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  1. There is an old shower scene of her singing in the shower and her belly was smaller then. From Aug 8 , 2018. hxxps://www.camarads.com/gallery/view/354_Only-shower
  2. Anyone else thinks she is pregnant ? If i could post a picture her that i seen today she looks pregnant.
  3. this apt needs to go . nothing ever happens. Even when she cams you can't see anything because of poor camera placement.
  4. the bedroom sex has cooled off a little.
  5. The wide angle in this new apartment sucks for close ups. The couch being one.
  6. Her and her boyfriend do fuck alot 🙂
  7. They did have minor children visit . The rules are no cams when minor are present.
  8. She did not wait very long . She was probably hooked up with the new guy before she left Jacob. with the way she keeps playing with her stomach you think she is pregnant.
  9. anyone see the fight on 6/22/19 around 3-4 am. she has a bloody nose.
  10. does anyone have videos of these to to share ? Thank You
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