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  1. Though a thought at one time may have perhaps been possibly entertained as to a possible alternate path of sensual expression and satisfaction, it has appeared that some dancing may be the chosen path of expression for satisfaction at this time. By the moves, it is very good, because she is really quite good at dancing.
  2. The way someone moves when dancing is really something to be privileged to observe. Quite a "HOT" one.
  3. Someone is feeling quite spry and cheerful today. It's good news and certainly good to know. Good for them.
  4. Good to know the lovely woman seems in much better spirits or moods with some listening to some music and even dancing some again for a change compared to the last time I was privileged enough to observe when she was not in such good spirits or moods several days ago. You go Leora you dearly sweet and appealing attractive woman you.
  5. She is a very kind hearted and dearly sweet person who just happens to also be a down to earth and quite attractive woman whose emotions at times seem to get moved somewhat easily.
  6. After following that apt. for over 4 years, there's been a noticeable change in behaviors in her over the last 6 months to a year, and I was not referring to anything concerning they're relationship or how she may feel about it, only how things are when she is there herself much of the time lately.
  7. You're right Pepe, and it's perhaps what got her upset earlier and has been off and on since then.
  8. It seems IMO that the once mostly happy, content, and a majority of the time, in good spirits or moods, attractive woman of the residence usually referred to in this thread of the forum, has been changing some over the past 6 months to a year, and becoming less happy, content, and perhaps around half to sometimes a majority of the time not in such good spirits or moods anymore. I'm not sure what has been changing with her, but I enjoyed visiting and observing her more when she was or is in good spirits or moods and even more so when she was or is happy. I am aware that she used to allow things to upset her fairly easily, and sometimes it appears that she sometimes still does. I've always liked seeing her a lot when she was in good spirits or moods and happy.
  9. And more rubbish.
  10. Would not think she would be up and about doing cleaning chores yet once again if she had my canine colleague Scut. As you say though, at least we may hope it isn't or perhaps even some sort of cold bug or virus also for the charming maiden. Perhaps possibly the aunty is still visiting.
  11. As much as cleaning chores have been done there this week, that apartment must be quite spiffy by now.
  12. Appears not in such any great mood or spirits so far today. But good choice and taste in attire as always for the attractive woman. Good to know she has chosen to aquire a cordless lite dust/vac. to do some of the floors with instead of just a flip combo dust/mop that has been utilized for so long. Good idea and choice for Leora. Quite an upper level of intelligence and appealing attractiveness. What a woman !
  13. I suppose I commented too soon as the aunt is there for a visit. Sorry little lovely one. Was not aware of the situation. Oh well, hope you somehow have a good day and week anyway.