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  1. It's wham, bam, thank you mam...now back to our regularly scheduled program.
  2. Dam girl slow down a little....you might break something you need.
  3. i understand completely...no harm done. i think be it friends or not(if not a friend he should not be there)entertaining or not he should never do that and she should not allow it especially in front of Smith. Have a good day. 👍
  4. NOOOOO ....look at the picture.if she was my girl and he was humping my girl in my house he would not be welcome there anymore and my girl and i would have a heart to heart talk and if it continued then she could go be with him.
  5. You talking about Leora's or the one sitting beside her?
  6. the "friend" is humping kitty and smith is setting on the couch ON HIS PHONE. if that had been at my house thing's would have been a lot different.
  7. Sorry Ash I Only meant IF you were a lesbian ,not meant to sound like you are one.
  8. you could Ash if you were a lesbian. lesbian with a hard on.
  9. I'd go fishing anyway.
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