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  1. She was here for several hours, nothing happened with her sexual wise but the girl in the red beanbag had sex. Not sure if that’s Billie?
  2. isn't this a pretty picture. where's the party balloons lol
  3. another BJ! and nothing in return ☹️
  4. not sure about you all. but that bum is getting on y nerves. he eats drinks,sleeps ,don't help out , don't take baths. couldn't help but notice was eating out of the frying pan on the table and left it for someone else.GROSS!
  5. any known parties this weekend? H&W is back maybe they will have a party
  6. just the chemistry they have ,the way she looked at him when playing cards. Hope i am wrong. they would make beautiful babies ☺️
  7. yeah if Connor & Dylan got a place would d be tinder heaven!
  8. I believe i was correct on the hook up with my Angel and Connor but I think its going to be much more then that. Can you blame him ! shes such a doll. But that would mean no more other hot girls for him 😞 Damn where’s my guy that wanted to bet points :ha’’ha
  9. And such a sweetheart. Cooks,cleans,parties with them when she doesn’t really want to . And yeah BJ’s and gos to school , she don't get much in return 😞 Ken should really appreciate her!
  10. Could Scott come to this place? Ideal for them. Or not in the area they need
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