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  1. was talking about the ronny birthday night. i didn't see the pillow incident.
  2. looks like vh just went offline. anyone else not getting anything?
  3. aunt flo was visiting cindy that night.
  4. it was george & ary.
  5. don't forget that cindy sucked ronny's dick & balls at his birthday party!
  6. also ana was running wild & now is "in love". so much potential wasted!
  7. i guess the people that don't want swapping will be happy! couples only?
  8. i have managed to get the 1st sex pics from miami apt!
  9. golfer06

    Mary & George

    a small percentage of vh & cc members want to see only true voyeurism, even if that means seeing nothing. look through this & you will find those people.
  10. she may be like kim jong-il & not have to deficate!
  11. with the delays & such maybe they will actually be unpacked & moved in?
  12. golfer06

    Viki & Kate Part #2

    bonnie doesn't look like she's ready to leave yet!