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  1. Why is Nana in the Villa? She doesn't exactly fit in with the rest of the occupants. Shes extremely boring. They should send her to Monica and Amira's place.
  2. I'm not talking about the villa. I'm talking about Gina and Bruno's apartment and what went on last night. That shit was absurd. If that happened in my neighborhood, there would be neighbors going over there and whoopin some asses.
  3. I didn't quite visualize what the beat represented... but you did... and you did it marvellously! ROFL... Galloping Horse HAHAHAHA
  4. They played the exact same beat non-stop for over 8 hours all the way to 7 in the morning and did it really loud. If that was an apartment in America, those people would be facing eviction right now. That's not a 'warning' offense.. that's an outright breach of lease.
  5. Same here. If I miss something, I miss something... Oh well. Here's a photo of my good ol' days 🙂 This was one of those parties.
  6. I'm sure who ever manages that apartment complex is gonna hear an earful
  7. But for real dude.... someone should be telling him: "Okay guy.... time to play that only in your headphones now. The adults have to get their nappy nap in now"
  8. Yeah... even when I was a professional DJ, I still started slowing down after like 6 hours of it... DJing is hard work, believe it or not.... This dude is definitely on something. Probably Extacy
  9. Maybe I wouldn't be threatening to kill anyone, but I would certainly be ready to throw hands with them.
  10. Yeah that shit is fuckin nuts. I used to DJ hip-hop and electronica back in the day and I remember doing parties until 6-7AM, but normally we still had 30-40 people in the house right up until 5AM.. by 6AM we were turning the music off and starting to clean up... But we were in a house with neighbors that either were helping put on the party or already gave us the go ahead to go all the way like that. This party by the time it was midnight was empty with most people asleep, and now its almost 7AM there and EVERYONE is asleep while the DJ continues to blare the same crap over and over.
  11. 6:43 and Gina went to bed... only person awake is this moron playing with his toys. If I was their neighbor, I would be super livid right now, I'd be over there with a gun threatening to kill everyone there.
  12. 6AM their time (4 1/2 hours later) and Gina and the one dude is still up playing music and everyone else is trying to sleep. LOL
  13. LOL they're having a DJ party with like.. 4 people. lol!
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