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What is accepted to say?


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I don't feel I'm free to post my opinions on here though. I may bee very different from most, but the reason I come to a RLC forum is this. We follow peoples lives,, we notice details, we deduct, make up a picture of what is going on. I want to hear, share and discuss with others what have seen, what is happening, what we think it ment and what we think is going to happen. I want to share and discuss thoughts and theories like this. I've been called a troll for it, because I'm not all loving and encuraging the tenants.

So in this thread, can people explain what is/should bee accepted to say?

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1 hour ago, van the man said:

The problem with debate in our society is that no one is allowed to be critical of anything or anyone!!! So called liberals have shut down debate by calling everything racist, sexist, ageist, or some other 'IST'. Debate has to have contradictory views that some times will be controversial or might ever so slightly upset the sensitivities of someone else.

Sense of humour is not allowed if again it might upset someone on planet earth. Perhaps we can have a debate about what we are allowed to debate or offer up views on any subject!!! What subjects are allowed to be debated???? What comments are allowed and what are not?????

I do try hard not to be too judgemental on the RLC participants. They are sharing their lives with us which I generally enjoy and are earning a living to the best of their abilities. I admire this greatly. 

We must be able to criticise and must accept criticism. So over to you Happyone. Give us an example of what can be discussed and what can or cannot be said.

I'm liberal myself, but I totally agree to all this.

35 minutes ago, happyone said:

I agree with almost everything you said.  The only thing I disagree in your statement and what I have a problem with is bashing the RLC participants, as I feel you did with Kristy and Kami and their

sexual prowess.  You are so right about the liberals.  Kudos to that.  I think we are ok from here on out. 

Problem is, some take everything as "bashing the RLC participants", so can you explain what is accepted to say? Or shouldn't we bee allowed to criticice anything at all?

I also I think it is strange, we must not say anything about the RLC girls, but harassing fellow CC members just for viewing things differently seems to bee no problem???

1 minute ago, HarleyFatboy said:

If Van The Man is an RLC custormer, then why on earth would it not be alright to bash them about their sexual prowess?  If he see's it one way and you see it a totally different way, then why on earth can't he make a comment about it whether it's a "happyone" comment or how he truly feels about it!!!  I'm so tired of reading this crap after everybody posts something on this forum.

Kamila's and Kristy's sexual prowess sucks!  You know, I know it, and everybody else knows it.  Please get off your high horse and come back down to earth!!

I would think so!

I also still think the purpose of this forum is to share thoughts and discuss with other members, not to communicate directly with the tenants. I never bought that argument. You have to bee a registered member to read posts on here If the tenants (is stupid enough to) register, and seek to read, they do it by their own will, so they just have to tackle some critic. 

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