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  1. Well, I don't understand their language, but I can see that these things are happening. Stifler is having a huge negative effect on her. They are growing anti-social. Goldie is bored out of her mind. She lays on the couch all day doing nothing. There was a lot more life and sparkle in Goldie when she was staying at Scott's place. I actually hope this relationship breaks up soon, maybe she could move back to Scott, or even get her own apartment. She can be a real pleasure and a joy to follow, but all this potential is wasted here, it's just sad.
  2. Cool! 😎 Guitarman is back! 🎸 I love this guy! 😊
  3. Isn't it the place for it? OK! Maybe you will keep your morals out of these threads then.
  4. So I should mind my own business, but it is your business to stick your nose in everyone else's lifes? Where is your logic here?
  5. Where are your morals here? "Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour's wife" (Exodus 20:17)
  6. No one cares about your fucking morals, it is a free world COMMA, and if you actually care about those morals you wouldn't be sitting at a porn forum every day.
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