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  1. Is that thee same girl he’s been with now as a blonde, or a different girl ? I think it’s the same one
  2. Thanks, reminds me of Charlies Mansion 🙂 VHTV is just getting bored anymore .not the same as it use to be 😞 Well i guess I was correct on the tenants H&S. not that i am to happy about it. I remember this couple doing the hiding at A&E place What do you think about it Jabs ? Think VHTV will have much happening in the future ? Thanks,
  3. Will Lucas be back ,or maybe get his own place ? Or we going to deal with Charlies and his girl for awhile.
  4. This is the couple that I thought had this apt. she has the bigger tits lol
  5. no , blue eyes just for him. she hasnt been with anyone here . but with this guy at adam & Eve
  6. Thats the guy I was talking about yesterday that was with the other girl blue eyes , looks like he cut his hair short
  7. Looks like Jeka installed a camera on the wall of the bedroom.
  8. When those 2 girls that look alike ,both of them were on the couch with dark haired guys. I think both couples went to the hidden room as well. also she was on the bed with I thought was her bf. this was at adam& Eva
  9. We need more couple like this, Those Girls are so damn sexy!
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