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  1. golfer06

    Kate & Molly

    molly had 2 nice bate sessions. had to wipe the telescope lense off a couple of times though!😳
  2. golfer06

    Nina & Alan Part #2

    offline. personal problems according to groomy. don't know when or if they'll return.
  3. golfer06

    Polly & Valery

    thanks. i wish they would save valery. oh well!😢
  4. golfer06

    Polly & Valery

    @groomydo you know if they left or were fired by george? i've seen plenty of apts on vh that are less active than this one.
  5. golfer06

    Nina & Alan Part #2

    phew! i was worried that he wouldn' t do anything but that should be must see!
  6. golfer06

    Nina & Alan Part #2

    he nay be a systems genius but what will he do to entertain us?
  7. golfer06

    Cleo & Axel Part 2

    cleo was red hot but axel wasn't ready for vh. i think that reality hit him when oscar showed a gr8 interest in cleo. then it looked like they could have had fun with whitney & ben. but when oscar & ben wanted to fuck cleo axel became jealous. after that they didn't associate with anyone leaving cleo with only mr white to keep her satisfied. now they've ruined their relationship. i feel bad for them. they just weren't ready. probably they should have gone to rlc. good luck you guys & hope you'll find happiness again!
  8. golfer06

    Nina & Alan Part #2

    anything that alan does to sustain the apt for vh would surprise me. from what i've seen he hasn't been interested for a while now, even with nina. i don't see him staying.
  9. golfer06

    Polly & Valery

    valery had sex with the guy but she was not really into it. it is saved for the archives. i would love to see her return somehow but obviously not with george.
  10. golfer06

    Alan & Evi

    yes. before zoe. a couple of months before she & jack appeared.
  11. golfer06

    Alan & Evi

    but he didn't listen!😵
  12. golfer06

    Zack & Blonde

    heather was teasing & blowing tatoo guy.
  13. golfer06

    Alan & Evi

    i found ruslan & katya with the old tver gang. ivo, sonia, petra, katya, & ruslan from left to right sonia blew ivo but katya wouldn't blow ruslan!
  14. golfer06

    Alan & Evi

    ruslan & katya were known on vv as toss & elly. this is the only pic that i could find. ruslan was trying to show katya how to suck a dick.