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  1. Same thing could be said about Linda's... Well you know But then again you can't wear that out.
  2. A "Good Ole Country Boy" has sadly left us. RIP my Friend.
  3. And all this time i thought boobies had milk in them,no wonder little kid's can't stand up too good ...They Drunk.
  4. Sorry for your loss,but i am glad you all found each other and had some time to spend together.
  5. I think She should have second thoughts...Why?..because look how he does her. Linda fix's a meal,he eat's then back to the guest room,he don't even help her clean up.he get's his piece of ass then he's done with her.yeah i know he spend's some time with her but she spend's most of her time in the living room by herself. She see's how it is now does she think it will get Better after they get married. my advice to you..Do This as fast as you can.
  6. She's in a good position to play leap frog...being naked don't hurt either.
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