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  1. TY @Sparkles 😎 I took a break from postin. But after witnessing such stupidity, I had to make a comment. 😦
  2. Every time the Cam Froze, I thought that he dropped the light into the pool & killed everyone. Darwin Rules! 😂
  3. MajorVoyeur

    Edda & Joe

    I'll miss Edda & those BJs she does so well.
  4. MajorVoyeur

    Mira & Henry Part #1

    Awesome way to start my day by watching Mira stroke that lovely pleasure place. Thank you!
  5. MajorVoyeur

    Clara & Stas - Part #1

    That was a great way to start my day. Glad to see Clara branch out into other activities, especially with a Squirting GF! Just hated that I couldn't get the Timeline to cooperate to backup to capture that awesome Gush that occurred at Climax.
  6. MajorVoyeur

    Edda & Joe

    Photo Shoot? Though you may have meant this Face Shot from earlier.
  7. MajorVoyeur

    Lina & Dominica

    Nice to see some actual Muff Diving finally.
  8. MajorVoyeur

    Maria & Grisha Part #2

    That Pussy needs some Heat!
  9. MajorVoyeur

    Pavel & Alice

    Oh how I love the Gals with BiGGuns!
  10. MajorVoyeur

    Stella & Stephan Part #1

    I'm not into the cam shows, reminds me too much of the Peep Shows of Days Gone By. However, Stella is real easy on the eyes & I enjoy watching her BiGGun's in action.
  11. MajorVoyeur

    Ella & Isaac - Part 1 (01/12/18 - 04/23/18)

    Great Knob Gobbling Skills!
  12. MajorVoyeur

    Ella & Isaac - Part 1 (01/12/18 - 04/23/18)

    Ella is a sweet, hot one. Yummie!!
  13. MajorVoyeur

    Ella & Isaac - Part 1 (01/12/18 - 04/23/18)

    Small Vertical Apt. That Kitchen Cam is pretty useless unless you enjoy watching her wash dishes.
  14. MajorVoyeur

    Viki & Kate Part #1

    Checking out CC now.