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  1. Edda & Joe

    this is why i am here.
  2. Misty - Part #2

    #27 wasn't enough!
  3. Katie & Phil, Lena & Peter

    mr pink gets lucky again! (15.25)
  4. Zoi & Tim

    i'm really happy for the viewers that want to see clothed guests sitting around doing nothing, hot girls bating out of sight, apt empty half the time, almost no sex at all with the main occupants of the apt. you all should be really happy to have this place to look at. and i'm sure that you will all be even happier when sally gets her own apt to continue all of that stuff.
  5. Zoi & Tim

    totally correct. that's what happened. no 3some & hardly anything since then. we must be the only ones paying attention.
  6. Zoi & Tim

    earth to jontee: groomy (the only person that understands them) said they are not related, just friends!
  7. Zoi & Tim

    exactly. it's been stated adnauseum that guests don't have to do anything. but they are blocking resident activities. as i said before, tim & zoi were having a lot of sex & were constantly naked before. now hardly anything ever happens here. the clothed, no sex guest visits are killing them & if they don't change they will be history.
  8. Nina & Alan & Serena - Part #2

    all of my things still say serena. i refreshed the pages & her name is still there.
  9. Mika & Layne

    it's nice to read that someone is capable of thinking about real world consequences. some others would like to see civilization go backward. to the anti abortion crowd: education & birth control availability would make abortion not necessary.
  10. Zoi & Tim

    then i'm sure that you will be really happy seeing them do nothing. but maybe you should watch another site as this 1 is mainly for people that want to see sex & nudity. i'm sure that there are plenty of children's sites available for your taste.
  11. Zoi & Tim

    personnally i won't be watching any of the do nothing apts & it looks like sally will be a do nothing.
  12. Zoi & Tim

    the problem isn't whether the 3some happened or not. the problem is that after the announcement zoi & tim went from having a lot of sex & nudity to hardly ever even being home. and now when they are home they usually have a bunch of clothed guests doing nothing. if some people want that then i'm really happy for them but i will be watching someone else. and i really liked them so imo they blew it!