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  1. She must be outside. Bogdan just flew in and said something to someone just outside the kitchen.
  2. Well she's doing her second one now so she was watching something! She should have kept the other guy around for her own pleasure. Oh, I know....she would never do that to Bogdan and especially at the villa on camera.......
  3. So loud music doesn't count as bothering the neighbors as long as the sun hasn't gone down? This volume could wake the dead!🔊
  4. I was wondering that myself? She seems to be the one talking to him. Over on M/A link the speculation is he is "Martina's" Michael. Has anyone actually seen the illusive Michael and could identify him?
  5. I thought it impossible to be on a phone as many hours as Linda has been. Not talking, just texting and/or searching. Unfortunately only her thumbs are getting a workout. The rest of her is starting to expand. She hasn't moved out of the bed all day. Tibor comes in once in a while, takes a nap, then back to his computer. This isn't new, been going on for a while. Also thought it was strange she didn't sleep there Saturday night.
  6. So this is as good as it gets at the villa? Monitoring cat fights, Vivian cooking and/or sleeping. Where's mom and dad to really quiet down things!
  7. He needs to lose the "jorts", especially the rolled up style he's wearing. Not seeing Marta with this guy but who knows, alcohol can work wonders!
  8. Sunday evening they were both texting to someone at the same time and they were both reading each others phones. She seemed a little upset reading the responses a couple of times. They both were interacting together and not the typical arguing. When she left she had one medium gym style bag a shoulder bag, and her purse. They "nicely" goodbye kissed several times. It seemed like, and this is pure speculation, it was more of a family situation and not a hook up. It wasn't her leaving in anger! Not a sub so I can't give a timeline.
  9. The dog reaction was priceless! When she went to the bathroom he went to his little house. She tried to get him out. If he could talk I'm sure he would say....OH HELL NO! I'M STAYING HERE WHERE I'M SAFE!
  10. Think she just did. How in the world did she get back?
  11. Hiccupping drunk for sure. After further review.... stumbling and mumbling drunk. Gotta love the dog's WTF look.
  12. Smith home at 2:45. No sign of Kitty yet. Stay tuned........ Last time she came home at 4:30. Hope she took her key this time.
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