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  1. golfer06

    VHTV music

  2. whole lotta rosie. see music section.
  3. the reason for that is that it was saved during the 24-48 hour time period & i am not able to properly view anything after 24 hours at this time. vh hasn't fixed the 48 hour moment op timeline yet. but a pic is required so it is the room at a later time. if there are doubts just notify us again & we'll find the vids.
  4. https://voyeur-house.tv/moments/realm56/cam15/isa-bart-bj-feb-16 https://voyeur-house.tv/moments/realm56/cam16/isa-bart-bj-feb-16 https://voyeur-house.tv/moments/realm56/cam17/isa-bart-bj-feb-16
  5. molly & jeff were the previous tenants. anyway someone probably did drop a dime. still more to be learned of course.
  6. i can't remember the previous tenants names but maybe they were also booted by a/l!
  7. let me throw this out there. when the apts went offline & we knew nothing there was speculation that maybe paisley/cletus had something to do with it because they felt screwed by alex/lina. anjelica's apt is where paisley/cletus appeared as guests. they could have dropped a dime on the apt location not even knowing anjelica/claus. there is certainly much more to this story!
  8. done. don't blink while watching!
  9. the problem with this apt is that there is so little happening it can be forgotten to even look here. without timeline & archives nobody would know that it is still on vh.
  10. golfer06

    Lisa & Grant (2019) Part #1

    lisa had said that she hadn't spoken to chloe & that chloe was still with james so it would be a surprise to see her with someone else.
  11. saved 3. didn't see a 4th.