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  1. why is it every time i watch to see what taylor is watching when she masturbates its always girls getting gangbanged with a dick in every hole its been 4 times now its always the same thing funny thing for a lesbian to fantasize about imo
  2. anyone else get the impression the other night with the big man that they were just hanging out doing whatever it was he was doing then she got on the phone she got all serious went over and sat at the table talking to who could only be alberto then when she got off the phone she got dressed and walked her friend where ever, my point is was albetro watching the whole thing called her and made him leave
  3. seems if there was actually anyone working on the second floor there would be contractors in and out and i dont think they could get in without being seen on cam at some point
  4. the guest girl needs to strip down or just leave the other two alone
  5. yep they are doing coke they will be up awhile
  6. doing coke in the bathroom if im not mistaken
  7. megan was starting to play with her pussy hey it was a start
  8. comes home crying ruins the whole mood, irma made them turn off the porn so they could listen to how bad her night went
  9. guests left with their backpacks making room for piper and taylor maybe
  10. he smelled it a couple of times and put it in his mouth at one point thats not being freindly thats just creepy,then he plays with her ear for awhile
  11. maybe they are going to visit masha,not beyond the realm of possibility afterall but they are packing to leave for awhile mashas is a good a guess as any
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