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Replay does not require flash at all

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Considering we had a 'free' replay day, I had a quick look at it....not the replay it self (because there was not much to watch), but what was the technology behind it. I can tell you that it does not require flash at all. I would not be surprised if the live streams will soon use the same method.

From what I understand, (I did not look yet in details) they are using 'http://www.viblast.com/player/'. I haven't tested but I assume it should work on mobiles too. No more plugins. No more crappy flash !

Of course this thing is cursed with DRMs and other craps. I guess recording without the 'circles' watermarks is not yet for tomorrow.

Now this thing is made by humans and humans make mistakes.... Now I am not planning to pay for this replay, so research will only be possible when the live streams will move to that technology too.

I miss so much the time when we could 'almost' freely share pictures and videos...this forum is not the same anymore :( It's really sad !







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