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  1. Tina just rubbed herself to a nice orgasm. ❤️
  2. Fuck! Yet again this friend clan dictates RLC! I'm bored with this group! We've had months and months of their tiring stupid shows now! With Anita and Amina returnig just means it will continue! Will there ever be an end to it! And will Mary ever leave!!!! Though Mary leaving now would make absolutely no difference at all, as the whole clan has returned.
  3. Nah, far from it actually! I can name many, many more that were much worse. Take Malina and Anastasiia for example, as a very recent case, and no one beats Angelika.
  4. She was very wet! Even spilled some juices on her sheets. 😍
  5. I really like the main bedroom in B2, it has the big double bed with great camera angles, and it has its own bathroom attached to it, also with great views, so why is it Amina is not using it? Today too, Amina took a shower in the other bathroom, with very poor angle, and no sound. We've all seen how Amina likes to keep a wach on the RLC thumbnails, to check how her shows are doing on the rankings, so let us hope she reads CC too. Please start using your own bathroom, Amina!
  6. 👍 Yoy know me zak, of course I did 😄 In fact I wish Angie brought her water flask to the tub also 😊
  7. Pissing in the shower/tub is one thing, I assume it is pretty normal, and it's not very gross at all, or even unclean, as it just washes down the drain. But going #2??! That's wierd!! Very strange! Certanly gross! But also abit cool! How wierd does that make me?
  8. Did anyone else see this? Around 00:25, the guest girl literarily took a shit in the bathtub!
  9. I think the cleaning lady is russian, Naga. She atleast speaks russian.
  10. I was always very bad at choosing, but the good thing is, I never mind sharing, Naga! That said, no one will ever be quite like BEATRICE ❤️ to me!
  11. It's abit sad to see Miroslava leaving! I think I will really miss her. Miroslava is amongst the girls I really fancy in B4 right now, wich is actually quite a few.
  12. And for the record: I've spent like over half my posts on here trying to point out, and fight that double standard.