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  1. I don't get the constant masking the eyes as part of sex in these houses??
  2. Looks so uncomfortable and dangerous...I don't see appeal of screwing in the shower
  3. Is her rack real or fake? They are spectacular!
  4. I think they need to go out and get a real job or start an alternate career. I mean how can they possibly be happy in that tiny shithole of an apartment with apparently nothing to do?
  5. I beg to differ, look at the last several pages of pics!
  6. Then why can't she find a herself a hetrosexual? This aparment is jjust so fake and disturbing IMO
  7. HaHa...read a book!! Have you seen anybody in VH reading a book?
  8. This "Ken" dude wears the same exact clothes every single day. Just an obsevation
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