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  1. can't agree with that. if it were possible everything touched by donny should be wiped from history. his time in office has been the low point so far.
  2. if you are trying to impress anyone you are failing miserably.
  3. except that they would be basing their responses on science rather that denying what they don't want to hear.
  4. this threat? "If the private sector doesn't step up, we're going to call them out and ask them to act."
  5. so biden is to blame for being forced to reinstate donny's policy? STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. America to conservative Democrats: ‘We suffer while you debate’ WWW.DAILYKOS.COM The Democratic Sabotage Squad in Congress has a lot to answer for as they continue to fight to shrink President Joe Biden’s economic and social agenda as wrapped up in the budget reconciliation ...
  7. Donald Trump tried to destroy Andrew McCabe. A new settlement undoes some of the damage WWW.DAILYKOS.COM Andrew McCabe, the former acting FBI director who became a frequent subject of Donald Trump’s rage, will get his pension after Trump pushed to strip him of it, with then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions firing...
  8. CNN: Manchin & Sinema say what they want cut. And it's bad. Very bad. WWW.DAILYKOS.COM CNN reports Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema have finally detailed what they want cut from the Build Back Better bill. I am appalled. Manchin and Sinema detail key disagreements over Biden agenda...
  9. Completely unprompted, Trump insists at GOP donor event that he's not into golden showers WWW.DAILYKOS.COM Oh, yes. As every publicist knows, the best way to handle a PR crisis is to bring up the awful thing you desperately want people to forget about five or more years after the fact. This is the stable-iest, most genius-y...
  10. Inscrutable Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is charting a path out of office, new poll shows WWW.DAILYKOS.COM According to a new poll—and no surprise to anyone who’s ever voted Democrat—Sen. Kyrsten Sinema is loathed in her home state of Arizona. Of course, the new Data for Progress poll assumes a lot as it’s...
  11. texas just keeps getting worse. This secretly recorded audio sums up what's so wrong with GOP-led critical race theory hysteria WWW.DAILYKOS.COM In what feels like the inevitable (and deeply disturbing) result of pushing “other side” and “middle ground” rhetoric, a school administrator in Texas has been caught advising teachers to include a book that has...
  12. his shirt, hat, & info are all reversed. your group of friends are as detached from reality as you are.
  13. great. the guy hates biden for no reason & issues threats to the air. is this your best friend?
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