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  1. A spectre is haunting Europe - the spectre of communism. 😜
  2. Something I have seen at RLC many times, that kind of resembles this, is a piece of dust stuck to a string of spider web swinging infront of the camera.
  3. Moth, a corn of dust, some irregularity in the nightvision, there are many explanations without having to go into the supernatural.
  4. Maybe she should find herself a date that she could bring back to her room in B1 instead. She can even pick one for his looks, or his personallity, or whatever she likes with him. She doesn't have to pick him for his vallet, because it will give her profits anyway. Then she can buy exactly what she wants for the money. Problem solved! She can thank me later! 😊😘
  5. Not when she is the only one contributing with something remotely interesting in this apartment.
  6. Milena's boyfriend back. Hopefully he will stay a few days. Milena should definitely have gotten the master bedroom, in my opinion. ❀️
  7. Also Chloe has been used twice, if you take a look at the couple's archives. But those are really the only two names that has been reused in the whole history of RLC.
  8. Grill-party on the roof today. Lots of guests.
  9. To be honest, I wouldn't mind seeing Marla on the toilet. She is so sexy! 😍
  10. But why write German then, why not go straight to English?
  11. Amazing Ariana just bated again, more uncovered this time! 😍πŸ₯°πŸ˜‡ Big orgasm! πŸ’—πŸ’“
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