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  1. On a different note, and to use a term used here by various visitors to the thread at various times, it has been noticed that the lazy one is yet once again away from employment and at the apt. It has been over a week of such now and if he has lost his employment perhaps it would be considered fitting due to as much time and many days as he has missed from employment all the time, and so he should not have any excuse if that were the case. Seems this apt, may be losing it's allure and increasingly more rapidly becoming very similar to almost all the other apt's. and tenants in a sense that few occasions of interest occurring more and more seldomly. It's a big part of the reason as to why I will soon no longer be contributing any financial support to the so called project as soon as current sub. is reaches it's end date and why I voted YES in the poll.
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    Leora & Paul - Videos (2018)

    LOL. Good point.
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    Real Life Cam

    I replied yes as well to the poll because of multiple reasons. I agree with what just about all of Harley's previous posts and some of some others posts as well, but want to add that some of my reasonings are somewhat quite different from his and others as well. In a sense, I had for the most part stopped following or checking in on most of the other residences other than the L&P residence quite some time ago, for what is nearly and mostly universally in agreeance with by a majority of subscribers in that occurrences of activities of interest other then the observations of some of the tenants lounging around the residences in they're under-garments, seldomly ever occurred or occurs, and especially in any of the other residences quite seldomly other then perhaps sometimes also at the the M&S&D and N&B residences as was referred to. The woman in the first residence mentioned, more so more times than any other, did engage in activities of more actual interest. But when her companion supposedly became employed finally a few years ago and they had another income other than just having to depend on the tenant subsistence living allowance, those times have been slowly occurring less and less and seem to be continuing on a decline. Then, with the addition of a first additional cam and eventually a second additional cam, and a more likely than not increase's in the tenant subsistence living allowance that all the tenants receive with the addition of each of any added cams other than any cams that were already installed at the residences when the tenants first accepted any terms and agreed to any contracts before joining RLC and moving into any of the residences, times of occurrences of activities of actual interest started occurring even less there. Not to mention, that many of the times of occurrences of activities of interest that did occur, were so similar and very near the same as far as subject matter and content, that it has been becoming quite monotonous to say the least. Of course this is merely only my view and opinion, but it is and has been for sometime now my perception and is why I voted yes in the poll because after subscribing to the so called project quite some time ago, I have recently initiated actions for the current subscription to cancel at the end of it's current active period. And it will, such as has many others has, unless there are some definite and obvious changes for the better in RLC between now and then, which seems likely not to happen.
  4. It is now into a third week since a few days before the aunty arrived for her visit and the last time anything of much actual interest occurred there up until earlier on in this week when something occurred with her and then a day or two later something occurred with the both of them. It has been my observation and opinion and noticeably so has seemed like a majority of others views and opinions as well thought not all, that most have not much care or concern as to what may occur with the both of them and likely because of his behaviors and ways, as far as much in any ways of interests, as does with merely and simply her alone. But even those times have over time seemed to decline at various times.
  5. As you know, everyone's' got they're own views and perceptions of different subjects Iwic mate. It has been my views of observations that for the most part, most every since way back when he supposedly became employed, the first two to three months he was noticeably leaving the residence mostly six days a week and sometimes every now and then even seven days in a week. After that period is when he started noticeably only leaving the residence five days a week and sometime not long after, started being out from employment and at the residence on either of the two midweek days, Tuesday or Wednesday. Sometimes it occurred on Tuesdays there, and sometimes it occurred on Wednesdays there, and even every once in awhile it was even both days. Since that began occurring, he more times than not, does not leave the residence for employment on Saturdays too often. When that started occurring, he was most weeks only leaving the residence four days a week for supposed employment. Although he may have left the residence for employment some weekend days since then, most weeks since then, he usually more times than not, has not worked very many noticeable weekend days unless he missed any days more than the previous weekend days combined with a midweek day or days. That's no more than usually one Saturday in a months time, although sometimes there have been two Saturdays out of a number of months since then. It's a big part of my opinion that it is laziness for a guy that should be more mature acting and behaving at such an age and is also likely why the lard seems to be piling up on him rapidly, much more so than her. It is even quite noticeable through his clothes such as his t-shirts and skivvies. But it's they're lives and they're business and I have nothing to do with it except that I'm quite disappointed in having subscribed to something for so long and feeling a necessity to put in for cancelation of such, and instead of getting much better as far as more occurrences of activities of interest occurring more often at times, it seems that it has only regressed from that. And I'm done adding any small minute fraction of financial support because of people like that because the times of interest have not increased, instead, just the opposite IMO.
  6. June 21 is the June Solstice Day there and is considered a national holiday. The first day of each season there is considered a national holiday. The two equinox days to mark the beginnings of Spring and Fall, and the two solstice days that mark the beginning of Summer and Winter. They have over 30 holidays each year there in Russia. He takes off no less than 3 or 4 weeks besides that, and that's considering not including all the other days in between those times that he is always out from employment and misses. It has been put out there that the both of them have certainly put on a good deal more to themselves than used to be at one time and it is true that it usually happens to a majority of and many of people, but from what I've observed here and elsewhere, it has been put out there a lot more so concerning her then him. But truth be known, it is much, much more noticeable and obvious about him and not nearly as much about her as him, except for perhaps to those of us who may have followed them enough long enough to influence a good memory of them, other than any pics past and present. Also, it is true that it is they're lives and they're choices, and evidently they must be content with themselves about not only they're choices, but also where it is that they reside, and how they reside, because from my lengthy observations spanned out for about 5 years now, it is my opinion and view that a guy of his age is lazy because of such reasons and mentioned previously, and that may be some reasons in itself of why they may be so content on residing at a residence such as one provided by an organization such as RLC. Considering the economy and levels of wages in Russia combined with what they seem to spend on, it would likely be difficult for them to save enough to be able to afford to reside somewhere else for quite awhile. And yes jimbo my friend, I agree that she is and has been the best woman of RLC.
  7. Perhaps a different perspective and more likely reason is merely and simply considered to be because of laziness. Although Monday and Tuesday were national holidays there, a good example is how many days he's been absent this week which has for the most part, always been a regular occurrence with him as far as missing days from employment ever since he supposedly became so. The next holiday there is not supposed to be until June 21. Perhaps he is simply attempting to make the 2 holidays just past on Monday and Tuesday, into an extended holiday until then. That is something he does seem quite good at doing. Whoever he is employed with evidently has very low standards on rules and regulations regarding attendance and absenteeism. There would not be the cottage cheese cellulite being somewhat rapidly accumulated and packed on him if laziness was not a factor with him.
  8. Good news to notice that the appealing woman of the residence has seemed to not be feeling bad and in any sort of pain anymore. It appears that the aunty's visit has ended. Perhaps a mood may be struck for someone to indulge in or engage in some unusual activity or activities that may be of more interest than has seemed to have occurred in a week and a half of days there. It reiterates part of some points made here in this thread on multiple occasions in the past of how many actual days out of any month anything actually more so than not, interesting occurs at the residence. After a week and a half of nothing much, it is the weekend and the companion will likely be there for the next several days and seldomly does anything of much interest ever occur while he is there. They usually stay gone half the time anyway when he is. Perhaps it may be some reason why some subscribers have declined to continue subscriptions as well.
  9. It is very unfortunate to have observed that the normally quite sweet and lovely woman of the residence has and is experiencing some very bad stomach discomfort and pain. I feel for her and truly hope for her that it may not be anything too serious and hope and wish for the dear woman a rapid recovery and return to a state of lifelong and wonderful wellness.
  10. Perhaps she has to as it has been apparent that the usual visit of the aunty has been arrived. As far as him, just another time to be not at work and lounging around the apt. from what I've observed. No genuine reason except for perhaps as it has been suggested or professed by others as simply not wanting to go.
  11. Though it is only into the first week of a new month there, the companion of the amazing and attractive woman is once again obviously out from employment on a day that has seemed to be what has been a normal day of employment for him for some time now. It is not any National holiday there today, but next Saturday, Monday, and Tuesday are, so it should not be surprising for him to be out from employment for those days as well. It has seemed to be a great effort on his part to not only make sure to not miss any of any possible given holiday days off from employment, but also as many days off from employment as he can manage to squeeze in, in between those holiday days off and permitted vacation days as well, with some being what has seemed obviously no real apparent or legitimate reasons. Perhaps it may be some indication as to how long some may be privileged to some wonderful views of the sweet and lovely woman of the residence.
  12. A week into a new month at the residence of the lovely and attractive woman of the L & P apt. is underway.
  13. Earlier today there was exhibited another example of why there is usually only around 3 to 4 to 5 days out of most month's times anymore when there is usually only a limited availability of time for perhaps some possibility of occurrences of activities of higher interest. With the residence once again being vacated quite early in the day and for most of the day, on the day before the mid-week day off that most usually occurs with the companion of the little one, it is not surprising as to what some of the reasons have been as to what has seemingly contributed to a decline in the amount of perhaps further occurrences of activities of higher interest.
  14. Was certainly good to notice that some choices were made by the admirable woman to choose to wear several of the satin slips of which she possesses in her attire in recent days as she looks quite good in satin and lace. But then again, she looks quite good in almost anything that is chosen to be worn, or not worn. Such a remarkably attractive woman.
  15. Possible concern about someone being awakened may have been unnecessary as perhaps someone may have experienced a dining at the Y anyway. Nonetheless, to dine at that Y would undoubtedly be considered quite a privilege and a truly enjoyable experience that would surely have to be remarkably delicious. Would certainly be such a great desert ! One of which no part would be turned down or neglected to be accepted !