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  1. covers dropping for a few seconds .
  2. under covers allready. good night ashley.
  3. looks like dean & ashley won't play with the others.
  4. oh goody. smoke break.
  5. i wonder how much ashley knows about bree & drew. after all dean was not involved with them. she may think this will all be innocent.
  6. but if ashley stays she will benefit from dean being so turned on & that may help her to loosen up.
  7. that's fine. we'll save the other names for later keeping them in context for what they stand for.
  8. dean trying to encourage her.
  9. would be gr8 if it happens. why else would ashley stick around? she may want to start learning to have fun
  10. these 3 can handle any situation i'm sure.
  11. that's why i said bob & carol. none of those yet.
  12. bob carol ted & alice was a famous movie about swingers in the 60's if you are not familiar with it. natalie wood starred.
  13. we have dolly. formerly hot tits.
  14. i don't recall if we named the other couple yet. how about bob & carol of bob & carol & ted & alice fame.
  15. even if she just stays with dean & watches everyone else it could lead to some hot times later . let's keep our hopes up!!!!