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  1. I've been around RLC and Camcaps long enough to have seen the difference. Of course we watch for the sex but without identifying with the lives and emotions of couples or girls simply enjoying the friendship of others then there is no difference between RLC and all the porn available all over the internet. With the world in a virus driven meltdown it all seems far more irrelevant than ever!!!! Camcaps has always added hugely to my enjoyment of RLC. That still remains true at least!
  2. Irma used to be all about sensuality. It is rather sad to see her resorting to simple friction!!! The change in Irma seems to reflect the overall change in RLC. Nakedness, girl on girl, sex toys, false levels of moaning might entertain to some degree but without sensuality it is all as meaningless as shitty porn. What a tragedy!!!!
  3. Masha's scar on her back has always been there. The first time she appeared on RLC was as a guest in the house of Dasha. This was many years ago.
  4. At least Leora listens to heavy metal music that we cultured Westerners would possibly listen to!!! Then again I would never want to listen to Rammstein!!!!
  5. The whole of the Russian people have no idea what good music sounds like. The utter drivel all the RLC girls listen to is soooo bad it wouldn't qualify for the Eurovision Song Contest! Then again thinking about it the songs would probably win it!!!
  6. That was I was just thinking!!!! Not even Leora can make this scene sexy!!!!
  7. Neither girl has any clue what a massage is supposed to be like!!!!!!! Irma could teach them how to give worthwhile massages!!!!
  8. Excuse me joining the fun of discussing the Trump Impeachment but as a Brit who doesn't know the full story could anyone answer a few questions..........When Joe Biden was working for Obama in Ukraine his son, Hunter Biden was paid $83,000 a month to act as a consultant to a Ukrainian energy company. Is this true?????? If so ....How did he get this job despite having ZERO experience of the energy industry??????????? Supplementary questions......... Did Biden threaten to withhold U.S. aid unless Ukraine sacked the prosecutor investigating his son's links to the company????????? Are American citizens entitled to know the answer to these questions if they are considering him for President????????????? I look forward to any US citizen enlightening one of your friends from the Mother Country
  9. If they haven't been topping up with hot water they must be freezing their tits off by now!!! Then again they from Siberia!!!!
  10. Linda appears to have lost weight. She is looking soooo much better. Her body now looks great.
  11. haha that would be funny to watch!!! It might make Paul move faster than he ever has in his life!!!!
  12. Why stop her doing anal!!! bleeding selfish i would say!!!!!!!
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