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  1. I never did, but you have since I joined taken me for being harleyboy or vortios posting under a different name, so no point arguing with you
  2. Gina is very beutyfull, she is naked alot. I mainly see her as a follower, she followed the twins, then Stella, and now Polya, but I agree, she has kept many parties going by encuraging the other girls to drink and dance. It also all depends on what we want, some want to watch a naked body from a good angle, some want a sexy dance or shower, many seem to want lesbian sex between straight girls, I can manage fine without than, but I'd love a genuine bate. This is my subjective judging CowArt, no ones opinions are the truth. I don't she I can agree on that, except Polya
  3. No, I dissagree! Except Nicole, Rose is probably the one who has done most in the apartments. In my opinion, Gina is the most dissapointing to me. For people wanting nudity, she must be the best, but other than being naked, she hasn't done anything.
  4. cam angle wise the current room is better than the big room, but bathroom weights up for that imho
  5. You just weren't positive enough some seem to think bigger letters help, and some emojis
  6. OK, I will keep thinking negative then, cause I'm no fan of staged bath sessions
  7. Have anyone written to RLC about Nicole? They never answered my e-mails, so please anyone do!
  8. I agree! First I thought it was really dissapointing, and bad behavour by Rose, when she didn't seem to care too much. Now, I see it alittle different, but still, only Anna senced something was wrong. Nicole has been accused of being selfish herself, but she was caring, helping Lima when she was drunk
  9. I'm worried too, feeling sorry for her. I check the small seizure last night in replay, if is her first, I really hope she see a doctor, or anyway, get it back under control. Medications will help reduce the frequency of seizures.
  10. I asked Yury to translate the conversation imediate after the seizure. -------------- Nicole behaves like a very drunk man. She staggers, stumbles, a feeling that she barely standing on her feet. She speaks inarticulate (indistinct). Girls can not understand her. Nicole tries to say something to the girl who is lying on the edge (near the bathroom door in Rosa's room). She tries to say something about what was yesterday and about some guy, but the girl does not understand her. Then the girl says: "Let's (talk) later." Anna asks Nicole: "Are you okay?" Nicole does not answer anything. It seems she is trying to say about what she saw in a dream., but she speaks vaguely (unclear) and I do not understand her.Then Nicole and Anna go into Nicole's room. Anna puts Nicole to bed. She asks what she dreamed and what happened to her eye. I do not understand Nicole's answer again. It seems that she had a dream (a bad dream), but this is my very subjective opinion. (But Anna asked Nicole what she dreamed). When Anna leaves the room, Nicole says: "I'm scared."I did not understand what happened to Nicole. She did not talk about a seizure (fit) or that she was not feeling well. It seemed to me that her face swelled on the left side. And she clearly not in itself.
  11. We don't know. There haven't been anything on cam before, I don't know if she takes any medications either, but to me she didn't look freaked out at all, more like alittle worried and very embarassed, she took it calm and drank alot of water after.. The fact that she is not in a hospital getting it checked out by now, it is a strong indication that it is something that has happened to her before, a condition she know about.