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  1. what type of card game are they playing?
  2. Anybody keeping track of how many days she's not in the appartment? She was back for 2 days, and leaves again for over a week? Starting to be a joke. At least the appartment is watchable while she's gone, since Kristy is more fun then with her friends
  3. Didn't say she could handle it, just that she seems like the type of girl that don't want other type of attention than free stuff, except if you are really rich
  4. Looks like Daisy dressed for this party, since the other girls put on masks ect after she came down.
  5. See Jenn is dressed and ready for church
  6. Might be counting the minutes till 01.00 so she can go out to party. Can't go now, because only losers go clubing before midnight (And the guys might not be drunk enough, so they might want more than just buying her drinks because she's "pretty")
  7. Daisy dressing up as a stripper, Sera dressing up as a Bitch, but she doesn't realise that dressing up as what you are, isn't a costume.
  8. Doesn't help if Frank drinks too, then it still won't get up.
  9. Prefer Jessica Simpsons version in looks
  10. At times the most watched cam is one without anybody home too, it doesn't meen the sofa or bed there is a star. it's just because nothing else is happening, and these are theonly nude ones here
  11. She had on a see through blanket on top yesterday, so one could see alot. And showed herself completely naked to the camera in her bedroom. So she seems to be trying to open upp alittle. Mila just looks bored, and gave up the massage. Maybe go home to Elvira?
  12. They used the water heater can last winter too, but seems worse now
  13. I remember B2 a long time ago when the hot water was out 2-3 days, in a very cold period. After it was fixed during the day, Danaya waited hours for it to get warm to take a bath, and while she was running it, the girl in the main bedroom (think it was Candy) used up all the hot water, so Danayas bath was cold. She cried alot when she found out. She was really looking forward to a hot bath to become warm again. Was sad to see that.