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  1. I thought she spoke English then I realised she was a Geordie!!!! 🤣
  2. I guess it depends how far back you wish to go in history to define a predatory state or whether doing so is of any use. Unfortunately Germany has a history draped in violence and war that caused virtually the whole of Europe to reach refugee status. It's estimated 75-80 million people died as a result of World War 1 & 2. 3% of the entire worlds population!!! A predatory state on a scale never seen before or since!!!! Time will tell whether the UK can prosper without the EU. I think with our leadership in Science, Finance, the rule of Law, our timezone and freedom to make decisions wi
  3. Young YOU have no idea of politics and history. It was the USA with this little asshole of Little Bush who attacked the sovereign state of the IRAQ against the UN in an illegal war for no reason. I didn't say Biden started any wars. I said he voted in favour of every war the US were involved in. I know very well the whole history. In my eyes the most evil man on this planet set fire to the Middle East namely Tony Blair. My desire is to live long enough to hear that he is DEAD. Him and his sidekick Alistair Campbell (the liar in chief) invented the weapons of mass destruction story and lie
  4. What he means by 'not now' is don't spoil my inauguration!!! He will try to bribe them by offering financial support to their government who will of course immediately waste any money sent to them.. then again a new limo isn't a waste of money is it!!!! The pathetic EU has been bunging money to Turkey to beg them to keep the thousands of Syrians from crossing into the EU!!! Free movement my arse!!!!!
  5. I would like to be told which Trump policies Biden and Democrats are going to reverse? Climate change involvement perhaps but then that will cost Americans jobs at least in the short term. What else? Immigration? The Honduras migrant caravan is on its way!!!! Will they be let in or turned away? Will Mexico stop them as a favour to Biden? I can't wait to see how Biden will open the door to mass migration in the US. I'm sure it will be in secret to try to hide it from US citizens! Foreign policy? Will Biden let Iran develop an atomic bomb or North Korea too? Russia.
  6. I've seen them all and recorded them all!!!! I know they have touched before but I'm referring to the 'new normal' they have developed. As i type the girls are touching with Malia trying yet again to get Leora interested. I love her never give up attitude!!!!
  7. If you watched closely neither of the girls looked at each other during the masturbation. It therefore doesn't matter that Leora stuck the dildo up her ass in the company of Malia for the first time. Malia wouldn't know what Leora was doing and nor would Leora know what Malia was doing. The problem with these mutual sessions is that there is no visual engagement and certainly no physical engagement. They might as well be masturbating in separate room!!! For us viewers of course, the girls being side by side masturbating is wonderful. I love to watch them together and hope for more but I d
  8. Most guys like to cum either in a girls mouth, pussy or ass. Zac seems to prefer cumming all over the bedroom furniture!!!!!!! I know sperm can easily slip into a pussy but by the time Zac starts shooting he is at least 2 metres away!!!! Social distancing whilst having sex!!! Now that takes some doing!!!!!!!!
  9. She still has me hooked despite frustrating me with her changed lifestyle and attitude.
  10. I admire your strength of will!!! Could i ask which RLC girl really appeals to you and why? Whilst Leora is very special to me I do love lots of the girls. Eva would probably be my choice. I found her to be fascinating and loved her beauty. Her face alone was up there with Audrey Hepburn who has always been considered to have the most beautiful face ever
  11. Edit: I should add that if you forced me to choose between having Sera in an apartment or having Leora, I'd choose Sera 7 days a week and twice on Sunday. But that's more a reflection of how I feel about Leora... 😄 In the meantime I'm watching Leora's pussy winking at me!!!! Enjoy staring at Sera staring at her phone or watching her empty room!!!!! If you tell me that's what you do rather than watch Leora I believe you.... strangely though everyone else is watching Leora!!!!!!
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