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  1. The thing is JM, there's really no need for anyone to repetitiously criticize any or some of the sites participants either. If anyone feels compelled to critize any of the sites participants, do so and move on...or perhaps maybe even do so occasionally. It really doesn't make much sense in anyone feeling compelled to criticize some of the sites same participants almost on a daily or every other day basis. Particularly, while doing so, comparing certain participants to other participants of the site or vice versa just because someone may be trying to make it seem that they actually know what some of the participants may actually be thinking, when in reality they do not, and just because someone may not like what some of the participants may do or don't do, or would rather them live their lives some other way and do things differently. If anyone does not care for what some of the sites participants do or don't do, express it and move on. But imo, do not harp on some of the same matters so often in various participants threads, that it makes it seem as though someone may be hoping to influence as many others into having similar opinions on certain matters, although some may already have similar opinions on certain matters, but are not noticed harping on them more often than perhaps should.
  2. Some of JM's comments might be extensive at times, but there are a few others including myself who's comments are extensive at times as well. At least JM's comments seem to be her thoughts that seem to be put into words quite well and is probably why more find her comments to be intriguingly interesting, than not.
  3. Me thinks one Forsythe Pendleton Jones may be head over heals with a certain Ms. Kitty. Meow 😸
  4. I suppose it should be considered good that he has someone who must enjoy seeing his obsessive complaining in other threads while comparing two of the sites women participants usually referred to in these threads, to other of the sites participants in other threads when he's not doing it in these threads.
  5. I do believe I mentioned it was nice to notice some praise for Leora and that if she happened to notice it, that she might just appreciate it. I also mentioned that apparently, you must not pay as much attention to what all may occur somewhere as much as you try to make it seem at times. You mentioned several comments trying to make it seem that Leora did what she did earlier today there, without giving a shit that Malia was at the apartment when she did what she did. But in reality, Malia wasn't even at the apartment while her friend Leora did most of what was being referred to. As a matter of fact, she wasn't even at the apartment for most of the time her friend Leora was in the bath and none of the time when she left the bathroom and went to her room to continue what she seemed interested in accomplishing at the time. It wasn't until later after she had accomplished what she seemed interested in doing at the time, when her friend Malia did return to the apartment. That being mentioned, chances are more than likely that Leora didn't even think about any such matters in any such context as you tried to make it seem. Some of the rest of your comments were related to subject matter in regards to your dislikes of what those two women may do or not do. No matter what else you occasionally mention, you almost always seem to make it a point to mention or comment about what you try to make it seem that they are actually thinking, or what they should or should not do. Not only in these threads, but you've been mentioning some of the same things in regards to them in other rlc participant threads as well. Comparing them to other participants, or other participants to them while focusing on more negativity while doing so, is an obsession. I'm certain that most who visit the threads of this site are not children and don't have to see or be told some of the same things over and over repetatively to get or understand how someone may feel about someone else or some particular subject matter. If someone doesn't particularly care for or like what they may have seen or observed any of the sites participants doing, they may mention it initially, and some may even mention some similar comments occasionally. But, most don't make it a point to keep on bringing up or mentioning some of the same things over and over repetitiously like a scratched skipping record. Perhaps you might could take such matters into consideration. If not, and I happen to be around to notice any of the same negative comments being mentioned by anyone over and over in these threads or any of the other participants threads for that matter, I'll probably voice my opinion on what I think of such nonsense whether you or anyone else happens to like it being revealed or not.
  6. It was nice to notice some praise being offered for Leora of which she may appreciate if she happens to notice some of the comments. But apparently, you must not pay as much attention to what all occurs somewhere as much as you try to make it seem at times.
  7. Other than being expected, that would seem to be about par for the course there lately, although she did seem interested in pleasureably enjoying herself over the weekend which in turn created a more significant interest in the apartment than there would have been otherwise.
  8. Earlier, someone mentioned that she already returned but only shortly before apparently going somewhere else for awhile.
  9. I know we got off topic for a bit after I mentioned that Leora reminded me of Shania Twain at times. Shania and her ex husband were who we were referring to. Leora and her ex roommate were never actually married although they just as well could have been considered as being so for as long as they lived together.
  10. Her ex Mutt Lange must have been quite foolish to have cheated on her that started the disintegration of their marriage.
  11. The appealingly beautiful Shania Twain...she is someone that the beautiful Leora reminds me of sometimes and has for quite some time. What a wonderful and pleasant singing voice she has as well. 😍
  12. You seem to be getting more familiar with communicating in English my friend. 👍
  13. I've been hearing things like that in regards to different places.
  14. She very well could stay longer. But with the latest bug variant circulating, she might just be concerned about making it back to where she lives in regards to changing travel restrictions. 🙂
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