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  1. i dont need or want your friendly and i will reply to anything i want but thanks anyway😉
  2. are you on your period? is that why you are in such a bad mood?
  3. i guarantee if alberto was the one having sex with a woman and martina was in the living room they would be way less backlash. Just the other week People including me were excited about bruno and stella having sex in the living room while gina was in the bedroom
  4. a bit harsh imo as long as they have hot lesbian sex i dont give a fuck about albertos feelings but im sure just like bogdan he is ok otherwise he wouldnt be there right now
  5. getting payed good money to live in a luxury villa full of beautiful women and his wife. Yep il say thats living the dream
  6. mate you honestly think someone like bogdan couldnt get a girl if he wanted too? He could have banged tesla and elian but he chose not too
  7. if bogdan wanted too he could be with another girl but he doesnt want too theres no need to feel sorry for him hes living the dream.
  8. its not all bad they are good things like mr j and pam, nelly/martina, gina/bruno apartment with the parties and guests and mashas apartment can be unpredictable its just that the gov girls have figured out they can do the bare minimum and still earn lots of money because of a certain apartment that im not going to mention
  9. thats what it feels like to me too we missed all the best years and now we are just stuck with teasing and fake shows.
  10. now that nelly/martina are out of the closet next time they are in b4 together i want them to be intimate infront of everyone even if bog is there. No need for them to hide the relationship anymore
  11. The only question left is does Martina see the relationship the same way as nelly does
  12. wow you have just solved the nelly/martina/bogdan mystery after months of speculation. Its not friends with benefits they are in a actual relationship and she loves her
  13. we desperately need a Russian translator here so thank you and i hope you stick around
  14. if true how embarrassing for Bogdan that the rest of the girls or at least one of them know your wife tried to cheat on you
  15. im glad im not watching because cheating triggers me so much no matter who is involved but i guess theres a possibility bogdan gave her the all clear
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