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  1. Dick went to bed the ladies sleeping in the LR
  2. The three regular residents are home Jewel for a change wearing a dress Update: She change to her regular uniform
  3. A guest girl came in (about an hour ago) now all the four went out
  4. Dick is back I don't see Jane Jewel back earlier Update: Jane is also back
  5. Don't forget the incident when Masha and Dick went out almost all night long and Jane and Sasha did nothing and they was very upset about it BTW, your perfect Jewel still awake she is taking a bath now
  6. Night comes Jane and Dick is asleep and …….. Jewel ……
  7. Do you know what will cure this allergic? Invitation from Jane or Dick
  8. Some times you are right and some times not (as everyone here) let wait and see 😉
  9. Poor Jewel another night without Dick's dick 😥
  10. Dick is back (last night) Jewel is back (today)
  11. seems that you shot right to the point 3ed night without "playing" she fall asleep on the bed full dressed lights on maybe she was waiting for invitation but none came
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