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  1. Damnit man these are going make me pull out good ol'e visa again !!! Can you say Cha Ching
  3. 😉I never had that problem !!! WTF dude ?
  4. Kitty's mother has returned, I like this woman very much. She is hot as hell, and very sensual, sexually alluring woman. It is no doubt where Kitty get her sexuality from. This woman can be mesmerizing, I just wonder how mischievous she is under that demure mystery in how she presents herself, I bet she is in fact she is a sensational sexy seductive woman that would make any man beg on his hands and knees.
  5. Yes That is it exactly Beldonn1. That is Kamilla to the tee.
  6. Thestarider

    US General Domestic Politics

    Tell the main stream so called Media more truths Sarah...… Love It
  7. Insults in the latest conversation : 1. Yep, another well researched and argued contribution from you to this thread. Thanks and well done. 2. I had the feeling that an interesting debate was about to develop before you shoved your arse in so if, as you've indicated, you've got something else better to do - go and do that then. 3. I don't hold that against you or think I'm better than you just because I'm able to see what's going on but for fuck's sake, you need to start putting two and two together, you all fucking do! 4. Didn't take long for the fake news card to get played did it. You people must bore the shit our of yourselves. 5. It is absolutely pathetic and indicative of, not just the poor political knowledge of its people but also, the poor standards of education in America in general, that people who have differing political views are berated and heckled by the regurgitative parrots that are so prevalent now throughout the American population. 6. It is not high-functioning political engagement to call someone that disagrees with you unhappy or miserable - it is worthless and childish. 7. If your level of debating is limited to that of an idiot teenager trying to antagonize an adult then you really need to educate yourselves more. 8. but if you are going to continue to display the intelligence of poorly educated, politically challenged teenagers then sadly I feel the need to write this disclaimer. This disclaimer is, or course another insult of anyone's other than his own intelligence. The above is not an insult, it is an observation based on your behavior on these forums. There is a definite difference and I suggest learning what the difference is between an insult and an observation because, based on the sort of people you appear to be by how you come across on here, knowing that difference will absolutely change your lives for the better. 9. I literally feel like I am writing to and scolding the dumb kids in the class, like what the fuck?! 10. Which is why these forums inevitably go silent, there is no quality of mind here." Please read pages 34 and 35. Maturin, one does not have to be well read, or have Masters Degree, or a Doctorate with the title PHD, to be quite the intelligent person. Now on the matter of Illegal Immigration, all you have to do is scroll back few pages, and you find my opinions on this matter. The main one being, until you have lived with it daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly, for a number of years, is just your opinion and speculation as you see it in your mind, and simply put null and void, and is an undebatable position. If you have no experience living with illegal immigration on the southern boarder of the United States, then how is it possible for you to have a real debate on this issue?
  8. I have no regrets Mike. I am now 60. or will be this Sept. But I had fun like these girls do for sure. SEX, DRUGS, and ROCK and ROLL.
  9. Well I see they are all in the kitchen, I would be hungry too. Well fucked and had my smoke and now feed my tummy. then to sleep like a baby. I sure remember those days, Sucks to get old !!!!
  10. I would have much rather to see Miro that Mary.
  11. Honestly If someone would have she was involved I would re subscribed right then.
  12. Ten bucks they are on the terrace smoking a cigarette, I know I would need one after that marathon.
  13. They are going to be saddle sore tomorrow, man this has been non stop for about an hour.