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  1. There are still a lot of posters with a good sense of humor Mike, I usually get a few good laughs everyday. 😁 I do however miss the most lovely Lyree. ❤️
  2. Opinions vary misc. You would be in the a small minority then of the old timers around here.
  3. Why thanks so much Harley, I do plan on enjoying my evening as I do every evening. 😉
  4. No Harley you have been trolling a lot the past couple days and you know you are. Participate all you want, but stop the flame baiting. It is not constructive in any way to this forum.
  5. I second what Foamy has already stated, and this is why she wears the crown over all the girls of Barcelona, and many of the participants on RLC. She was named the Queen of RLC for a reason. At the time, the concept for RLC was "real life." She and Kiko did that well. He wrote code and did photography; she taught dancing routines, sewed costumes, and studied intermediate English. People who wanted to see real couples interact on a daily basis could do so back in those days. They had friends visit often, they watched decent movies on TV, and enjoyed nice wines. She didn't show much of anything in the free cams; she was a minister's daughter when it came to that sort of thing. At the time, Kiko and Nora had shown up in Barecelona, knew some immigrants from the Russian/Ukrainian theatrical industry, and embarked on venture we now call RLC. When she left, her fan club was EXTREMELY distraught. The saving grace was the sudden appearance of the Goddess in Lina's old apartment. Nearly all of Nora's remaining fan club fell in love with Leora. The "soup" reference, like the "baking bread" reference, was just a standing joke among us. We all really did love the gal. If you like to watch RLC now, remember it was because the original founding tenants got it off the ground. For that feat, they deserve some respect. And that includes Kiko and Meerkat! And, What another long time member has stated Euromike There are opinions and then there are F.A.C.T.S Without Nora No Barcelona Apts that we all love to watch and which are the most popular Apts on RLC or any other voyeur website. Before Nora started it with Coco and Milana,,,there were no 2 girls taking showers in any of the Apts on RLC. Although I can't stand candles,,Nora is the one who started the candle light baths, Showers,Massages. Nora's crew is still the force behind the scenes that bring all these girls we love so much here. Nora was the first to break the ice of doing a full didlo bate uncovered on camera in the Barcelona Apt. She was the one who tried to breathe life into the B#4 Apt when it first came online. Nora might be boring for some, but just remember without the "Boring Nora" most of us would not be here watching RLC or on CC.
  6. How long have you been around here misc ? Harley you know damn well why she wears the crown. quit being a troll !!!!
  7. Thestarider

    US General Domestic Politics

    What the Democrats and the Main Stream don't want the American public to know is that many black people get it.
  8. What a fucking nut job, and these people are going to leaders in the near future. I am glad I'm 60 and most likely will not have see what becomes of this great country.
  9. One out of 1000 ? hummm interesting that you bring up something happened almost 4 years ago. What about the last 2.5 years in the Penthouse ?