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Where are the pictures


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since the new page I don't see so many pictures on home page. In fact there are any ... did users stop posting them or new page doesn't show them on 1st page. 

Also when searching through Activity - I can not get latest posted pictures ... only text ... there is always only text - it makes this site really boring. 

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Most of the post on the home page are from discussion threads. If you go to the specific pix and video threads you'd have better luck. RLC really scared a lot of our picture posters, so they went underground and work with Private Messaging -- but not all of them. If you cannot see any then there is something wrong with your configuration. As a Premium member of CC you should be able to have access to all the pictures that are posted directly to CC servers.

The third parties continually get hit with DMCA take-down orders from RLC, so they're not a very secure or long-lasting way to post videos or images. Sadly, we must roll with the changes.

Feel free to post any time you like, just avoid the braille and the left-hand code or face the wrath of RLC. It is their intellectual property, you understand.

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