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  1. There was a young man called Bruno, Who said, "Fucking is one thing I do know, Sheep are just fine, and woman divine. But, Llamas are numero uno!" 😂
  2. There was a baker from South Carolina, Who stuck an eggbeater in her vagina. The cakes she would glaze In an orgasmic haze. And her screams they would rattle the China. 😁
  3. No thanks. Have no interest or time for either.
  4. And how would you get them all on one poll, when it only let's you have 20 choices?? There is a second poll.
  5. Asking people's favorite or most enjoyable would have been easier and better to understand.
  6. Thanks. But was not me that made it, just no need for someone being a dickhead because another member made a mistake.
  7. Since you are obviously perfect. How about you make one!! No need to be a dickhead.
  8. Sabrina is far too good for Scott and deserves better. She will get fed up with his poor sex sooner or later 😁
  9. Does having sex with younger girls make Scott feel more of a man 😀
  10. No one will really ever know them, no matter how many hours they spend watching.
  11. No surprise many don't last long if they act like that.
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