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  1. i used to come on here and say how can you not get your $1.50 a days worth of entertainment I don't do that anymore
  2. its been like that forever on here but yet the people in north America have to pay the same as people that have no problems,does that sound fair to anyone I don't think so anyways
  3. EMMETT111

    Maya - General Chat Topic (2018)

  4. they do have a vibrate setting on them lol
  5. rlc gives up nothing for free they don't believe in free publicity as far as I know
  6. yes they can be more real,real boring that is lol but I guess that's real life huh
  7. glasha and sonya showed lots of skin hell they often had sex in the apt sometimes covered sometimes not,damn one of them is the only one to have sex in the apt after they moved out how lame is that the only one to have sex in the apt lately is a ex tenant
  8. EMMETT111

    Welcome back Megan

    didn't she leave like the next day after the orgy way before her time to leave,i never thought she would be back
  9. the magic water only happened when lola was there,even if they did use the magic water and had a huge orgy there would be guys on here bitching about them doing drugs
  10. They are now just glorified cam girls imo but with no personal interaction with the viewers witch kinda makes the cam girls look better in comparison
  11. I could not agree more,i used to never want to miss a minute but lately there is nothing new and exciting and I don't feel like im missing anything so yes I let my subscription cancel again just hope I don't get drunk and waste my money on renewing again for nothing like I did last month
  12. and Irma and alex were into getting the girls to go to sex clubs and doing escort work so that kinda makes anything lola did look mild imo ,but my point was it will take a woman like one of the those two to make b4 work,oh and they didn't do like lola wanted because every time they would get partying the neighbors would bitch and fuck it all up her last visit imo
  13. but really with all the internet savvy perverts on here if any of these girls did any kind of porn or even nude modeling trust me they would be bragging they found them and posting links
  14. just wondering you always say these girls are professional or at at least semi professional why is it we never see any pictures or videos of these girls on the internet outside of RLC if they are all pros then there should be something out there afterall 😀