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  1. I think over this journey that Radi has discovered herself. Remember when Ariana taught her to use the shower head and she took 15 baths a day and then she got a vibe and spent all day in her room. I think that Radi may have discovered she likes girls. The other week when she was at the Villa and they were all in the exercise room and touching each other, she had a look on her face that was joy. They she got to touch Tesla, even though you could not see it well on cam, I think she rubbed a bit on her as Telsa was moving around like she was excited. And every time she gets to tough a boob or a girl she smiles so big. When she was at the couples place for a party and Lola was hugging her she got so happy. And now with Stella she seems to be the happiest I have seen her. Her problem seems to be not knowing what to do next. She needs a Alex or a Olivia to take her in hand show her. It would be nice if she would take a chance on someone. It just seems that she picks the wrong ones to be happy with and they are not that interested. I hope she sticks around and someone takes her in hand.
  2. I will throw my two cents worth in here. We have no idea what agreement that the two of them have. It is well known that Martina has had gf's in the past. We also know that she tells Alberto everything. I think he well knows that she is very bi. They have come to an understanding. My wife's nurse had the same thing with her husband. He was fine with it as long as she didn't go with a guy, and that she doesn't lie to him. I mean it's not like Alberto doesn't know what is going on. So, obviously he doesn't mind too much. If so, it wouldn't happen. When afterward Martina came out while he was playing his game, she said hi and then he turned around and smiled at her and took her hand, like he was saying I know and it's ok. We all know that they have a good relationship and she pays a lot of attention to him. So maybe they have reached an agreement. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean they have to hate it. There are a lot more relationships like this than you know about. Poly relationships are very common now. Especially when one of the pair is bi, many people would rather come to an agreement than break up the relationship. So don't judge until you know.
  3. I know it would not be a popular choice, but maybe what we need is Olivia and Ulyana to liven up the apartments.
  4. I think Anna may have a few health issues. That is a lot of prescriptions she is seemly trying to refill. And she seems a bit upset.
  5. If Monica was moving into Amira's room then why delay it? Why move most of it to the table and not right into the room? It may be both are leaving and Monica is first.
  6. you may be right in that she is moving into Amiras room, her stuff seems to mostly on the table, and Amira was making space for her though Monica was moving suitcases around., so we have to see what happens.
  7. we got 2 I don't remember moving into Masha's room. It says it is UM but I can see all the rooms. I think they are together as they are talking like a couple. This should be interesting
  8. This is not the first time Riya as tied someone up. She did that like a pro. lol
  9. Why does it look like Masha is moving in and not packing? Hmm wonder if she is staying for a bit.
  10. Yeah, Pam is gone, not moving to the other house, she is gone. If just moving across town, would not be dressed like that and saying goodbye.
  11. Wonder why they are moving Pam to B$. Sort of ruins the nice little thing she and Amalia had going. Only reason I can think of is that somebody is coming that had to be in her spot.
  12. now she went to sleep on the couch and told him to get out of her life and that he is a piece of shit. She told him to pack and go.
  13. From what I can tell Carla has caught Carlos cheating and is telling to pack his bag and go. Heard something that sounded like he was stealing something. Couldn't make out what. She is yelling about how somebody is ugly as shit but he still follows her around like a puppy.
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