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  1. Holly is slowly becoming famous for a TENT CITY in her own closed door bedroom..... I guess the showtime Holly precedes the real natural Holly in person, instead of emmy award winning actress she has become with Megan..
  2. Most definitely and Newbie, no doubt about that. They say that patience is a virtue, well we will have to be very virtuous with Evelyn. 😎
  3. How many would like to know if Fake Fiby is like a Timex watch ? Can she take a licking and then keep on ticking ? LMAO now that is some funny shit right there, as we all know the answer !!!! 🤣🤣🤣 No Licking and not much Ticking. Batteries need to be replaced !!!!
  4. Fake Fiby is pulling another all nighter ……. she is faint you barely even see her anymore.
  5. Cherry is more of a cherry blossom, a long way to go before the fruit is ripe and ready to eat.
  6. This thread has been locked, please use the next thread for Leora Thanks
  7. Makes perfect sense to me
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