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2 down for maint, 1 down for vacation and i paid for this?


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Please see my post (below) and poll in lack of cams. vote there please!!!  The value of my purchase went from 100 per cent to 71 per cent and now it is 57 per cent I believe some sort of restitution should be considered, such as extend the present premium service end date for all customers that had premium service during your "outage" for every day that you were below 100 per cent... come on RLC step up!!!

Reup from "lack of cams" thread..

Trickshot and others... You are right and as a result the following was forwarded to RLC through the e-mail at RLC Customer Support. Guess we will see what happens....

In all businesses that I have been a Manager of (quit a few), if a certain item was sold at a certain price then when the quality or quantity of that item did not meet the standards a reduction in price or an extension of service was given to keep "in good standing" with the customers that purchased that product. Your product has fallen to 71% of normal for the last few days. Between vacations and extended maintenance periods the value of the product that you are selling is only 71%. And NOW it is 57 per cent........

Maybe an extension of the end date for the present premium members could be considered, based on the lack of product that was originally sold!

Making this public in some forum would also show to those "future customers", that may be teetering on whether they should purchase your product or not, that you are "in good faith" and willing to treat customers right and insure the quantitative value for the product sold. We understand that you can not guarantee qualitative value :-), as that is up to those behind the cams not you, however, the quantitative value is up to you as a company, and the last few days that is NOT going so good. Thanks... I mean no personal offense, only speaking from a business point of view. Have a great day!! 8/1/13 14:00hrs est  SEE POLL ABOVE????????????

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