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  1. I don't know who makes the fuss though, the guy mentioning it, or the 5 guys hopping onto him, denying everything, saying he is a notorious lier
  2. Obsession? I commented and gave my thoughts on what I saw. I still think that is the very purpose this forum. I'm not the one obsessed in anythig. I have my verson of it, you got yours, others have theirs. I will not convince you my views are any more valid than yours.
  3. Apartment Complexes usually don't get into the practice of letting Tenants access the Rooftops. It was luchasfrench who mentioned the roof, not me!
  4. OK, if you know the building, I got 2 different sources translating, they say they wnt to the roof, but they went somewhere, wether it was the roof, staircase or outside balcony, it doesn't matter. They went out, and returned being clearly affected by drugs. First time they went out, when they came back in, they just sat there, laughyng at nothing. Then second trip out, when they came back in, they sat there, stiring into the air, then they were sleepy, started to dooze off. Could it be more obvious than this, without showing the actual drug?
  5. Zoya's Back

    Zoya was just home to do a bate, now listed as on vacation again... lol
  6. now games from a child birtday party, spin the bottle, eating ice cream, smashing balloons
  7. Don't worry, I don't think they are gay, but maybe have a girlfriend, maybe want to stay proffessional, or they are just friends, I don't know. What I do know, the reason they bring in guy to stay for long hours is to make it alittle more interesting for the cams, but nothing was going to happen. It is a tease. If the girls want to have fun, they go out, they only stay in when they feel obligated to give something to us paying viewers, then they do a card game or something, then they can continue to live their life outside.
  8. Margaret & Tony

    Agree, she looks very hot! She looked very good during sex, expression, mimics. Just after that short, but good session, I needed a change of boxers! LOL!
  9. Margaret & Tony

    I like this apartment so far!
  10. Margaret & Tony

    Last a minute, but hell they are not shy, or afraid of getting caught!