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  1. That’s Stephanie.she used to live with Scott and Sabrina. Now she’s Scott’s fb She is beautiful and pretty classy girl 👧
  2. Yeah sometimes I wonder what they would be like in real life. Off cams! most of this is all some sort of act. I liked the old vhtv when a lot of stuff happened spontaneously! Not much of that anymore. like you said before Dr Scott keeps his drugs at work 😃
  3. Absolutely, i was thinking jabba mentioned she may not come back. yeah support informed me that K&B was just maintenance not to worry lol so much they knew! something needs to happen. Vhtv is dead, no Melissa, Alisa, Diana, Demi & bf not doing anything SAD!!
  4. Not always 😍I think some of them do that to wash em’’
  5. Lyla is really wild , she’s had 3somes with S&Sat one of the places they lived in. and lots of sex with still, and continued sex with Scott now. Goldie is not as wild ,but has had 3some with spider boy and sex with him and others. Not sure if its drugs with her. She’s just a flower child 🙂 and likes to drink! I still miss Briana and her long gorgeous legs! stif will eventually bang them both!
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