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  1. To be fair j8, Malia kept picking up her phone and checking and texting on it ever so often as well. So both seemed more interested in matters with other's elsewhere, than what it actually seemed that they may have been considering, or thinking of, or perhaps merely projecting there at the time.
  2. Considering that the up coming weekend starts tomorrow, probably trying to make some arrangements for then.
  3. Would be nice to ever notice if the two friends known as Leora and Malia ever decided to do something to enhance their overall complexions by developing somewhat of tanned complexions again. Such appearances seemed to have only enhanced their overall attractiveness in the past.
  4. Lol. Hell, I may be from the walking dead after being involved in subject matter related to the project for as long as it has seemed.
  5. It's been noticed that apparently some thoughts are being considered by the attractive woman known as Leora as to there being some consideration of some desire or urges to pet a certain kitty some. Such occasions are very likely enjoyable to her as well as intriguingly interesting. Although it could perhaps be even more enjoyable and intriguingly interesting, if some of such thoughts and urges at times were suppressed enough to refrain from doing so, and to perhaps wait until such time as to being able to recall some of such thoughts and urges during more of other occasions when sharing of som
  6. A thought that has crossed my mind a time or two, was that of doing a sequel to 'Dirty Dancing', with the lovely Leora along with yours truly being the main characters. 💃🕺 🤩
  7. Such a pleasantly enjoyable occasion. I hope it was as good for you as it appeared it may have been Leora you appealingly attractive woman. 😘
  8. Lol. You have an unusual way of characterizing or describing some things filipe. Kind of like some have outer beaks and some have inner beaks. Lmao. 😂
  9. If not knowing of how the project admin. can be in their decision making at times, I would actually be quite surprised noticing that it is apparently now official that the participant known as Masha, has been relocated to a different residence from the one in Rome where she had been for a very long time. Of course the relocating and shuffling around of participants from residence to residence along with the return of former participants more than twice have been known to be a hallmark of the project's admin. for quite awhile. So, actually not surprised much at all.
  10. Those two women have other friends there other than several of the male friends that are usually referred to in threads related to them. It is very likely that they have more female friends there then male. It is also very likely that some of their friends live or reside very close or nearby, and quite possibly in the same building. As far as their recently not being 100% well and seemingly had developed some colds, although it has been unfortunate just as it is for anyone to not be completely well, they are adult women close to being in their 30's, and should know what is best for the
  11. Have always considered it to be quite amazing as well as quite intriguingly interesting to observe some of the absolutely gorgeously beautiful women of lingerie fashion shows. Here are just some :
  12. Well Ash, I do happen to like her mud flaps, or labia wings, or vag. flaps, or whatever else they may could be referred to as, and hello by the way as well. It's been awhile. 🙂
  13. Hadn't really noticed but it certainly could be beneficial to them. My son and daughter in law have one and they like it and say it works well. Eliminates a need to sweep or manually vaccum the floor as often.
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