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  1. Whoever he is he came so quick didnt satisfy her! Now he has his entire hand inside her. Looks like you could park a car in there
  2. ................................ that was me censoring myself
  3. In an effort o clear some things up, I will and want to post my last topic in the Leora/Paul/ fake Juli world. I have given Squirrel and Foamy access to my account and mail in an effort to show this. I am a woman. I live in the U.S.A. I have NEVER attempted to contact Leora/fake Juli. The information that I gave about KGB Father, mother passing at 13yrs young was given to me by a couple of her "friends" in an attempt for me to understand her. And I do applaud her friends for sticking up for her. I have a PHD in Psychology and have often vocalized my clinical observation in an attempt to wake people up to a pattern. The last time I tried to help a Woman whose husband was laying his hands on her, small strikes at first as he built the confidence to do worse. She was murdered by her husband and then he drove onto an expressway and threw himself in front of a semi truck and was killed leaving two children parent less. I am worried about this girl. Her friends call her a "flake" as she does not follow through with her intentions. Her ability to downgrade her self worth and our ability as humans to look the other way could lead to catastrophic events. You cannot say you weren't told at this point. I am truly sorry to those of you that have taken offense to my words. I will not bother any of you again after I conclude. I would however point out that fake Juli never denied said events, only was upset at their mention. The depth of her self deprecation will eventually lead to a darker path. Again, these are my opinions and can and probably will be discarded by the populous of CC. I hope that I stayed in the guidelines of the rules set forth by our moderators as I have apologized to them also. If you look at my comments about other rooms, I do enjoy this project. I have also been witness to suicides on Periscope that were watched and fueled by the watchers and their comments until the deed was done. Please, as a society and the quick access to ones personal life we are responsible and share blame in the outcome of those that we view. Solembum signing off for good, in this room... I have opinions and like a butt hole, we all have them and they are all crappy!
  4. Paul has to feel like a little girlie man inside. He cannot please his woman, who would be pleased with 5 min! This couple has to go! Ticking time bomb!
  5. Ohh Ohh! Hopefully the 4min. boy shaved his head for a deployment. Another chance for his squad to Frag him!
  6. Its only my opinion. Its like a butt hole, everyone has one and they are all crappy.. But, this is a place to voice those opinions..General Chat. He is a Pig and no, she is by far not the best of RLC. She does make a maladroit look good though! And for 45 bucks a month plus the 12 here, I get to spout off
  7. I like her plenty in the beginning. She was vibrant and full of life. She has a wonderful body and a very pretty face. But she is a pathetic human. She has allowed herself to be squashed by Paul. He has hit her, pushed her around and emotionally warped her over the pat few years. I do not like the couple. And as she lets it happen, I do not think she is a quality person. We observe these people through our pc and come to get to know them. Watching a young woman loose her drive for life and zeal to live is depressing. She has become more afraid of the dark and so insecure. That only means she does not feel safe in her home. As far as education goes...if you dont use it, what the point?
  8. This is a joke correct? Leora does not leave the house. She is emotionally and physically abused by Paul and does NOTHING! She doesnt leave the house. Has no friends. She is so uneducated she thinks she can tape herself to loose cellulite. That working out for less than 5 min does something. Her partner cannot satisfy her. The only gratification she gets is showing off on FREE cams because she knows she has an audience. The only time she gets off is by herself. She has altered herself to get off for the cameras. She lives in the Matrix. This woman is as pathetic as you can get. But I guess birds of a feather...
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