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  1. No. I believe she’s just visiting again. And he’s trying to score!
  2. Yeah they were fun.the weekend guy never shut up.but the girls seemed too love him.I miss them lots of fun 🤩
  3. someone ask that before. I don't think so. but I believe Olivia is related to Taya the hottie that used to be in RLC with bf. A sister maybe not sure if that was the case!
  4. Cleo ranks pretty high as well in that category:) Would love it if Bruno fucked Ulyana again!
  5. I was hoping the beautiful guest would return!
  6. Welcome Lisa. I took a photo to show you. Click on HD clips on vhtv and under apartments drop down go to Elliot will find all clips! most recent will be him& Tessa.
  7. That Summer & Silas. They first stayed @ Dylan’s place for awhile now staying here. Yes she is pretty hot. Gorgeous body!
  8. You think it might of been him shy of the cams she never has been shy of them before.unless she didn’t want anyone to know!
  9. Did you look at the archives under Elliot ? that’s where to find them!
  10. Only good thing from this party is watching little hottie Addison get drunk so funny . And likes to get banged .she’s a doll baby
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