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  1. They are watching a youtube masterclass to take care of their new toys
  2. I was going to ask the same question. Is Viv ever going to leave the house to go somewhere, she seems to have mostly isolated herself to PAM, while the other girls at least once in a while try to hangout with each other.
  3. Is Aunt Flow visiting PAM. Why did she freeze her b/f out tonight, did anyone see why
  4. No I don't think so. Its like he doesn't want to as he is very passive. But i guess Pam likes that.
  5. Riya is clearly not comfortable. She showers with her back to the camera and then immediately hops out to get dressed in the corner of the bathroom. Sad thing is she must really need the money to put herself thru this. i'm going to leave her alone because she must be pretty bad off to put go thru this.
  6. Havent been watching b2 has Riya done anything yet, even be nude in her room?
  7. Sadly i think B1 and B2 have now reached the boring stages. This used to be one of the best.
  8. Wait a minute are they filling the pool with a water hose? Its going to take weeks and their water bill is going to be thru the roof....
  9. RLC does just a horrible job communicating with its customers. are these two girls in B2 waiting for the girls in b4 to leave, are they temporary guest? @Noldus usually is a good source for this but i haven't seen him in a while. Anyone else know.
  10. I believe the key to her not being engaged, another day passes and she still hasn't unpacked. They should move the girl staying with PAM into the room. She's passed the audition.
  11. yeah thats becoming obvious. he won't touch her below her waist. waste of time to watch beyond heavy boob petting.
  12. Has anyone else noticed that Riya is still living out of the suit case and hasn't really unpacked.
  13. i don't think this apt has been this boring in a long time.
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