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  1. just curious but does anyone actually watch chickstream? i'm getting the feeling that the entire voyeur apt phenomenon will vanish soon.
  2. thanks ulysse123! if i can do anything for you let me know!👍
  3. i sent a reply on the back of a previous ticket. give that a try. also make sure that they know how unhappy we are. this shit is not good for them. we will find something else to do but they will lose their business. why can't they understand that?
  4. i have sent a lot of requests starting yesterday & they are finally posting some. also i just sent a reminder to include all cams. let's see if they are paying attention!
  5. i'm beginning to wonder if there are really any people left working for vh anymore. the archives are completely fucked up as very little is being added. the new requests are simply being placed with the regular complaints & when too many tickets are open they ignore everything. looks like we are seeing the end of voyeur site entertainment before our very eyes!
  6. yesterday i requested 120 moments. 15 were added. that was almost 24 hours ago! then i got the "too many open ticket" response! i am trying to help them but apparently they don't care. vh has really fucked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. still only 25 new moments in 4 days. minimun 500 missing. more depending on viewer tastes & requests. how do you spell disaster?
  8. it looks like they are waiting for requests rather than scanning to see what happened. we were unpaid volunteers replaced by paid employees that save nothing.
  9. good luck to them. but to be honest i don't even remember them at all.
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