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  1. back 17:47 with groceries back 17:53 from shopping
  2. She has a "BF" in barca, she has had many phone calls with him, they speak in english ( e is said to be from Argentina), and she has stayed many nights with him.
  3. Atleast she showers every day, changes on camera, and walks around topless sometimes. I'm personally think Nita is OK, but I can relate to your view, because I think don't having 2 girls in 1 room ever leads to any good, just blocks any bating. With Angelika there however, I am reluctant with calling anyone useless, because it is nothing compared. Angelika's behaviour so far is just rediculous!
  4. Earlier today, when Leona was out for a swim, I saw Nita rubbung herself alittle through her panties, but then Leona arrived, so much for 2 girls in one room.
  5. 16:45 Renata took her passport from her suitcase and put in her purse. 16:51 Renata went out
  6. I thought Renata went to her BF, and would stay all night and most of the day, but I see she came home 05:37
  7. Thank you very much for the translation Roksis This is very true. They are all real and genuine, and the emotions and intimacy is wonderfull to watch.
  8. This my view too, Nora was the one oganizing some good parties at the beginning of this year..... After Nora left, everything Irma did was for that Alex-guy, and I really dissliked that.
  9. It has been slow, but now she seem to be more comfortable showing her body, not turning away anymore, and being topless in her room. She has an astonishing body. But I can not say I like what I've seen so far. She has several times already, taken drinks, blanket and the speaker, and went out in the middel of the night. To me, she seems to be another girl like Irina, that will keep everything outside. Victoria, please proove me wrong!!!!!
  10. Apartment, not plural. They had Carina&Sabrina, but I count Elvis as male.