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  1. Anyone with half a brain knows that. RLC just being lazy and filling a spot, rather than setting up a new apartment.
  2. Like your optimism, but we all know the chances of a new Couple are slim to none.
  3. Nicole and Karl are one of the more genuine ones, but Nicole gives very little solo and spends most of her time face stuck in her phone.
  4. They could have opened more house in Czech, Spain and even Italy if they really wanted and put some effort in. This bringing back is just laziness.
  5. Both the ideas book and tenants barrel are bare dry. Must be desperate, especially with the recent shit they have brought back.
  6. You don't know shit just like the rest of us. Can't prove they are not, no more than I can prove they are. Don't like my comment.... Ignore it!
  7. Best buddies I suppose. Hang out all the time I bet. LOL
  8. Anna&Alex look like a right pair of junkies. Henry couldn't get any further up Alex's ass if he tried (Oh I'm sure he could). LOL
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