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Which RLC apartments do you watch the most?


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Which RLC apartments do you watch the most?  I’ve prepared two lists of my apartment preferences.  The first is the order in which I am likely to click an apartment to see if anything is going on.  The second is the order in which I probably spend the most time actually watching.

A.  The first RLC apartments that I click to see if anything is happening:

1.  Leora and Paul

2.  Nora and Kiko (but when the mystery guest is there, I probably look first at this)

3.  Isabel and Marcelo

4.  Alma and Stefan

5.  All others combined

B. The RLC apartments that I spend the most time watching

1.  Nora and Kiko

2.  Isabel and Marcelo

3.  Leora and Paul

4.  Alma and Stefan

5.  All others combined

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I don't really have one I watch more than the other. Going through the list:

Leora/Paul: pfft  ::)

Lora/Max: I watch them more now that they have a mic in the living room. I like the fact that they seem to have a nice stable relationship.

Alina/Anton: I watch them despite not having a mic, but only when Alina is lying on the couch in her underwear or if both of them are in the living room in the hopes that they fool around on the couch.

Maya/Stepan: I don't watch them that often, but this is one of my favorite couples.

Nora/Kiko: I don't watch them that often. They seem quite boring and I don't really see the appeal in Nora.

Isabel/Marcelo: I used to like them when they were in Alma/Stefan's place, but now not so much. There's something off about them that I can't quite put my finger on. She likes to fuck but I get a serious lack of chemistry vibe from them. It's almost like they're just going through the motions.

Alma/Stefan: I used to watch this couple the most, until they got engaged. Now for whatever reason I don't really care about them anymore. I still think Alma is super hot though, more so than the rest of them.

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Guest Kidamagasha

I start from top to bottom, to see if anything interesting is happening, if not:

I'll go to either alma, nora or Isabel. depending on who is home and what they are doing..

I rarely watch alina and Anton, totally boring.. and when "something" finally happens its usually a blurry nightvision view, or it's under the covers.

Max and Lora nearly the same, when they are home they are often in kitchen with no sound or on their computers, always fully clothed. Their nighttime activities and

sometimes afternoon too is followed by the following script about 9 out of 10 times (blowjob, followed by a lying doggy, and then some weird missionary position they

probaly have invented, at least never seen that before (her lying with legs closed and straight out with him on top.).

However after the cameraes was moved, seen some nicer views of Lora, she is quite pretty and cute, but their behaviour havent changed..

Leora and Paul, awesome sex, nothing to complain about there except that webcam in the bedroom often lags like crazy because of the light both from the ceiling

and the window.

But their other activities could be better,  sleep, watching tv/computer and fighting.

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The same Leora and Paul I am watching and I would also say awesome sex.

With the amount of posts just made after they had sex, the most I have ever see they must be stimulating the parts beer doesn't for a lot of people.

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