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  1. its so funny how its just a matter of timing T and E are the kind of girls Carlos thought he was going to be around
  2. well they have been gone longer than just getting something to eat should take and nobody has mentioned the little fact that their frequent bathroom visits does not make you want to eat well not food anyways
  3. some guys just dont like to do some things on cam i guess my previous reference to the first couple in the COV was a good example
  4. i found it by accident too it would be a pop up after porn videos it would show up as Leoras livingroom
  5. lol they went to the RLC off cam apt and are having a foursome that is blowing Aarons mind 🤣
  6. oh hell we got Mcdonalds Burger king Wendies 2 all night dinners and i live in a city of 17 thousand a little smaller than Barcalona just saying i think they could find a place to eat
  7. i am sure these girls can find some place thats all you can eat 24 hours a day lol
  8. that redhead was one of the few girls that was fun to watch masturbate she would roll around like a cat when she would cum
  9. did you catch the very first couple that was in the first COV the guy would only have sex with his underware on and his woman was drunk all the time then his woman went down on one of the few redheads that have been on RLC then he made his woman leave RLC the next day
  10. now he is crying to Timur i guess not every guy on here is a Cuck like Al and Boggy
  11. its just easy to notice when he is gone all day,or when the girls came back from their last vacation he left for 4 days so has he got a girl off cam or a job funny nobody ever hears what it is he does off cam but if Nelly takes a shit off cam we hear about it
  12. so now all of a sudden people notice Boggy is not at B4,i have pointed out over and over again how he is gone all day 3 ,4 or 5 days a week gone in the AM not home till 5 or 6 at night going off and staying off cam for 3 or 4 days straight but noboy else seamed to catch this
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