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  1. Ze, you talking over and over again about Masha's friends and her "sister" you used the word "have" and I think that more correct is the word had I have the feeling that somehow she lost them where these friends were when she was more than a week alone? (could be that Sasha was the attraction ) Once we thought that when she went out at nights that she has some toyboy/girls outside and I think it's all just a part of her show
  2. I don't know where this information come from The currency in Czech is not Euro is krona 1Eur = about 26.5CZK Salary for big factories an organizations managers is about 110,000CZK and service workers like waiters about 11,000CZK about the rent, I don't know there is a wide spectrum depending on the zone of Prague
  3. Just few weeks ago when the gay guest visit they got drunk and Dasha couldn't stand till the evening of day after - some here a short memory she got drunk more the once
  4. Don't depend on RLC whatever they did/do or will do is economic calculation "minimum outlay and Maximum income" the widespread method is "the grocer method aka "succeed method" I don't think that all three can live together Masha is too much selfish you call that a "bitch" behavior she don't give them any privacy or "living space" (she got oneself room and TV set) she can't do her makeup and make her nails there?
  5. As I wrote the another one was Dasha's old cat It's seems that if she lost the last creator in her life it's will be sad for her looks like many friends of her gone
  6. The brown on have history on RLC he start his way at N&B apartment Dasha gave N&B her cat and took the their cat to M&S on one of her previous visits (I think the time she came with Demid)
  7. Is that means that you just guessing "She clearly had sex before the project, but just not with Hakeem" or you have Kristal ball
  8. I see that you know them both very well !!!!!!!!!!!!
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