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  1. Enjoy Love and ofcourse I would be remiss if I did include the two lovely angels with you. Have great time Ladies.
  2. I know exactly what I would be doing if I was drunk and my face was that close to an erect nipple and titty, It sure would not be watching some fucking show on a cell phone. I would be making own movie for sure.
  3. cause she is chicken Mikey, reminds of the old days when baters bathroom got a workout well she come out and sleep like a baby now for sure.
  4. my guess this a in promp to going away party for the twins as their time is up in a few days, Stella just can't seem to let go of this twin and is being quite aggressive tonight. This the first time I can remember the twin drinking shots like this.
  5. The Admin is looking for input into forum for the future, if you are interested in providing any ideas, please follow the link. Thanks
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  9. I just keep waiting on her Mikey for almost 2 years now.....I guess I am really just a diehard