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  1. Let me know when they tattoo and Hammer and Sickle on your arm, or maybe just a number like happened once before. You post this bullshit but what about the millions in the Chinese concentration camps ? What about the Russian gulags ? There is no doubt that China caused this pandemic around the world and many infectious epidemics around the world over the past 30 years, you need to get your head out of the sand and open your eyes to what is really going on in the world. I am sure you buy into the Chinese mis-information campaign !
  2. China's 30-year ROADMAP: DOMINATE world with military 'built FOR WAR' Xi warned of “severe challenges” ahead but said China will become “more and more open”, and be a “model for whole humankind” by 2050. But he also issued a menacing threat to build one of the biggest and most powerful armies in the world ensuring they would be built to fight. He told delegates: “By 2050 China will become a global leader in terms of comprehensive national strength and international influence with the rule of law, Xi said the Communist Party will strive to fully transform the People’s Liberation Army into one the world’s top militaries by 2050 and emphasised the need to modernise its combat capability. He said: “A military is built to fight.” Xi then unveiled his ambitious plan to make China a “great modern socialist country” over two stages in the following 30 years - part of what he has called the “Chinese dream.”
  3. We should get back to the subject at hand, We all know where this and all SARS-Conrona viruses have come from. It is not Germany, or the UK, or the EU, or even the USA, but from those who represent the flag I posted. Just think where the world would be today if only they would have been straight forward and honest with the world ? Look at all the suffering in the world because of that flag. China world dominance in 2030 and yes you are selling your heart and soul. Confirmed 1,139,207+105,729 cases of infection, Deaths 60,877+6,508.
  4. My point exactly, why is it took a American movie actor to get done what the German people couldn't ?
  5. You should go back and read the history of the war, you seem to have the facts wrong here. Science is a very interesting subject.
  6. This doesn't even deserve a comment. it is just plain a ridiculous statement of fear.
  7. Interesting concept this is that they steal your heart and soul, and you let them. Now speaking in Europe the new language Мы просто трахнулись Россией в заднице, и мы это заслужили. or 我們剛剛被俄羅斯搞砸了,我們理應得到它。 I somehow think you have forgot that they have nukes pointed at your ass and who is protecting you from their takeover of your precious EU ?
  8. MMM News: President Trump Invokes Defense Protection Act Against 3M Invoking the Defense Protection Act against 3M allows President Trump to secure supplies from the company during a time of crisis. The crisis is the coronavirus from China and Trump wants the N-95 face masks made by the company. This order will allow the Secretary of Homeland Security to acquire as many of the face masks as required from 3M and its subsidiaries with the help of the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. The order from President Trump comes as 3M continues to sell face maks made in the U.S. to other countries. That includes Canada and Latin America. An MMM news release notes that halting sales to other countries could cause them to stop exporting face masks and other supplies to America.
  9. I guess I must have missed something, what happened with Canada ? I am in a essential business so I have work everyday.
  10. Well seems like we are getting the haters here on a decent thread. I know how to fix that. 😉 New numbers for the EU and USA, just plain scary now as they really add up with all the testing being done. EU total cases of infection = 546,912 Deaths =42,443 death rate to reported infections = 7.76% Recovered = 90,913 = 16.62% USA total cases of infection = 273,469 Deaths = 7,064 death rate to reported infections = 2.58% Recovered = 12,044 = 4.41%
  11. A video that is really worth watching, please the time to watch and form you own opinion.
  12. Yes it does, do you realty think are disclosing the actual numbers, NO WAY. Misinformation at it's best. The US is reporting everything just like the EU, but Russia and China (NOT) There are so many people that died in Wuhan that they are still burning the bodies. You can not trust China. Or should I say that you can trust China about as much as you can trust Russia and North Korea.
  13. He must be doing something tight in the eyes of the American people Polling Data Poll Date Sample Approve Disapprove Spread RCP Average 3/13 - 3/29 -- 47.3 49.7 -2.4
  14. Foamy and TBG, I tried a new bourbon tonight, recommended by my bourbon club. it was raked 7 out 10 on this months list. I can see why now, although the bourbon connoisseur's are turning over in their graves right now. It is from Colorado if you believe that shit !!! But it is well worth the price.
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