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  1. Vanesa had a beakdown again and cried all the time in the kitchen, but this time she didn't destroy something. I personally don't know why she is crying all the time, my Romanian isn't that good, but her breakdowns last year had something to do with her mobile phone, if I remember correctly.
  2. Well, the cam of the Destroyer is back, but she isn't there, but that's what she also did before. She often left the room and came back after some days. I personally would prefer Vanesa & Olivia, because in my opinion both are the complete opposite of each other. Vanesa is always angry and she often cries or destroys something and Olivia is always happy and smiling. It's very rare to see Olivia crying or being unhappy.
  3. Good news!!! The Destroyer(Vanesa) is back at camarads.
  4. Olivia is very funny. Usually she doesn't smoke cigarettes, but 1 or 2 months ago a friend visited her. The friend was smoking all the time and Olivia did it as well. Now someone could think, okay she always smokes when her friends smoke, but that's not true. Some weeks later some other friends visited her and smoked cigarettes, but she didn't. So, she is kind of funny and she smiles very often. The Destroyer(Vanesa) isn't there anymore, so I will propably more look at this cam.
  5. Bad news: "The destroyer" Vanesa has disappeared on camarads. No Vanesa & Zac room available.
  6. Just as info. In the last days no one was there(no Zac, no Vanesa) and today I get the message, that the camera is offline. I really hope Vanesa will be back soon. It's always funny to see her when she destroys something. Update: I just watched the replay. There was Zac and a dark hair woman. The dark hair woman was in the bedroom and switched off cameras. It would be very sad if camarads would replace Vanesa with her.
  7. Yesterday was nice. Maya and the other woman nude in the shower and the both smoked a cigarette there. Maya looks cute when she sleeps with her open mouth. The other woman usually doesn't do that.
  8. Well, Vanesa is just perfect. This morning, she and the new red hair woman were in the kitchen. Vanesa was angry again, as always, and then took the plate in her hand. I really thought she would destroy it or hit her boyfriend with it. This time she took it back, but I am sure next time she will destroy another item. I remember some weeks ago she destroyed some flowers. No cam has so much entertainment as this one.
  9. Yes, that's what I thought, thanks for the info. In my opinion Maya is one of the most beautiful woman on camarads.
  10. Hello. Who is Maya? The friendly girl with the tattoo on her back, who is always in the guest bed room or the other one?
  11. Hello. Does anyone know who is the cleaning woman? Is it just a charwoman or her mother? Unfortunately she isn't ofen there.
  12. That's the reason why this is my favourite cam on camarads Last year, for example, she tried to attack her boyfriend with a knife and called the police. I think she is the best actress on this page. I really doubt that the knife fight or other fights with her boyfriend are real.
  13. Hello. Does anyone know on which cam site I can find Vanesa?
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