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  1. Anna & Alex Part #3

    agreed. the 2 main cams offer a much better view.
  2. Margaret & Tony

    margaret does have lovely tits!
  3. a & a cams

    alex & anna are very experienced with showing themselves on cam in every conceivable act & position & are not camera shy at all but they still don't know how to get themselves in the best places to be seen by us. with new cams supposedly coming soon i hope that they will keep in mind that we enjoy seeing them & don't want to see a blocked out view of things.
  4. Anna & Alex Part #3

    i was just checking the 4some vids & the camera angles are not good. are a & a ever going to look at their vids & correct this stuff? what could have been really good will be average instead.
  5. Misty

    misty's favorite lover.
  6. Margaret & Tony

  7. Zoi & Tim

    nice 3some!
  8. Margaret & Tony

    they don't take much of a break!
  9. Carol & Artur

    you are so correct ben. i've been looking for moments to save & lately there haven't been any. wtf is going on artur?
  10. Teya & Stan, Eva & Mark

    this is late but the cams should not be blocked, period. some people like a certain view but others like a different view. no complaints if they are all clear.
  11. Margaret & Tony

    afternoon delight.
  12. Anna & Alex Part #3

    anna needed a good fucking.
  13. Katie & Phil, Lena & Peter

    not quite done yet!