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  1. A certainly quite attractive, admirably sensual, and pleasantly wonderful woman she is. A quite unique and special woman.
  2. Obviously she has. Beside noticing some actions and conversations with them recently and what has been conveyed from a reliable source about how some involved with a co. that owns the project, that states the obvious also, which all I did was state what's been obvious.
  3. I did Ash. Only I did not intend to post it in bold print.
  4. It is certain that few out of most who have anything to do with the residence including those who have been admirable followers and supporters for quite some time now along with some who have a good deal of influence on what goes on at the project, are not too pleased with the recent turn of events to where he has become unemployed elsewhere and is now almost always at the residence. Also, it has been noticed that he has reverted back to an old habit of following her around from room to room quite a bit again anymore as he used to do before he ever became employed elsewhere. Talk about crowding someone's space way too often, it's ridiculous and not to mention quite immature.
  5. Since first having the experience of privilege to have noticed her around the time shortly after joining the project, though she has always been quite a vision to behold, she has certainly grown into an amazingly attractive woman.
  6. Nicholas

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    Nice. But link has expired. Anyway this can be reupped Mittsy1 ?
  7. It is good and also sometimes an exhilarating experience to again have some privilege of observation of a woman who is quite down to earth and who happens to possess a rare natural attractive hotness but yet is such a really sweet and well meaning woman and to know that she is doing good and is well after an absence of being privileged to such for awhile.
  8. Nicholas

    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    Would like to check out and view the vids but site does not work. Instead, it goes to a GoDaddy site. Must be already shut down. Disappointing, but oh well.
  9. As far as it goes concerning him, I don't really think that I would need to express my points of views or opinions where he is concerned for any members or even visitors of this particular thread of this forum who happen to already have fairly accurate ideas of them, so I'll refrain to at this time, but I do know that your statement here also is yet another that I am in agreeance with and also that it already has and is continuing to according to a credibly reliable source who has quite good connection to and therefore insight into Tech Fashions, Inc. my friend. Aside from yours truly, quite a number of others who have been dedicated and loyal financial supporters of RLC, mainly because of being dedicated and avid followers of the residence referred to in this thread, have certainly become highly disappointed in the changes there in the recent couple of months and therefore have become discouraged in attempting to follow as much, that financial support could no longer be justified enough to continue such, and has not for a time now since awhile after the negative changes started taking place and continued to since then, and may not ever again with the ways things have changed there. You are right my friend, and it's too bad. I'm sure with revenues of new subs. not accumulating nearly as much to an extent as they had been and perhaps will get to some point of no longer in a positive direction for the company, they may be regretful of some of the recent changes considered negative by many, more so than many others.
  10. Greetings my feline friend jimbo, and I must state that I certainly do concur my friend.
  11. Something that is more likely than not a true statement that has been made here on numerous occasions previously is that nearly all who have been return visitors of the residence cams of the residence usually referred to in this thread, have been doing so because of the woman of the residence and not much else including the male resident. So, it is likely that there will be quite a large lot of disappointed visitors, and most likely a lot of who are subscribers who will now be and become quite disinterested in visiting the cams of the residence enough to proceed in cancelling subscriptions now that things have changed and reverted back to a way they used to be there with someone always being around the apartment again that nearly no visitor of the residence cams are interested in. I for one, now realize a choice made some while back, was not an unwise one to make.
  12. Concerning as to whether or not he is still employed or has perhaps lost employment for whatever reason, it does appear that it may be so judging by his expressions and actions and the fact that he is now usually back at the apartment most of the time again. If in fact it is so, missing time from employment as much as was noticed may have not been a good thing for him if that is what may have been a contributing factor in causing the outcome. Repeated inconsistent or irregular attendance to employment usually never works out well for anyone.
  13. Well put my furry feline friend.
  14. I've stated on more than once that if he continued to lay-out from and miss more and more time from employment, that eventually it could cost him employment. Perhaps it has now come to pass.
  15. Highly intelligent, certainly talented, gorgeously attractive, and quite sensual. A great combination that makes her the woman she has become and is.