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  1. This is just a wild theory: If she does have some sort of social problems, doesn't do eye contact etc, maybe she was thinking if she was a RLC girl she would not have to meet anyone and her audience is remote, just a camera and she would never have to interact with anyone. The parties may have come as a surprise!!
  2. Gina and Sera - chalk and cheese. so c'mon Sera get up and strutt your stuff with the girls...you can do it!!
  3. sorry thought I had to explain for those pesky guys across the water. Cheers😄
  4. FYI its a fairly old English expression for one who is a bit drab. Drawers being an old word for underwear
  5. Meanwhile old droopy drawers has opted to sit on her own with her precious phone. Mingle with the others?, what me,? no thanks
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