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  1. I don't think there is any point discussing with him. It's all black/white in his world. On RLC we only have real friends, while everyone you see on VHTV are porn-friends.
  2. 01:42 she got very upset, she smashed her tablet and ran in from the terrace sobbing. Evelyn has comforted her ever since. Frida and Cherry also checked up on her.
  3. Alla is coming along, she has masturbated (covered) several times, she has been open to flirtation from both Evelyn and Holly. We'll just have to wait for the right moment, or the right amount of alcohol.
  4. Ed2 would like that 😏 I'd love it! 😉 Who can not love something real felt that comes from deep inside a woman's body?
  5. I'm kind of happy, they definitely tried to get something going, so maybe better luck next time.
  6. 01:08 Amber spying and filming Molly pee. She is just like me! 🤣
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