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  1. What Maxine Waters understands about America - Alternet.org WWW.ALTERNET.ORG United States Representative Maxine Waters, Democrat of California, urged protesters to be more active and confrontational1 if former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin wasn't convicted. She...
  2. There's a dark lie Republicans want you to believe about Democrats - Alternet.org WWW.ALTERNET.ORG The president and vice president offered remarks after a Minneapolis jury found former police officer Derek Chauvin guilty on all counts in the murder of George Floyd. Joe Biden called the verdict "a giant step...
  3. GOP Sen. Kennedy cuts off Stacey Abrams after she buried him in troubling facts about the Georgia voting law - Alternet.org WWW.ALTERNET.ORG During a remote hearing this week, Republican Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana asked Georgia-based Democratic organizer Stacey Abrams to voice her objections to her state's controversial new voter...
  4. maybe parasite & virus wayne lapierre can move in to your basement when the nra goes belly up.
  5. you forgot that the dems were the dominent party in the south which backed slavery. then they flipped to the republican party after the dixiecrat failure & nixon's southern strategy. also the 2nd half of your article consists of the typical strategy of the oppositeland gang which is to say that someone else is doing exactly what they are doing. but it does explain somewhat why you & some others have your facts & history wrong most of the time. in other words this article contains a load of lies & isn't credible.
  6. geez. but the traitor trump economy was so great. and he did so much to beat covid19. what's that you say? it wasn't & he didn't? oh! nevermind.
  7. so you have slept through the past 5 years also. hope you & ridge had (and are still having) a nice nap. check out any source of actual news on the net & you will find overwhelming evidence. and keep checking as there soon will be a lot more revealed.
  8. you are full of crap. in the floyd murder & a lot of the high profile cases that we've seen lately the people were not armed, were running away therefore not threatening anyone, had already been identified & could have easily been found right away, were asleep in there own apartment when police entered looking for someone that didn't live there & had already been arrested, etc. perps committing felonies & posing a danger to others is a totally different story.
  9. so you admit that he should have waited since he wasn't sure.
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