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  1. Hmm....Wonder how many veggies Rej has gone thru on her "vacation."
  2. I was thinking Modern-Day Caligula. Total sloth.
  3. Not sure, "butt" keep that shit away from my dick. 😬
  4. What makes you think I give two shits what you do? And that you have a family is startling, considering your complete immaturity.
  5. Fuck Trump. He lost. Period. To bad GQP can't withdraw their tongues from his asshole. 'Deranged' Trump hammered for latest 'barking lunacy' about Mike Pence failing to steal the election for him - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism WWW.RAWSTORY.COM Former President Donald Trump put out a statement on Wednesday in which he once again attacked several prominent Republicans for not doing enough to help him steal the 2020...
  6. And they lucked out to have such a nice, sensitive, caring landlord. 🙄
  7. 1. No. And I believe he won in 2016 fair and square. 2. Nope. Just another con. 3. Not a chance. Way too much to hide. But what the GQP are doing to voter's rights state-by-state has to be stopped. They're obviously cheating, as they are in the ridiculous recount in Arizona. They will resort to criminal behavior in an effort to stay in power.
  8. Wrong Trump - Joe Biden still has his account. Trump rages after Facebook upholds ban: ‘A total disgrace’ – ‘free speech has been taken away from the President’ - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism WWW.RAWSTORY.COM In the wake of news reports that Facebook will uphold the ban on Donald Trump's account, the former president released a statement slamming tech platforms for what he sees is a...
  9. Why are we worthless? Because we don't agree with your ideology? BTW, the basement thing was a really bad analogy.
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