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  1. Would have perhaps been nicer if there was a choice of when and where to have achieved some satisfaction but at least the dastardly shadow did not manage to interrupt it would appear. That has to be a plus.
  2. On somewhat of a different note, concerning a noticed almost constant presence of what has seemed to be an extra shadow constantly hovering over and around one of the tenants and lingering around the residence, a curiosity has arisen and is in the air as to how long the nuisance extra shadow may choose to do so, and if so, will the project administrators ever attempt to contact some shadowbusters in hopes of exercising the extra shadow from the residence, at least for awhile.
  3. Is a travesty for one so nice, free spirited, friendly, and down to earth to seem to be hindered or held back from expression as often as has seemed to have occurred from one not as compatible it has seemed. It seems to be an unfortunate situation.
  4. No worries mate. Not likely anything will as it is a weekend now and seldomly does on any weekend anymore. Also, as it is night there now, If anything of interest does happen to occur, it likely will only under half-lighting, dim-lighting, or no lighting of a room where there are shadows or less than normal visibility. It has now seemed to become more of a ruse or charades thanks to the second shadow someone now has almost always being around and shadowing during the daytime hours as well as night, and some of the choices made when very seldomly the shadow is not, and especially during the rare times it seldomly disappears for awhile during the day anymore. Rest well mate.
  5. Are you kidding mate ? Her other shadow ole lazyass would just follow her like a kid or a pup does it's mother. So insecure.
  6. It has been noticed that it has seemed to become too much of an appearance of charades. Perhaps it's time for more changes to be made to the project.
  7. Why not, after all he was educated in everything else pertaining to being involved with a woman here and elsewhere on the net besides from her. Of course that is besides the schnozzer excavating. That he picked up quite early on in life and learned it well, although apparently as far as the rest not so well.
  8. The points made recently in reference to relationships are true for most involved in relationships. Granted, no relationship is perfect and all end up experiencing ups and downs or they're share of trials and tribulations. It is understandable that what was stated here, was stated in a manner to get some points across. But the reality is that what was referred to concerning what was said at the residence at those times as well as others, was nothing similar to the meaning that was referred to here. What was said, was disparagingly stated directly to have a spiteful intent at the time. It was clearly unnecessary, certainly undeserving, and surely uncalled for.
  9. To touch on another subject matter, as far as the shadowing at the residence is concerned, it has been occurring for quite awhile now. It has been mentioned here on multiple occasions recently. It is likely that perhaps it has not really been noticed by some until recently, although it has been occurring for awhile now. I would get out and get away for awhile also if in a situation similar to that as well. Those types of situations can and have caused many involved in relationships unnecessary and unwanted amounts of negative tension, and have had unfortunate adverse effects and outcomes on many as well.
  10. That's twice now in the last 4 days. Worse yet, it's been noticed that more times than not when he's done it those times and previously, is that before things are settled and made up between them, is that it's evident that he thinks it's humorous or funny how certain things he says upsets her as they have, when much of the rhetoric has been quite offensive towards her. After several or more verbal exchanges between them depending on what was said once he see's that she is visibly upset, he then starts smiling and laughing and telling her that he was just joking, saying it enough that eventually evidently he convinces her he was even though it did not appear that way by his behavior and expressions not to mention his elevated volume in his disparaging remarks or rhetoric.
  11. What once seemed to be the gem of the project as far as interesting occurrences or occasions, unfortunately has seemed to be becoming as uninteresting as the rest of the project. It is likely why many did not care to follow much of the rest of the project, and is why the owners made changes in other residences recently and likely are not pleased with the changes in this residence from what has been revealed.
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