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  1. If you generalize alot, you are right, but it's not quite that black/white.
  2. And there I think you are wrong, the concepts aren't that fundamentally different, and there are good and bad, pro and cons with both sites.
  3. Again, I said a few , not most, not at all! But yes, a few apartments there are much more real than e.g. MSD or Barca. I never liked VHTV either, for the exact same reasons you point out here, I were just adding some nuanses to the demonizing of VHTV.
  4. It's not that black/white moos. RLC has MSD and Barca too, likewise VHTV has (I said A FEW) better apartments too.
  5. VHTV Real, come on Thesta wake up 😂 They never faking a show, so no it's not Sofie spirit with them Thes said VHTV is more real than the Barca apartments, wich is kind of true, sadly. I know many here don't like VHTV, I don't particularily either, but the truth is, if they had fixed the terrible sound, and some technical bugs, a few of their apartments could actually become a pretty good alternative to RLC.
  6. At Maya's place you can see cam 5 from cam 4. At Nina&Kira's place you can see cam 6 from cam 5 (through the mirror). At Desiree&Raul's place you can see cam 7 from cam 6 (through the door). At Chloe&Tyler's place you can see cam 11 from cam 1 (through the door).
  7. One time she has, since I joined. One time in 2 years! Kamilla showers, sleeps and goes on vacation, that's about it!
  8. Intentionally, yes! This was more innocent though, a pretty stupid misstake, but nothing was hidden as it was only 1 of 3 cameras that were blocked. It was also always my opinion that hiding away (e.g. in the restrooms to bate) should be reason enough to break their contracts.
  9. If that somehow happens, and I kind of hope it do, a real Nicole/Estelle fight, I surely hope it happens on camera! 😁That would be epic!😄
  10. what have the angels ever done, nothing Well, does Kamilla do anything more then?
  11. ed2

    Maya - General Chat Topic (2018)

    Just wondering, I don't watch Maya's place puch, but has anyone seen Maya pay much attention to her pets?? I've never seen it, it's like they're just there, like it's just some neutral object, like furniture. Very different from Nina&Kira and Nelly, who always play, doll and talk alot to their ca(s), first thing they do when they come home is to greet the cat(s). Same with Anabel and her rabbit. And Alberto often plays with their dog. But Maya's pets seem just as misserable as that appartment in general.
  12. ed2

    Maya - General Chat Topic (2018)

    Maya has gotten a new couch!
  13. ed2

    Maya - General Chat Topic (2018)

    They call him Jody on RLCF chat.