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  1. More and more of the real corruption continues to expose itself. Awe it is going to be a democratic slaughter in 2020 Judicial Watch: FBI found Clinton emails at Obama White House OAN Newsroom UPDATED 1:11 PM PT – Tuesday, April 23, 2019 A top FBI official has confirmed Hillary Clinton’s missing emails were found in the Obama White House. Assistant FBI Director Bill Priestap admitted under oath the bureau had found 49,000 Clinton emails at the Executive Office of President Obama. The new revelations are according to a statement made Tuesday by government watchdog group Judicial Watch.
  2. "The Perfect Jewel" is a gem like a uncut diamond. It has great value in the rough, but once refined and polished it becomes a work of art. I think it about time for our little Jewel to refine and polish her perfect gems and that well formed ass, as well as her super nice stroking and polishing of that perfect jewel we all know she has.
  3. you would think RLC would learned their lesson the first time she ran scared to death.
  4. Packing to run away scared again to mama, just isn't ready for the real world yet. I see in her place we now have a real woman, nice shapely young lady.
  5. Well my hopes have but fizzled out again as they are about to pass out. Oh well there is always "The perfect Jewel" and it is about for this lovely young lady to come into her own.
  6. I am thinking I have a sixth sense as I just clicked on RLC when they were kissing. LOL impeccable timing 😎
  7. Bait and click, Click Baiters, all girl massage amounts to nothing for the 1000th time.
  8. Shower she actually took a shower ? She has on more clothes than my 89 year old mother when she goes to bed. I think Emily has found religion and is starting her own RLC nunnery.
  9. Emily and the Nuns should be the name of this apartment, not R-2 as there will be sex, or sexuality, or seduction of the voyeurs by these two nuns staying there now sadly. Emily will have to carry the load and she is very spotty at best.
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