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  1. Interesting idea, I wouldn't trust that small of boards or the builder. I would do minimum 4X4's with full plywood triangle or metal corner brackets on every joint.
  2. All the tat's are a disappointment. Just my personal opinion, I know it's not everybody's, but that's a big turn-off for me.
  3. Lolly seems to have some "plumbing" issues. She had sex once in her old apt., was in pain during and ended up crying in the bathroom for a long while. She tried once in this one and was in obvious pain, Marta stopped it for her. She also plays with the vibrator, but never comes close to any insertion.
  4. There's something about her that makes me uneasy. If she was American, I could see her holding a beer and wearing one of those T-shirts that says "If you can't handle me at my worst, you don't deserve me at my best". But seeing her on average I wouldn't want to be there for either.
  5. A power thing? She is on her knees subservient, looking for approval from her master. Meanwhile the master gets to feel like a "man".
  6. OK Karen Ted Nugent Tests Positive for COVID After Calling the Pandemic a 'Hoax': 'I Thought I Was Dying' PEOPLE.COM Ted Nugent continued to share anti-vaccine conspiracies and racist behavior toward the AAPI community, as he announced his COVID...
  7. As I have mentioned, I did the same as you a few months ago. I tried VHTV for a month and was disappointed. So now I am saving money every month waiting to see if RLC will get their act together, or I give it up entirely. It was great fun before the purge, and something interesting during the lockdowns and quarantine, but now that life is resuming, I don't care as much. We can be lurkers 🤑
  8. Since discovered how to use the ignore function, these boards are much more enjoyable to read without Harley's constant negativity. I respect his opinion, but I don't need it crammed down my throat with multiple posts, all day, every day, on every thread I open. Especially from somebody who is not a subscriber. Then it becomes a personal vendetta, which I have no interest in following or participating in. I quit my subscription when I realized I was logging in because I already spent the 40 bucks and I needed to look to justify the expense. If RLC shows any attempt to try to get back to the pr
  9. I am enjoying the difference. Here you have a woman who is present to enjoy as many orgasms as she can, by whatever means is available. One thing I know is that when I click on the apartment, I probably will not be greeted by her sitting on the sofa looking at her phone for hours.
  10. If you go to last falls Kiril archives, you can see her when she must have just quit. Very vivid then, they have actually healed well.
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