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  1. I see she didn't waste any time scrubbing the place of any evidence of Malia, Hopefully she'll lose her audience and leave the project, after the 2-faced slagging off she gave Malia on the phone to Paul, before sitting there laughing and joking with her last night? She's lost my sub.
  2. All I can hear is Leora ripping into Malia to whoever is on the other end of the call, might be a good thing she is leaving!
  3. If Malia was deported then why does Leora have no problems? Surely if there were any loopholes then Leora would've pointed that out to Malia? Unless Malia actually wants to leave and Leora didn't want her to go? Malia having to go and Leora not doesn't make a lot of sense unless Leora has applied for citizenship? Maybe Malia didn't want to make that commitment? So many questions! Whatever the reasons, I'm suspecting that the apartment and this forum will become MUCH quieter.
  4. I thought Malia might've gone out with a bang, it's more of a whimper.
  5. Malia doesn't look like she's in the mood for any fun, getting late now....
  6. I know, Scutus pointed out that the party was most likely the other night, just good to see them interacting with each other at last, a little disappointed at the moment.
  7. Ok maybe i'm wrong but c'mon, if she's leaving tomorrow by mutual consent or an expired visa then you'd expect them to at least have a small party or something?
  8. The way they're acting towards each other, it wouldn't surprise me if Leora has either stitched up Malia over the visa or has told RLC to get rid of her so she can get Paul in. They certainly don't look like two friends about to part company.
  9. Thank you Malia for giving Leora more orgasms than Paul could ever dream of, you were much better as a room mate than the nose picker ever was (Paul was barely a boyfriend, and if they didn't occasionally sleep together, could've been brother and sister) and when he's back and Leora looks bored as shit because she just wants to get off, you can rest assured she'll be thinking of the great times you both had together! Have a wonderful life sweet little princess.
  10. If you keep getting these jabs (they are not vaccines, vaccines actually work and you only need one every few years), they will just keep finding excuses to keep jabbing you, use some common sense people.
  11. Leora and Masha, Masha would eat her alive.
  12. I think there were two beavers and a monkey, but the piano wasn't pushed down the escalator.
  13. What? I'm not moving in with anyone! Get a better translator dude. I said I was SPECULATING look it up dingus.
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