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What is wrong with the guys (and the girls who tolerate them)


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I watched Zimbardo's videos about the demise of guys. He basically says what many of us see everyday and I agree with him.

Today's guys are like the worst losers. They are playing computer games, sitting in front of their computers and doing absolutely nothing. They do not excel academically, they usually do not like to work, do not help at home, and expect everything to be done and given to them by their mothers or girlfriends. 

But the interesting thing is that we can say that maybe this applies even to some rlc couples.

For example If I had a girlfriend like Leora I know I would be hitting the gym every day pumping six pack muscles, working like a slave to provide the best presents for her  and not spend a minute on the computer or laying on the couch.

So why is it that some (or should I say most) guys are so lazy? And the more difficult question is why do the girls tolerate such laziness since they can choose whoever they want?

And the striking thing is that this does not apply exclusively to the western world but as we can see even in the east they have this phenomenon.

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