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  1. i meant nyusha could have been gr8, especially after the 3somes. rapunzel is a complete waste.
  2. Viki & Kate

    idk. who were s & c?
  3. ever since the 3some with mr softee bree hasn't seemed the same. i hope everything is allright.
  4. Linda & Leon

    linda & leon are gr8 but i have yet to see a party here that holds any interest at all for me.
  5. Lisa & Em - Part #2

    tmc again. i guess this is the norm now. oh goodie.
  6. Linda & Leon

  7. awe, give the poor girl a break. remember all of the sex & excitement she brought us. oh that's right. she hasn't done anything. nevermind!
  8. Edda & Joe

  9. Tula Apartment - Split 3

    wish he would leave for good!
  10. Tver Apartment - Split 6

    i hope so!
  11. Misty - Part #2

    my comment was simply an explanation of what will happen. nack is right. everything has gotten really slow.
  12. totally agree. at least 1 more cam needed as too much of the room isn't covered.