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  1. Of course it has been something, but very little thinks, I was premium for long time but the last year I just got one month and nothing nothing happened, and when something happen the cover themselves.
  2. They really need new people in the show, I would keep Martina, Gina and maybe Leora with someone new, all of the rest out.
  3. It just horrible and boring, like now, a Saturday night and nothing is happening, well Mila and Radi doing something in the bath, can be a worst selection of girl to do a "show", oh fuck me these two don't even move in all day, one even doesn't show her pussy.
  4. I would like to see new faces, new girls who want to make parties and have fun (when making money).
  5. In my opinion the difference is Martina, lepra is doing absolutely the same for the last year
  6. So, I been a long time watching RLC but the last year has been so so, always same people, nothing happened, basically boring so I start searching and I found VH and camarads, and I am thinking about joining. It is good? Quality of cameras and so? I see there is a lot of apartments so probably not boring but I don't know, some in the website don't call me. Help, I'm a voyeur, I need my dosis!!!
  7. Martina still the best thing in RLC, sadly I can't watch her anymore, I'm waiting for better times at rlc
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