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  1. Yes, Diane is straight as a steel bar. I wish she would stop pretending otherwise. Some of us are very content with that. What you need though, is more lesbian apartments!
  2. And Diane wasn't attracted to the guy she fucked. She is much more into Kim.
  3. Too much hair isn't good either. If I undress I look like a bear!
  4. USA bombs the hell out of every country it doesn't like, but making alittle fun of your country is too much for you? That is such an arrogant attitude! Like USA is the only country in the world that matters! I understand that being humble has never been an American trait. But what happened to the freedom of speech you were so proud of?
  5. Beauty products on Kira, it will always be a waste of effort and money. You can't improve perfection.
  6. Someone mentioned the Canary Islands. And yes, I guess it will be just like last time, she will go out to meet him.
  7. A bar of soap, and no dishwasher. And I who used to think USA was a developed country.
  8. See my 'location', lots of soaked underwear and sheets here! 😁
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