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  1. Trump campaign official buried in mockery for saying Biden is ‘hiding’ something by not agreeing to ear inspection WWW.RAWSTORY.COM President Donald Trump’s campaign on Tuesday demanded that Democratic rival Joe Biden agree to undergo a thorough ear inspection ahead of the first 2020 presidential debate to ensure that he has not...
  2. ‘He’s done’: George Conway predicts Trump will ‘end up bankrupt’ and a ‘criminal defendant’ WWW.RAWSTORY.COM George Conway, the husband of former White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, took to Twitter on Tuesday morning to deliver a brutal prediction about President Donald Trump’s future. Reacting to...
  3. Call off the next two debates - PRESS RUN PRESSRUN.MEDIA A Trump fiasco
  4. i would normally say something like when you are ready to talk about reality i'll continue the dialogue, but you are completely gone. there is no hope for you.
  5. hi happy. i see that you have failed to read anything except trump's ass news as usual.
  6. let me tell you what stupid is. trump will decide what everyone does whether it makes sense or not. he will force the idiots that still work for him to change everything to fit what he wants whether it has anything to do with reality or not. therefore it doesn't matter what any internal polls or anything else says because dear leader will not care & will do what he wants because he can do no wrong in his warped mind.
  7. trump's fake polls are the only ones that matter to you & your alters. just let me know how the kool aid is.
  8. you mean about orange baby's perfect hair? the hair that he didn't want to get wet at the cemetary where the losers were burried?
  9. i don't need to be educated about how to worship a lying asshole. i just have to read your crap
  10. whatever you want to call your cult gatherings & anything related to them i really don't care. and btw you calling anyone else dumb is hilarious.
  11. Trump's bizarre hairdo finally explained NYPOST.COM President Trump’s bizarre hairdo is the result of scalp-reduction ­surgery, careful styling held in place by strong hairspray — and too much cheap dye, according to a new book. Daughter
  12. Catholic and evangelical voters fleeing Trump due to his lack of ‘basic kindness’: NBC WWW.RAWSTORY.COM According to an analysis of a poll conducted by Vote Common Good, Donald Trump is seeing an exodus of both Catholic and evangelical Christian voters who were previously able to put the president’s sins...
  13. just make a video of 1 rally & play it over & over & over & over................ they are all the same lies & nonsense. the internal poll will show that dear leader is wonderful & has done everything better than anyone else, nobody has ever seen anything like it, anyone that doesn't agree is a socialist america hating demoncrat, blah blah blah. but if it makes you feel better about your pitiful self than by all means keep watching.
  14. i'm trying to educate you a little but you'd rather stay in fantasyland.
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