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  1. Schiff earns 4 Pinocchios from the Washington Post
  2. She just likes your fluffy little white striped tail. Very impressed with it's ability to tickle her fancy 🤣😉
  3. They do it for the US members of RLC, just think it is only 7:35 pm on the west coast of the US
  4. Can all of you just imagine how this thread will explode if Malia begins to take after the Matriarch of RLC, follows our goddess's lead to success and just imagine how many would begin follow her just like the "RLC GODDESS"
  5. Something is not adding up here !!!! RCP polling averages; Polling Data Poll Date Sample Yes/Remove No Spread RCP Average 1/2 - 1/21 -- 47.0 47.9 No +0.9 Polling Data Poll Date Sample Approve Disapprove Spread RCP Average 1/2 - 1/21 -- 44.0 52.6 -8.6
  6. You cant make this shit up !!!! I ask you what the hell is wrong with the democrats these days ???
  7. RLC is a reality show for the online voyeurs...….It will not change it's business model no matter how much you complain on this forum. It will not change it's business model no matter how you complain to their support. So don't you think it about time to just accept it for what it is and QUIT complaining constantly !!!!
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