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  1. try to light up quarantine now on cam 6 and 7 😄
  2. Tbh honest getting nervous day by day. we tried to avoid all conctact, even the admitted one, cause marla have asthma. U probably know i'm not (usually) the kind of guy who get scared easily, but after a week where we see quarantine go stricter day by day... i'm starting to feel uneasy. really. The simple fact it's someone who can't be seen, it's frustrating. Organize every kind of operation (buying groceries) it's hardly possible. i know there are countermeasure but, in simple words every time a person go out, it's basically flip a coin. i'm not good at flip toss. Plus, a lot of folk here don't understand how much is dangerous, so they made a lot of stupid mistake, and become dangerous, so... i'll trying to kepp Marla most relaxed that i can, and i'm trying to keep it cool, expecially when marla is in range. you guys probably will see a lot more gaming than usual, i need to clear the mind 😄
  3. fortunatly yes, game design is not the best when it comes to money, but it's private. i'll go hunting (grocery) so marla does not need to exit
  4. it's not so bad compared to orher, but yesterday count says 148. plus there are big chance they can grow up, cause some day ago there was a "mass evasion" before containement zone are fully operative (caused by a leak on the operation, in the best movie tradition) so a lot of 2nd houses and now full of ppl who came from the worst zone ever (lombardia, piemonte) and we don't know how much they go around before get busted.
  5. we try to do our best. I am the hunter, so sometimes i go out to recover food and things cause Marla have bronchial asthma and i don't like she go out. Tbh the worst part is on the nerve, it's not somehting you rational say to ypouself "could happen" expecially if you think abaute of the origin of this spreading so wide.
  6. IMPORTANT COMMUNICATION ( @StnCld316 IF YOU CAN TAG THIS AS IMPORTANT I'LL BE GLAD) Today something here is changed, something tough. From tomorrow morning (my timezone) the entire country where we leave is quarantained. Me and Marla (and Aerynn, Averadiel, Borg and Bishop who are here on friday) Are FINE at now, this is mainly a precautional measure, at this moment, but a strict one and the situation is very unplesant, by the way we are fine. Till april the 3rd entire country will be locked, but show goes on cause there are no issue about that. Maybe you can find us more nervous, or something like that. Beside this, all normal in our home at the moment. By the way, i think you friend on here must know how the thing is. Cheers and we are always here Hector & Marla
  7. Hope someone there sees Valentine 🙂 to me was great xD
  8. we are off for some Marla's Grandma Issue. Maybe nothing happens, probably, bit don't take chance with a 93 year old. problem is Marla's parent keep her in a retirement home she like a lot, in her hometown... ON THE EXACT OTHER SIDE OF THE COUNTRY!
  9. Happy new Year Guys From me Marla and Velrane
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