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  1. A lot of girls' sexual desire goes up and down with their hormonal cycle, sometimes quite markedly.
  2. To be honest, I disagree. I never watched the apartment when it was just Leora, I had no interest in watching her parading naked around the apartment putting on shows for us, playing to the camera. I don't watch it that much now, but when I do it's for the interplay between Leora and Malia, the sensuality of their interaction, the teasing possibility - however unlikely - that things may just go one step further - since Malia's been here there is at least something worth watching.
  3. I don't watch this apartment much, but it does seem to me that Leora is very gradually becoming less reticent about touching herself around Malia, less bothered about making sure the bedroom door is shut when she teases herself. Whether she'll ever go so far as to properly masturbate around her, I doubt, but I do wonder whether Malia has noticed her stroking herself at all, and how she would react if she did.
  4. I'm pretty sure she's had some, just locked in the bathroom where we can't see her.
  5. I've liked her since the moment she arrived. Just my type - sweet and innocent on the outside but a minx underneath.
  6. Usually that's what she does, yes. But last night she was openly peeing in the bath on many occasions, including in front of other girls, and wiping herself dry with the orange towel.
  7. Thanks for asking. I'm ok - as likely to be killed by the long hours as anything else at the moment to be honest 😁 They've been pretty crap over here at testing medical staff so lots of people off work isolating just in case which means more work for the rest of us!
  8. Stay safe Harley. But remember, even if you get it, you can still pull through. I don't know your medical history but we're seeing some pretty frail people coming through it, and some seemingly healthier ones not doing - as always there's an element of randomness, but even in the most vulnerable groups survival rates well over 75%, so never give up hope.
  9. I thought that, or very drunk. Real shame her touching herself didn't turn into a genuine bate - I've been waiting for that for ages.
  10. I actually thought it was pretty hot and not too show like. No silly music, no dancing round, minimal costumes, no fake over reactions and screaming, just two sensual girls enjoying giving pleasure to themselves and each other - and unlike most of the shows, genuine orgasms and strong ones at that.
  11. That's the one. Though she'd been at it for a few minutes before that too, mostly under the covers.
  12. She bated under the covers just after 4.30 this morning. It's progress, be interesting to see how far it goes.
  13. She left then to make space for Olya and Diane coming in. It's perfectly possible that the plan was for RLC to put her up in a hotel for a night or two before her flight home - RLC, like everyone, will look for the flights on the cheaper days. Quite possibly she's got caught in limbo, as many people around the world at this time.
  14. There have been no flights from Barca to Moscow the past 3 days, I expect she can't get home.
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