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  1. πŸ˜‚.🀣🀣🀣.πŸ˜‚.πŸ˜….😁 LMAO
  2. Didn't our old friend at the sis site have 01 at the end as well ? Seems like he may have, and everything else was the same except for 1 letter and an additional letter.
  3. Are you certain of knowing the other poster or perhaps mistaken juggster ?
  4. She has mate. In the bathroom drawer. Again, I hate to be pessimistic, but anything happening with her is highly unlikely, that is, other than being there and being a roommate and company to the woman who a number of admirers have admired and liked for some time now. But that has certainly changed the dynamics of frequency of occasions of interesting activities at the residence imo.
  5. I sincerely hope some of that was just hyperbole and that you do not honestly believe all of it, because if so, there are parts that I certainly do not agree with and know otherwise.
  6. Of course, it has become a regular occurrence or routine there for awhile now. Imo, with not much of anything of much interest occurring there anymore, or seldomly if so, the residence imo has unfortunately become dormant and without as much interest anymore. But then again, so it usually also is in Real Life situations....some times excitement, and many times not. πŸ™„
  7. Yeah right. Apparently you believe you're in a category like that of Dr. Ruth now. Also apparently those who observed or witnessed the incident is supposed to believe that her somewhat of a squeal and sudden hesitation in activity was all part of a pre-arranged plan between them. Anyone who ever followed or observed that residence enough were almost certainly aware that he suspected and may have been aware of some of those certain activities of her's, but certainly not all of them. Mainly, he just thought and perhaps believed that it may have been occurring more than just that time, and perhaps some times he may have overheard her a few other times without interrupting her. As far as him being in on anything, it was likely just a matter of him having a suspicion that it may have been occurring more often than that time, or any other times that he may have perhaps overheard, but he was likely certainly aware that it was because of her that they even had that residence for a place to reside with no bills. That's about the gist of what he was in on.
  8. Once again, one of braul's obsessions continues. πŸ™„
  9. Braul...braul...braul. Perhaps it may be difficult to get some belief in some short semi fictional tales of eroticism based on someone's own personal views or perceptions of any particular event or occasion unless the tales can be expressed somewhat more accurately. For example : he or his....a boy, a man, or a guy....a male ; and she or her or her's....a girl, a woman, or a gal....a female. 😏
  10. You are obsessed with someone's weight and pics of yourself tipping your hat braul. There are supposed to be professional's that supposedly can help with issues such as those as well as others braul. 😏
  11. Apologies for seeming pessimistic, but although undoubtedly interesting, more of merely just some more finger activity and quite short at that. Of course it is certainly her choice and prerogative, but the dynamics of interesting occasions or activities at that residence certainly has changed with the addition of the roommate as another tenant. Although there are still some interesting occasions occurring there, it has seemed imo that unfortunately the frequency of interesting occasions has certainly declined. Also, it has seemed imo that unfortunately there is now a developed schedule that somtimes includes somewhat of a routine that has seemed to become somewhat repetative and has now been seeming to get somewhat monotonous as well.
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