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  1. Someone who involved on porno business told me the one of the first steps they teach "actress" how to act in sex scene when she not enjoy the act and how to behave in natural way when he so some videos of some girls he say "it's looks like c or lower class "actress" or very lame imitation but far from be natural"
  2. Masha taking Dasha's place as a photographer 😊
  3. Is the video streaming working well?
  4. There is very old Italian song "Non ti sento più mia bambina" (I don't feel like my child anymore)
  5. It's more then just funny to watch her daily activities more than hour she taking selfie photos
  6. 1. I ? will not accept it but if it was her apartment and I need a place for living and ……. get some sex from time to time (even only missionary one) maybe I will 😊
  7. Any woman in normal life. that is no the situation here 1. she living here on other one money (could be the money is the main point) 2. She have a contract with RLC 3. Maybe after all she in love with that Asshole ☹️
  8. There was days we said "the quality is important not the quantity" now we got none of them. If more and more people will canceled they membership (I did it at the day they shut the Russian apartments) they will think twice on every step they will do. I just don't understand what for people keep paying this garbage
  9. Bating with the pink toy and of course costume on the LR while watching porno movie
  10. the old girlfriend With the swinging leg 😉
  11. Well not shy and not criminal (as I wrote) not bad fucker and with full lights on
  12. It's crime not yo fuck a beauty liady as eva on this situation
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