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  1. Don't forget her and Stella let alex eat out both of them one night her last stay
  2. Careful you can get your head taken off saying things like that trust me on that one lol
  3. I sure was surprised to see b1 was back when I checked back in i bet the neighbors love it
  4. I caught so much shit on here for pointing out the exact same thing when he first showed up in B4, that this guy is a skin head with a tribal style swastika tattoo
  5. welcome to the club
  6. that was one of my arguments with the drug deniers that maybe they are doing the drugs so they can do stuff on cam its not like the girls didn't know what extasy would do to them before the big 6hr orgy in b2 or what the magic water would do on many other nights
  7. said the same thing about nothing interesting happens without drugs or alcohol in one of my comments last night,i have no clue who the guy was though cant help you on that one
  8. I rember how so many guys freaked the hell out the first time they realized the girls in b2 were doing drugs some guys refused to believe it and acused the guy of druging them against their will others were ready to turn them into the local authorities my how times have changed huh
  9. damn if it wernt for drugs or alcohol witch is the same thing almost nothing interesting would ever happen on RLC imo
  10. not much eating but drinking some fluids
  11. you guys that say you cant have awesome sex on coke havnt done it much I guess
  12. well I was wrong about the other apt orgy but the one dude on the couch cant stop wipeing his nose so probally just more lines off cam
  13. it would be upstairs we saw them leave before and go upstairs
  14. probably just went to the other apt in the building to have a orgy off cam lol their options at 5am are slim
  15. wtf are you talking about I used to get so horny I couldn't stand it and I would fuck for hours 😁