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  1. Maybe. But I have watched RLC for many years, it has been pretty much the same since B4 opened, long before Corona.
  2. Nelly and Bogdan kind of are. Playing the violin, setting up the "eyebrow salon", and using the common spaces more. They have brought some of their life with them into the house. About Lorraine and Anthony I have already expressed my opinion, I don't think they are a particularily interesting couple.
  3. The one who said he didn't like the idea of apartments mixing with each other was Harley. He hasn't been a subscriber in many years. As Bluewinner put it, B4 is wasted with just the girls there. This place is perfect for the mixing, and the parties. We saw the evidence of that this summer. The girls spent the days in their rooms, bored half to death. It was only when B5 visited, or when Diana, Olya and Elettra started to bring their boyfriends, that we saw what potential this place really has! It was first then they started to use facilities that B4 actually have to offer, a large garden, the
  4. Do we, really? There is no longer any place with couples that interacts with other couples or singles on a more regular basis, and maybe have the occational party. We did have Carla and Yanai, but they too are gone now.
  5. Barack Obama was said to be an atheist muslim by some of his right-wing critics. I guess Joe Biden will be an authoritarian liberal. The words have lost their meaning, it just the polarized retoric left.
  6. Then why do you take the time to respond to something I post? Just skip past my non-important words and have a good day! Probably the same reason you bother to post page after page about a project you have zero interest in! 🤔
  7. No, a gay man. Actually, you are talking about two different words. Fag, slang word for cigarette, comes from Middle English. A fag end means a remnant or a flap of some textile, or in this case probably paper. Fag, as a derogatory word for male homosexuals, is just a shorted form of faggot. From French.
  8. I must admit, Cesar's visits has grown rather tame lately too, since Gina stopped inviting him to parties.
  9. Agreed. We can hope, one day she gets her own apartment. 🤞🏻
  10. God forbid! Turn ten times around yourself and throw salt over your shoulder.
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