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  1. Leora reading and masturbating ... has this trip to Germany changed her for the better?😆
  2. I mean, i wouldn't mind seeing her doing yoga naked or even just in her underwear like Masha.
  3. Exactly! 😆 Oh, if she then apply seriously and commitment it's all worth it. As long as she's away from the phone.
  4. Unless it does the same end as last time which has given itself to spiritualism. With the Buddha finished in the bathroom to collect the dust 😆
  5. I will tell you, i would be satisfied even if she did as Malia did in these 2/3 days.
  6. No, like a robot no. I don't expect her to do it every day like when she was in Russia. But, if she did these things more often instead of being on the phone and then doing nothing, all day, it would be better.
  7. If only Leora were always like today...a lot of criticism would be avoided.
  8. Well, she closed the door 😆 NOW, it will be interesting.
  9. It had been a while since Leora had taken a bath even with Malia in the house. It will be interesting to see what she does and if she will leave the door open.
  10. Ok shopping but what the hell...she hardly had time to set foot inside the house.
  11. Ah yes, Welcome back Leora. Let's start the day well...
  12. Not even the time to go back, which has already gone out...
  13. Malia is ready to go out. And Leora has not yet been seen. At this point i would say she will be back for tonight, even though she said to come back late last night...
  14. Then we can argue that when she is at home it does nothing but it's another story.
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