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  1. I try to write my view, wether it is possitive or negative. And Naga, I think it is more that it is very little posting in general on this thread, not that it is a very high number of negative posts.
  2. @Noldus have you abandoned this thread? It wasn't that much worth commenting on though, drinking and playing cards for the most.
  3. It was more like 1 continous fuck, atleast from 07:00 to 08:10, then one round around 08:25, and one round around 08:52.
  4. Well, I will join in on the complaining and bitching, when I think it reasonable, when they are hiding, or just getting away with doing nothing, and being dead all the time. But this morning though, I thought deserve praise!!!
  5. I just checked out the whole session on replay. Sonya has had sex on cam 2 times before this, both times I said it seemed very emotionless to me, but both times she also was extremely wasted, both drunk and stoned. This was very different, this was real passionate, great desire, and extreme horniness. Certanly the best we've seen in this apartment so far, but it is also amongst the greatest sex sessions on RLC-scale! This deserves big letters: KEEP THIS UP SONYA, GLASHA, ANGIE
  6. I see R2 went crazy this morning, Angie bated, and Sonya fucked all over the place. Great girls, this is more like we love
  7. Right, but just the fact that they are there, taking up space, is reason to be pissed off, because Monica could've had that room!!!!
  8. I think both Sofie and Naomi should be kicked the hell out of there... But the saddest thing is that this shit actually seems to work, it get viewers. Just look at Masha-Sasha-Dasha too, and their bullshit. People buy it, can you believe it?
  9. I'd go with B&B, I especially love Blair's ass. But for the whole Barca-cast, it would be Jasmin or Blair for me.
  10. No. He left in his coat and a bottle of water, no luggage. https://replay.reallifecam.com/view/26_1?ts=1521650467&from=share
  11. Did Jessica ever fall down the stairs in B1? In my time I can remember Stella, Kylie and Helen falling the stairs in B1, but never Jessica? B4 seems more dangerous, alot more stairs, and more girls that can potentially get drunk, I guess it's just a matter of time before someone will fall in B4 too.