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  1. Closer to the camera please. Can't quite see you are so far away. LOL
  2. What a shame. They were such enjoyable tenants and really fun to watch.
  3. Basket Case by Green Day Lyrics: No sign of guilt.
  4. Funny you can hear her in the kitchen, while Mira and others chatting away. LOL
  5. Why so many have lost interest and no longer watch RLC. Lack of "Genuine" down to earth couples. Non staged and excitement of not knowing when you might see them nude, masturbating or randomly having sex.
  6. Henry is meeting guest girl. It will be interesting.
  7. All about having a laugh. Far too many take this shit serious. No-one makes us pay and watch the sites, but sad to see good sites turning to crap.
  8. Hemispheres: Prelude by Rush Lyrics: Connect the space between!
  9. This the chick that brings her man over and watches him fuck. LOL
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