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  1. what martina has is just right imo,im just south of Syracuse btw
  2. I like both but do admit I don't really care for the really hairy ones,i see your in PA hey neighbor I'm in NY
  3. hey they are opening a bottle of wine and both girls are in their underwear with the guys there, things are warming up finally
  4. Eva & Sam - General Chat Topic (2018)

    yippee it was a booze run
  5. Eva & Sam - General Chat Topic (2018)

    they are leaving now at 10 pm lets see if they come back hopefully they are just going on a booze run
  6. 35 women on RLC and only one has a bush guess that makes martina special now in more ways than one,i remember going to wet tee shirt contests and we would chant bush to win guess I'm really ageing myself here
  7. Eva & Sam - General Chat Topic (2018)

    and sam is on vacation so lets see if these two have another encounter
  8. ot why does it say eva and sam on vacation when I see her in bed with the girl she had a drunken fling with
  9. maybe rose and serena come home drunk and molest jasmin ,like when rose and belle came home early from clubbing that time hey we can hope right