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  1. TBH i try to do that, but he is really an unssettling person. it would be very easier if he was a bad person, but all his flaws are under a thin surface of "i'm worried" (but for himself not for you) or "i'm polite" (just becouse is an edicated one) ora the worse: "i'll help" (just to say for year "i helped that time, you owe me so much cause i'm good" even if you have return the favor) BUT mailnly here to say Marla appreciate a lot and cheer you all back 😄
  2. For those who are watching us, don't worry if marla is crying. nothing to bad just very bad issue with her father, he's not the kind of person i like for father-in-law and he is obviously not the father marla deserve
  3. rarely i caps ourself, tiday is one of this occasion. when you push yout wife to THIS, can be a proud husband (at least, for bed thing, then you can have a lot of other thing to be a prod husband, of course ^_^)
  4. I was waiting 4 that, i comment while rp going 😄
  5. still we haven't proof it's not the same miguel. he's a god 😄
  6. the only miguel i can imagine involved is this
  7. we lost ten in a rush.. but today still warm
  8. ill try to take the imagine real, yesterday was a little winter tail but it's gone
  9. Btw you can see marla last fatigue on main table
  10. thank god spring is here, and with hot climate.... 😄
  11. if we got money i want to do some job in the terrace a place a cpl of camera, pool is plan phase 2. phase one comprehend naked marla sunbating (also, i love to do it in the open air)
  12. it's one of my life goals too, we need some work on the terrace but we eant to work on it!
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