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  1. good luck to them. but to be perfectly honest i can't even remember them. agree with @maitre197. a lot of apts need to go. even if every apt had an orgy every night there is not enough $ to go around. 20 apts would be more than enough.
  2. what is nina's status nowadays? she has visited with a couple of do nothing boyfriends & looks fine but does nothing. is she feeling better? will she ever return to vh? i didn't think that alan would do anything without her but he appears to be fine. wtf is going on?
  3. my attention span for vhtv is vanishing rapidly. it's becoming more & more difficult to find moments worth saving. way too many deadwood apts. i don't even know who anyone is anymore. vh is becoming like a larger version of vv. 1 day soon i'll probably login & it will be gone!
  4. the apt looks nice & d & s are a lovely couple but i can't recall anything exciting happening in their apts recently.
  5. except for the regulars there is absolutely no chance that i will recognize any of the guests. vh has been changing apt tenants much too quickly for a while now. allthough i'd like to see as much sex & hot girls as possible i actually miss the days of, say, 5 to 10 apts where i actually felt that i knew the people a little. now it is just a bunch of interchangable bodies, sometimes interesting, often completely forgettable.
  6. why do you like dresses, makeup, & women's underwear?
  7. i have to agree with amy about vhtv lies. there are actually 133,037 videos in the archive. but it's not voyeurism so they all should be trashed. but does it matter if the bashers don't subscribe?
  8. your credibility is lacking just like your dear leader. enjoy reading all of the wisdom alone.
  9. i feel sorry for you amy. do yourself a favor & give up your vh bashing. you are more ridiculous than ever if that's possible
  10. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz who cares. you don't subscribe. you really should get a life.
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