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  1. now Barcelona returned to the normal temperature Tonight it was a long sex uncovered and first time she took off her top Next timeI hope that they turn on the lights
  2. If there is a stalemation in Barcelona in recent days? The source of the stagnation coming from the guest room 😄
  3. Masha will slowly drink the bottle to the last drop
  4. She needs additional excitement
  5. She looks like teenage girl that won the highthest prize the "class king"
  6. Where do you found that they so good for me? I despise them 2ed I meant mostly to the COV and GOV pepole
  7. People who say it's a fake is really nonsense. But bored people who have no roots, and do not have to worry about the future and livelihood. No book No newspaper (the only one I saw with a book in hand is Malina) There are those who fund them. So their head is somewhere else amusement sex drugs and alcohol.
  8. Onece in life time Milena dancing naked? Her movments looks like profesional striptis girl
  9. The brown (Russian cat) she got from Mlly on her first visit the white she goy from some local friend all wal a few year ago
  10. Babi on her way home or another temporrey location
  11. all these day Badi tidn't changed Sheets 😝
  12. On my point of view these words "different people" is not less then new residents
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