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  1. so alexandra & aaron are inseperable & madly in love. what's that you say? they never were a couple & should have their own rooms? i wonder who said that?
  2. i don't speek russian or spanish but daniel needs to reinvent himself or go. he's been ignoring domi for a while now. if that is what she wants fine. but the apt is not interesting this way.
  3. totally agree. he's useless & she could do much better.
  4. i don't know who any of them were or how many likas there were. the apt was probably the last 1 that i check or not even bothering to check. we all know that the vh deadwood needs to go & this apt should be 1 of the 1st to vanish.
  5. i inow that i'm late to the party but here's my 2 cents. i like aaron & alexandra but they have to have their own partners & their own rooms as they are definitely not a couple as i have said before. melissa & sergio are a nice couple but look like they are tired. daniel is totally useless & whether dominessa swaps or not she needs to lose him. darcie is gorgeous & stifler can fuck quite often so they would be ideal for swapping but they apparently aren't interested. their normal sex is over too quickly so it is getting very hard to watch them. however they have had some interesting guests lately. my only problems with ruta & christian are they are like darcie/stifler with too many short encounters & are hard to watch for any period of time. and the biggest problem are the living room cam positions. they all need to be moved. a few small changes & they would be near the top in popularity. (also keep the abuser away)!
  6. i have ignored your shit for long enough. callypb already posted these pics. wtf is wrong with you? no wonder nobody pays attention to the forum anymore.
  7. thanks. just saved it. i guess virginboy is history (hopefully).
  8. when was this? i just checked the timeline & i didn't even see alan or nina in the apt at all.
  9. i saw calvin's post & saved everything. but this apt is 1 of the last apts that i would normally check as there doesn't seem to be much ever happening. in fact i just about forgot that it is even here & have no idea who is who.
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