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  1. Nutella eating were beating naked massage on the thumbnails there for a while. 🤣
  2. Who the massage cares about those two twins, when we have 2 wonderful real girls with actual personallities in another room!
  3. I've often noticed Alla not wearing panties under her dress, also at home. Exciting! Besides, it's easy if they need to pee. 😄
  4. Exactly! CC is a place (a forum) to discuss our thoughts about the lifes we follow on cams. Possitive and negative. Hate and love. The problem is when someone who is not even interested in the life on cams come, only to judge others.
  5. Of course, just don't expect me to be nice towards someone who ask me how I can fall in love with something on y computer screen.
  6. Goodbye Amber 💎 And welcome back one day! She was unbelievably beautiful! Maybe the hottest body to ever enter RLC. ❤️ Sad that she was lonely, and spent so much time outside of the apartment.
  7. No, I'm not a "good" guy, I don't even try to be anymore. After being bullied and disrespected by so many trolls on here, I'm just being an asshole back.
  8. If some of you have so many good friends, and a perfect life, why are you spending your time on CC complaining about RLC? Personally, RLC gives me a purpose and meaning in life. Getting to watch these friendships, and other people's real life, gives me the opprtunity to feel some intimacy that I will never have in my own life. I'm 24 years old, I have strong feelings and desires like anyone my age. Feelings and desires I can never live out. Because I was born with a muscular desease, and I've been in a wheelchair my whole life. There you have it. That's why I love girls on my computer screen! What is your excuse?
  9. I guess the same reason some guys can spew their hate towards some people on your computer screen.... Loneliness!
  10. 👍❤️💋 I'm an active subscriber, and I love her! You've never even watched her, so does it even make any difference?....
  11. Wearing super sexy grey tights! 😍 Holly has very many sexy tight jeans, pants and shorts! I love that! Tight pants is much sexier than ligerie, robes and bodysuits! ❤️
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