her ear to not only put her hand over your crotch but to take out one of those Glorious Globes that you keep hidden behind that robe and gently caress them until your nipple gets hard as a rock, and gently kiss them and lick them until your crotch becomes quite moist, now that would be a real step forward instead of just this damn teasing for top cam.
  12. Ok So I do like this Serafima as she is very cute and quite sexy when she is being playful and not so reserved.
  13. It almost looks like she is lecturing Ginger about something
  14. Last time I actually saw the bear it was tucked away in the living corner at the very right hand of the screen, but I don't see it now. Who knows if she took it. I had heard that she hated the damn thing.