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  1. Another great bate from Ginger... Liked the moaning. 😉
  2. She is always so sad and depressed, she often looks on the verge of crying. Don't be sad Serafima ❤️ You are very beautyful! Easily the most beautyful in the GOVs! We just wish all that teasing would come to an end. Don't be like the twins. Teasing their viewers (if there are anyone left) to death, and way beyound! Even though I would loved to see you masturbate again, I'd say just be yourself, don't do these tease shows.
  3. You're not alone bud. We'll have fight over her. LOL. Hopefully not, I'm not that kind of guy, and would most deffinately loose 😉 LOL. But I too have loved Diane ❤️ from her first apperance. https://replay.reallifecam.com/view/28_29?ts=1550450568&from=share
  4. 🤞 I, for one, hope so. She created ALOT of action in a very short time, and that's good, IMO.
  5. Great catch zak! Thank you! It was a sizeable stain. I kinda wish it was something else she had done in bed, but I think all 3 in B1 are on their periods right now. https://replay.reallifecam.com/view/11_7?ts=1550105051&from=share
  6. Mothers are usual female 😉 You only said visitor, so the question was reasonable.
  7. On the frequency of it, you also have to take into acount that they are only a few days each month, and again, it depends on how you deffine "uncommon". And if we include masturbation, I think it is less uncommon. But we might agree to dissagree.
  8. Depends how you deffine "usually", but I would say just looking at RLC is evidence enough to say that it isn't that uncommon.
  9. OK, it is your assumption. But Mila didn't express any resistence! So how is Bea responcible for anything????
  10. But that aply to every sexual action, if it is about sex on their periods, or not. It must be a mutual agreement between both (or more) parts.
  11. Yes, and that must be respected. It is a choice up to each and everyone. However, there is no logical self-given conclution that period means no sex. Yes, it will be messy, but is not like women can't feel pleasure during their periods. It might be their preference not to have sex on their periods, but again, no general rule.