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  1. Good to notice you've returned to the community Slip and welcome back. The recent comments related to something as important to her as her phone were certainly surprising to notice. Although I briefly checked replay and could not locate such an occasion, perhaps there may have been a particular timeline that I may have missed. Regardless, it certainly would have been surprising for such an occasion to have occurred.
  2. Apparently Leora has decided not long ago to refrain from doing whatever she had been to maintain the gorgeous looking overall tanned complexion that she had been for quite awhile. Lately, it has appeared that her overall tanned complexion has disappeared. Although I'm not sure why, perhaps it could be related to being just nothing more than something she became bored with or tired of doing for awhile and decided to take a break from. Even though she has always appeared to be an appealingly attractive woman, whether it was while having an overall appearance of a tanned comp
  3. Here is a pic/gif that the one who refers to himself as golfer06 mistakenly posted of himself gleefully strutting along the day before election day with no sense of awareness until his meeting with a bus occurred. After it was realized what had happened with him and the bus had came to a rapid stop, those at the scene soon realized that his sheet diaper was quite appropriate because it was just as he is....full of shit.
  4. There he is. There is the one who goes by golfer06 here. Now that it has been revealed what happened to him, it's no wonder that his mental state is obviously impaired and deranged enough to support someone who is like minded, who obviously is mentally impaired and deranged as well. Perhaps Arnold Palmer's spirit may be getting somewhat even after all for someone so embarrassing using his former image.
  5. Your attempts to spin or change the subject away from the less desirable times of your country's history is actually kind of humorous there bloke.
  6. Your attempted spin whether inclusive of direct or indirect insults is what is sad, but also quite pathetic.
  7. You can try to spin it any way you want, but the bottom line is that others with mentallities such as your's, who obviously did the same as it seems to be by sticking your nose where it doesn't belong....attempted to subject those in America at the time to tyranny, and got their asses kicked and kicked out of America in the process.
  8. Vietnam wasn't the American revolution or the two world wars. The only reason Vietnam wasn't successful, was because of the kind of idiots running the country at the time that are nowhere near as bad or ridiculous as the cognitively impaired corruptly crooked shithead the snowflakes are trying to get put in place now that will essentially be no more than a nuerotic puppet for the radical left.
  9. Firstly....I'm not your mate. Secondly....one of the reason's why we kicked your kind's asses during the American revolution and kicked your asses out of America, was obviously because of blokes like you who obviously sticks his nose where it doesn't belong. Thirdly....many find it quite ironic that those of your kind who tried to subject America to authoritative tyranny rule, had to beg and plead for those of us from over here, to not only supply your asses, but to also come over there to save your asses during two world wars. Lastly....I'm not your buddy.
  10. Awww....what wrong wittle snowflake ? Getting so nervous your having to use some of your extra pairs of underwear sooner than expected ? Stop your whining and run along and take you a tranquilizer and try to settle down wittle snowflake. ❄
  11. That was the marxist/socialist/communist party of America's plan all along. They don't have anything else to run on that people care about. Especially and particularly when it comes to anything of policy. They're running a dishonest career politician who don't know what he did when he woke up let alone what he did the day before, or even where he is half or more of the time. Someone who can't even speak more then a couple of continous coherent sentences at a time because he's obviously become cognitively impaired. That's why all they've had to run on has been their dishonesty in relation to a
  12. The snowflakes of the modern marxist/socialist/communist party of America have nobody of any actual substance of character or integrity or honesty so they have to resort to advertising those that are nothing more than two faced dishonest worthless sorry excuses of humanity in attempts to pass along their dishonest and false propaganda. That's why the best they could come up with to run in a general election was an old cognitively impaired and worsening 47 year political establishment swamp rat corrupt and crooked career politician who sold out the working class of the country by directly being
  13. No, not at all. He just used a little of his common sense. Something you snowflakes obviously lack since you all obviously lack very much of any measure of intelligence anyway.
  14. That's right, but obviously there's no since in trying to convince psychotic snowflakes or any other like minded morons.
  15. Still using Arnold Palmer's image I see, well he would undoubtedly be embarrassed enough to sue the hell out of a wittle snowflake such as yourself if he was stlli alive and around and was made aware that someone such as yourself was doing so. By the way wittle snowflake, the Great Jack Nicklaus recently within the last couple of days just endorsed President Trump. 😏
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