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  1. Thanks! One more request for Poppy and Nikki's place, living room naked fun with guests starting at 22:40 on Feb 27th.
  2. Request from Nikki and Poppy's: - guests foreplay in hall at 2:04 - guests sex and post sex lounging in bedroom at 2:25 Request for Deborah and Ian and Thomas apartment: - Thomas shower at 18:51 Thanks!
  3. Request for Jasper and Maddie threesome: starts in living room with Maddie naked massage around 16:39 on Feb 24. Thanks!
  4. Some requests for the amazing archiving team: Deborah and Ian and Thomas: - Thomas shower at 18:06, Feb 23 - Deborah and Ian shower at 19:51, Feb 23 - Thomas and guest bathroom fun at 5:24, Feb 24 Thanks!
  5. If someone wouldn't mind capturing the following - Elza and guest couple naked games in bedroom of Elza and Alibaba's place, starting at 22:54 Thanks a bunch!
  6. Definitely glad to hear the news! Glad they made that decision in the end, guess they never realized how much work it is to save moments for the archives. I have to admit, I am surprised and glad to hear them admit they made a mistake, most companies wouldn't.
  7. I am about ready to give up, Support has ignored my last few requests and follow-ups. I dont understand why they made this decision, what a poor choice.
  8. I just sent then a complaint, none of the moments I requested from the 17th and 18th showed up, it's like they skipped them to go straight to the 19th.
  9. I really hope they go back to the old way. I am getting tired of making detailed requests for them only for VH to ignore them. We were so lucky to have the dedicated volunteers help us out. Now it is a mess, I would say only 40% of the videos I requested have been uploaded and not all of them are complete. There are sex videos that start mid action, they are only doing the bare minimum.
  10. Some good news - I am starting to see some of the moments I requested show up in the archive, including at least one male only moment so they are not ignoring those which is good. There are still a bunch I requested that are not there yet but they may still show up so I will wait it out (they may also be lost since some are from the 16th which sucks but que sera, sera I guess). Definitely make sure to request moments you want to keep, especially if you are fans of a less popular apartment.
  11. So since joining the project in August. Alibaba has now lived in 5 different apartments, been listed with three different women, listed alongside Archi and Nikki and listed as a solo apartment. That has to be some kind of VH record. The guest couple with Elza and Alibaba will most likely get their own place soon. They have been doing the rounds, first at Nikki and Poppy's place, then yesterday at Archi and Ariel's. When they get their own place I imagine they will be listed as Jafar and Mulan or Lumiere and Belle or Elsa and Olaf or something lol.
  12. Trying to be patient but none of the remaining moments I requested archived are in the latest batch. I fear the moments from the 16th and 17th will be lost completely (and am starting to be paranoid that any male only moments will not be saved at all). If I don't see my requests by the end of the day I am complaining to support.
  13. Lol, I was actually thinking the same thing, what if I were the only one making requests and everyone logs into the archive to see nothing but dudes in the shower and the queer shenanigans at Nikki and Poppy's place! Luckily for the straight guys, I also have a bunch of requests for straight couples from today so its wont be a sausage fest lol.
  14. Thanks, I am going to try to give them the benefit of the doubt and wait until tomorrow to see if the remaining moments I requested get uploaded. I also have a bunch from today I want to request, several of which are match their Twitter moments so I am hoping at those go through.
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