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  1. Wait till flash stops, end of this year I think, someone will put me right if I'm wrong.
  2. Didn't we recently have a party at B4 with B1 and B2 with girls pucking and so high they can't stand. I like a good party and B4 is a good place to have one but with the current cast we've seen it before. Maybe a party with new faces would be more fun. Edit: Time for some new faces, with current days it's difficult to do.
  3. They do it to piss you all of which is good cause we get more chatter on CC. Obviously 🙂
  4. I don't see any of these girls having boyfriends in these apartments, more like friends with benefits. 🙂
  5. We going of topic, give Gina some love and support. and Irma and Babi too they'd love that support too.
  6. I heard she had cigarette burns on her boobs at the time and brouses all over. You want to see this?
  7. If this guy and his amegos, are as some suggest employed bt rlc, I say rlc stop it we don't wan't it. But I'm guessing it's load of b***ocks. I'm hoping the girls get wise and quick to it.
  8. But right now let's give Gina some support. She is beautful and has a body to die for.
  9. What I don't understand is why this guy(Curly) keep getting invited. He sicked me with what he did with Holly last year.
  10. Some many of you guys claim to be Gina fans, whooping cause she had sex in camera view the other night. Last night her feelings got trashed and a lot of you joined in, shame on you. I have never ever liked seeing a girl cry. Give the girl some support.
  11. They are out for the night and most of the day tomorrow, only this time it's posted as a vacation from a vacation. 😉
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