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How shallow I must be!


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I never had more insight into myself, as a person until I observed that Masha has bought herself a new pair of tits. Although I have always marvelled at the sexual activity and endurance of both parties from day one, I could never rate her as more than poor average as a feminine example. This all changed when I casually dropped into their cam one day to see her new feminine assetts bouncing around, with clear scarring observable under the folds of her breasts. She has transformed from an androgenous stick figure to a desirable female that I would crave to mount any time. This has caused me to assess how badly I have thought of her since using RLC and, who else (in real life), I might sub-conciously have dismissed. It must be said that large tits is not the "raison d'etre" for me, as Desiree has the largest, but is also the most uninviting, as she portrays a somnabulistic image whom I have yet to see expend any energy in household activity OR on her in-house gym equipment. My perfect example of domestic and sexual bliss would be the luscious Leora. I will now go away and reflect on my own inadequacies.

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