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  1. 17:00 (Italy local time) time for Sophia's bating in BR
  2. 5:10 (local time Sophia to sleep as far as I saw the first time topless (or nude) and still watching the iPhone
  3. I didn't understood what the connection till I watch what Sophia doing 👍
  4. I hope so, but sometimes things remans in stomach and came out in a moment of crisis or anger
  5. Another sex session for P&T this time it's began on the massage table and ended on bed P remember once when N&B do it the table collapsed 🤣
  6. Some mention many times that Sophia sleeping during the day, it's because she don't sleep at night watching her iPhone till early in the morning
  7. That picture was there before the big maintenance and they took it off
  8. It's the 3ed day that the girls busy with Taylor's head 😄 In opposite Masha and Sophia busy engaging in something is more beneficial
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