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  1. Nice busty girl visiting!
  2. Sorry, spelling error. I mean: Would definitely have!
  3. Maybe. 🤫 No, I'm not Scott. If I had been, I would've been all over Goldie every night.
  4. That would be Stephanie. I thought she appeared to be abit snobbish at first, but as she interacts more with the others, I'm liking her more and more. She really is lovely! 😍
  5. I agree with x. She usually starts with panties on, then take them off in the middle of her shower. I've seen quite a few other girls do that too, as a way to rins out their underwear.
  6. I love the chubbier body type, so I like most of these girls. 👍🏻 Especially that redhead is lovely! 😍
  7. I can't help but feel abit sorry for Goldie. There is often a flirtatious tone towards her. Scott let her sleep in his bed with him when they are alone. But as soon as someone else shows up, Goldie is forgotten about, and everyone but her ends up having sex at one point or another. I had some hope for her and Stifler on the couch right now, but it doesn't seem like anything is going to happen. Maybe it is her that doesn't want to do anything on camera, and thus holds back. Has she done anything sexual on camera before?
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