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  1. Tough crowd, I think she looks fine...and who is looking at the color of her hair anyway?
  2. She's been whomping on that thing hard and fast for a long time, I don't think he is even hard...is he gay?
  3. So I see many of the apartments have been distributed Twister games and are being forced to play it. ATTENTION: It is only worth watching it if the girls are totally nude.
  4. Bunch of idiots,. I remember when I had my first drink. Good thing the dudes seem to be ok with touching each other frequently since they outnumber the girls about 7-2!
  5. The boys don't have much of a wardrobe...constantly wearing their matching grey gym shorts.
  6. Seems like he is practically addicted to them.
  7. Does anyone know what those snacks are that Henry is constantly eating?
  8. This blond is perhaps the biggest slut on VH. What a whore.
  9. I could watch her all day, I don't care if she is boring or not
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