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  1. Request for Bradley and Jennifer guest room, guest couple sex starting at 5:00. Thanks!
  2. Request for Harley and Freddy living room, threesome starting at 7:35 Karolina threesome in living room starting at 0:58 Nikki, Poppy bedroom at 2:04 Thanks!
  3. Request for Maddie and Jasper's bathroom, guest couple sex starting at 3:15
  4. Request for Kathie and Stewie apartment, guest couple sex in bedroom at 3:10
  5. It is looking like Karleon may be out - he left last night with his stuff and slept over at Mario and Margo's place, then left there this afternoon and has yet to return here. Meanwhile the one guest guy has been having sex with Karolina all day. Music partners time again!
  6. Earlier I checked in this apartment when they all started fooling around and he definitely was not happy with all the shenanigans. The other two guys have been going from apartment to apartment recently- first at Elza and Mulan's, then at Nikki and Poppy's. I guess they are doing the grand tour lol
  7. Request for: - Jasper and Maddie bedroom threesome, starting at 23:23 - Kathie and Stewie shower at 17:15 - Maddy and Rocco guest room at 13:20 - Elza, Mulan living room threesome at 20:13 Thanks!
  8. Another request for Elza, Mulan apartment: - living room bondage and blowjob fun, starting at 23:50 Thanks!
  9. Request for Elza, Mulan place: - nude massage and play in bedroom starting at 20:13
  10. Another one: - Lexa and Waverly living room sex at 17:34 Thank you!
  11. Request for Karolina and Karleon epic bedroom session with guest guy, starting at 21:50. It's several hours of stuff so may need to be broken up into segments. Thanks!
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