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  1. agree, closer view this aft and I thought same, similar but not that much of a likeness.
  2. Onto Nana, see she's getting into the swing of things B4. Laying on her bed doing her nails 🙄
  3. May be wrong but in my experience the smaller ones have more 'stick out' nips, one I know you could hang your coat on them, as the saying goes!!
  4. they were the two I had in mind but coulldn't decide between them. 😆Anyway what about fried eggs Elian. Any shout outs for her ??
  5. hope dd doesn't answer this, we could be reading all night (sorry dd, in jest!)
  6. looks to me like she is quite confident with the cameras, all looking good 🙏
  7. They definately play with balls - Rawhide is the one for the ping pong!!😳
  8. I've missed something - seen her take shower, put on swim suit and go swimming, and sunbathing ?? Am I watching a different channel? 😐
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