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  1. Sting409 is exactly right! It falls into the sad but true category! #9 thank you!🤣
  2. This is really crazy. Seven posts (including this one) since last Friday, and four of them are mine, AND, I'm a freebie watcher. You could make all twelve cameras free.....there's nothing to watch so there's nothing to comment on! Unless you like watching Tibor clean/organize electronic gear or be on the computer.
  3. I just checked in and they are are out again, and I'm ok with that, but......at least leave the tv on so there's actually something to watch! 😠
  4. Yeah, they actually locked me within a few minutes of my post, then it stayed open for a short period. Must have struck a nerve with someone at RLC.
  5. Oh boy! Oh boy! Free bedroom camera 10! Now we get to watch Linda in bed for free! Don't get too excited.......you guessed it.......yep....she's on her phone and Tibor's on the computer. The good news is the tv is back. Hopefully they will get it hooked up and turned on so we have something to watch!🤣
  6. So where are all of the speculators who said the M/N relationship was cooled down? Looks pretty hot right now!
  7. Yesterday, Tibor disconnected and removed all of the controls from the shelf under the tv along with the gaming control from the drawer and put it in the hallway. I am guessing he may have sold the tv and gaming system to someone and maybe replacing with newer stuff. The operative word here, as is most forum comments, is "guessing"! 😇
  8. There are many, many model wannabes out there. Kitty would fall into that category. You could walk across most college campuses and see many Kitty-like women. Watching her dance around the apartment with her personality her best bet would be in a strip club. She can dream about a modeling career but store bought boobs and a new nose isn't going to get her there. She's just another little "hot" number out there in a very long line! So let's all just enjoy seeing her because she's very easy on the eyes, FOR SURE! Lastly, she needs a different man in her life. Smith doesn't come close to satisfying her sexually.
  9. 23:15 to current. Linda taking pussy picks for someone. Took a shower and went to the hall "hiding" closet prior to coming back to the couch. Tibor in bed.
  10. If you're looking for a job in marketing, RLC now, or at least should have an opening. Talk about the true meaning of "timing is everything", that just happened!
  11. Two posts since last Friday with not much to comment about. So, I haven't been watching today. Miss Kitty's not there at 1:10 a.m.. Was this nose job week, went visiting, or is she out partying?
  12. Come on Linda! Perfect time to break out the pink tool and pleasure yourself and pleasure your fans! Please and thank you!
  13. Was this something he "just" posted and on which social media?
  14. you might want to expand on that. don't sub so can't do timeline.
  15. sorry...sight was spinning and entered the comment multiple times. My bad!
  16. Hey Linda, you look bored. How about giving the pink machine a deep dive? Asking for a friend.....he says...please and thank you. 😇
  17. Poor Linda.....she's so tired.....pushing those buttons on the phone must be exhausting....😪
  18. That's probably the case but the makeup and lipstick seemed unusual. OT...Nelly is alone in her bedroom, no Bogdan that I see, but he may be in the garage pleasuring himself! 😮
  19. Alberto and his biker buddy had left earlier with what looked like a bunch of fireworks. Martina just left after showering and putting on makeup and had a drink in hand. Doubt that she would do all of that to watch Alberto shoot off fireworks or go to the beach.
  20. Uh oh! False alarm. Looks like a blue balls night for Tibor! 😴
  21. 2300 Linda just finished shower. Sitting on the end of the couch she took both boob and pussy pics and appeared to send to someone. It seemed like before her shower Tibor tried to set up a session which looks like might happen now.
  22. I would agree 100%! And would say the same for all apartments. RLC needs Anabel. When she wasn't having sex or bating she played her violin, naked for our viewing pleasure. And she didn't hide like many of the current participants are experts at! Maybe RLC should also trade for Anna, even if Alex comes along. She loved to play mattress for most of Alex's friends. You know variety is the spice of life. She was a wild child pre-Alex!
  23. She must be outside. Bogdan just flew in and said something to someone just outside the kitchen.
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