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  1. you are right and as I only resubed the last three times just for her I doubt I will ever resub again
  2. call it willfull ignorance on my part I guess,but have been looking at her in a whole new light but what can we expect from a woman willing to get fucked in the ass on the internet a angel 🙂
  3. so if Martina was meeting Nelly today for lunch are they going to start having sex off cam in the off cam managers apartment as a regular thing 😏
  4. never saw that side of her till she started hanging with nelly
  5. i am kinda disappointed my image of Martina as being the beautiful innocent girl next door is shot to hell now she reminds me of my ex that left me for another woman that we welcomed into my home as a threesome ,good luck Alburto you will need it buddy
  6. on this we agree i dont see them making it thru this as you know i lived thru this same kinda thing more or less and it didnt work out so well for me and i can see the same happening to AL but hey he can look back and say hey he fucked a girl like Martina for as long as he did how many of us would not like to be able to say that so i only feel so sorry for him
  7. what chance do the guys really stand look at it this way the most passionate sex ever seen on RLC and three times now it has been these two,my point is if they are having the most intense sex in the history of RLC so thats pretty intense and the more they do it the more they will bond and that will inevitably cause issues , i know let my own bad experiences with this kind of thing cloud my judgement but they say thats how people learn
  8. so who will be the one to blow it it only takes one out of the four to get jealous and my money is on Bogdan no matter how good the intentions to begin with these things seldom end well imo especially if its just the girls having fun Al might be okay with it but Bogdan has all these girls running around flirting with him i know i would be fucking a few of them if my woman was having sex with a beautiful sexy woman like Martina and i was not invited
  9. just noticing all the new bruises on Martinas legs from the other night with Nelly seems as they cant have sex without being so passionate they either bruise each other or wear the skin off their knees and their men think they can compete with that 🤣 good luck with that
  10. she has been depressed a lot since she got the results from her knee to be sure but is that all it is who knows for sure with all that has been happening lately
  11. as in my comment before how American girls now think absolutely nothing about having a lesbian fling hell its even encouraged now days they have it shoved in their faces from the time they start watching TV pun intended by the way,i know the Russians/Ukranians are a bit behind on the whole gay /lesbian thing maybe that explains the reluctance of some of the girls to go full lesbian on cam
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