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  1. A mild tit rub that Leora kept bursting out laughing and stopping her by grabbing her phone, she then stroked her puss until she stopped when Leora whispered something to her and they both looked at the camera and then started hovering over the puss for ten minutes rather than touching it. And over a week ago they bated together, a week before that they were at each other, We've gone from one extreme to the other,I'm sure Leora has realised that Malia is coming on too strong, this most likely will not end well.
  2. Maybe to somebody with rose tinted glasses, you (and one or two others) never add anything constructive on here other than slating other people especially ones that haven't been on here that long, you're condescending and I honestly don't think you've ever been around women as you clearly cannot see the obvious., to any normal person that was frankly embarrassing and a little desperate from Malia last night.
  3. Getting the job done before her shadow comes home, it was cringeworthy watching Malia last night, Leora had a face on like 'wtf is this girl doing? When Malia was trying to get her going, she's taken to laughing and pulling out her phone as a deflection tactic now, surely Malia can take a hint? I was half expecting Leora to snap at her at one point.
  4. This is uncomfortable,Malia clearly trying to start something and Leora smiling and acting like this is the first time, it's weird
  5. Never before have I wanted to stamp on a piece of tech as much as I want to smash that phone. Can't stand to see people addicted to them like it's some sort of drug.
  6. There was a bottle?! Damn, I missed all the fun.
  7. I love the look on Malias face staring at the honey pot and basting Leoras leg like it was a turkey, her hand keeps getting closer😄
  8. I only ever watched them as somebody had said Kami had used a hairspray can on herself, I had to see that! Never did though, maybe she'd changed the can as the one in her room was huge, I remember somebody had said they kissed once but who hasn't on RLC right? Never saw them bating each other though so at least Leora and Malia have that I suppose.
  9. Yep, the traffic is a little 'one way', sometimes seemingly on thin ice as well.
  10. These girls love a russian political debate program! Rarely ever see them watching movies.
  11. Are you retarded? Unless you're a remote viewer or are stalking Leora in Prague, then you, me and everyone else doesn't have a clue what she does outside her apartment, a 30 odd year old chick that has just split with her boyfriend and stays out all night could be doing anything outside the apartment, how in gods name is that a crazy idea? Unless you're completely naive or simply never had any real contact with women....
  12. I would, not everybody bows down to your claims that you know or have known her, every forum has somebody like you who feel the need to have a 'one-up' on everyone else, again, nobody knows where she went tonight she could be doing anything.
  13. Possible I suppose, there's no evidence to say otherwise. Who know's what she does outside the apartment, nobody in this forum for sure.
  14. Did Leora just leave without so much as a goodbye, just totally blanked Malia and walked out, did I miss something?
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