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  1. Can I down load a video I recorded with my camera from RLC without getting in trouble?
  2. Finally,the one topless girl got up. Nice tits. I videoed it with my camera but I do not know if I can down load it here. Someone let me know.
  3. I'm in upstate New York an hour below Syracuse almost Pennsylvania and it is 29 degrees . Later today high 40's and then down hill from there all week. We still have snow and it snowed yesterday. I am not sure how that works
  4. The girl on the floor only has panties on ,I'm waiting for her to get up. She got up this morning and took her top off. It is after 11am there and these people are still sleeping. The big girl took the hose off and just has her tank top and panties on . The other girl left already
  5. The big girl woke up and went mining for brain tissue . I ain't sayin I never have picked my nose but, I would not do it in front of the world
  6. One of the girls got up in shorts and a tank top and went into the kitchen. She stood looking out the window and stretching. She then did the reach around and buried her hand down her shorts and panties and dug out her ass awhile. She then got the cake out of the refrigerator and put a piece on a plate getting frosting on her fingers. No problem,the fingers she just picked berries with she licked them clean. There went that fantasy
  7. I have to say,I am non religious but I have never prayed so hard for one of the girls to give herself a wake up rub . The one girl is down to her panties but she is just sleeping :(
  8. The one girl just got up to do a pee run and took her top off before laying back down.
  9. That blond in the blue dress can wear that any time. The other girl with the pattern dress looked pretty nice too. maybe they came from work if anyone on this site works.
  10. The blond at Alina's party is smokin hot. I would love to see both girls go at it
  11. Sex at Leora and Paul's place !!!!! Ok it's the dog on the couch fucking a pillow lol. Admittedly,if I was there and she had he body on that pillow I would probably be dry humping to too
  12. Does anyone know about where Nina and Kira live? They have had their windows open for some time now( I see the curtains blowing) I looked at the weather from St Petersburg down to Sochi . It is in the 30's and low 40's in St P and Moscow. Sochi is 50 degrees .
  13. Alina's birthday? Alina went out and one of the bigger girls came in and put balloons by the TV and a present. The writing is in Russian but it is two words so I am assuming it is Happy Bday. So maybe some hot action tonight
  14. Wow, Thanks guys for then great videos. She is so sexy and beautiful. I really need to get me a paid membership
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