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  1. I love the way that these cameras show the veins on her tits going to her nipples, especially when she is excited
  2. She loves to play with that slippery stuff
  3. I'm gonna re-up! Think they'll take me at 80 years old? 😄
  4. Yeah, not the best, but I get so frustrated trying to make something out in the dark!
  5. It has convinced me not to renew for 90 days anymore. 30 days is enough, and it's easier to opt out.
  6. Just think what we could see if they didn't fuck with the lighting!
  7. I wrote to RLC about that. Guess I didn't deserve an answer, because I never got one 😡
  8. I wish they wouldn't leave the bathroom door open with the light on. I have to believe they know what they are doing
  9. A few more like Leora and Martina would be much welcomed by me, that's for sure!
  10. Got a glimpse at one of her paintings when she was in Russia of an outdoor scene. It looked pretty good and I sent a message to her social media at the time (who knows if she read it) telling her she should sell her paintings to RLC viewers. I'm sure that would be a big breach of contract and could give away her identity, so not good. I was hoping she would put them for sale at a site we could access and buy them there, but I see the issues she would face.
  11. I was just going to say that. Take up painting again or something! She has always been my favorite!
  12. Unfortunately when I try to view these I get this message: This item was encoded in a format that's not supported. Any ideas ?
  13. Okay, well I will have a little more patience then
  14. Very frustrating, every time I want to see something it has been deleted. Is it worth even having this forum?
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