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  1. They need to look into a better pricing model, they could do a per apartment subscription. that way you could pay €10 per appartment. Id much rather have a single appartment i subscribe to and another one that i can change around each month, so i pay €20. instead i don't pay the €44.95 and give RLC zero
  2. Alberto is getting sick 😞 Martina was rubbing Vix into his chest and back, i think they were looking stuff up with google assistant to see what to do.
  3. website called camcaps "i hate people who ask for videos from a cam site"
  4. 😰 We need a lovely person to come along and add the video to the premium section so it doesn't get DMCAd
  6. looks like they had sex today, theres a most viewed of it in replay right now. i don't have prem but if anyone here does. go cap it before its gone
  7. come on guys, they work well together. lay off Alberto! We all just secretly want to be him
  8. I'd like to hear Martina talking more, Even tho i don't know Spanish its nice hearing someone talk fluently in it. its really sexy!
  9. Wow, we'll you proabbly know them better than me. what do you think is the best stuff? I kinda like just seeing them being themselfs, being a couple. times when they are just messing around together, dancing etc it doesn't always have to be sex
  10. Thanks for explaining, us non-spanish speakers need someone around to hold our hands through this!
  11. If anyone has links/content out there that still works can you DM me, I've got nothing ;_;
  12. Hey Howard, I can't seem to DM you, can you DM me?

    1. Howard


      What's up?

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