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  1. Big move for reproductive health: Biden 'will be revoking the Mexico City Policy in the coming days' WWW.DAILYKOS.COM President Joe Biden is moving at a sprint, and while his list of top, Day One priorities did not include reproductive freedom, he’s not ignoring that issue, either. Dr. Anthony Fauci’s prepared remarks to the World...
  2. The Winds of Change are sweeping out Trump lackeys WWW.DAILYKOS.COM — — This is very good to see. It is the time to clean house. Incompetent Trump operatives — must go! Biden Has Already Fired Three of Trump’s Worst Appointees by Mark Joseph Stern, Slate.com...
  3. Democrats aren't playing McConnell's game on filibuster WWW.DAILYKOS.COM Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has rebuffed Republican leader Mitch McConnell's obstructionist demand that the Democrats commit to keeping the filibuster on legislation. Schumer has precedent on his...
  4. Shocker: Trump Has No Lawyer Or Legal Strategy For Senate Impeachment Trial. WWW.DAILYKOS.COM I know. I know. It is not really a shocker that Trump has no real lawyer around him now, and furthermore, Trump has no legal strategy for the upcoming Senate impeachment trial. Ex-President Donald Trump is...
  5. CNN describes crowd at Trump's departure as 'the smallest' of his presidency NEWS.YAHOO.COM CNN's Jim Acosta estimated that President Donald Trump's farewell speech had "definitely the smallest crowd size of the Trump presidency."
  6. it's nice to see that someone is trying to get info from somewhere other that dear leader's ass for a change. as i said a lot of people are unhappy but trump would only continue to make things worse.
  7. the best thing that has happened recently was shutting down your dear leader's internet misinformation campaign.
  8. duh. if any of that held a grain of truth you would be locked up you dope.
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