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  1. Gay people don't have to be overly feminin, or feminin at all. And a lot of gay people have kids.
  2. Dream on. He's gay, and that's what they talk about
  3. Just wait, Harley is going to say it's all fake from what he sees in the blurry thumbnails...
  4. That might come from surgery. She had a nose job right before her first stay, she was still using tape at night to keep things in place. And getting a couple off injections in the lips is just as normal.
  5. Frankster

    B-1 General Topic September #1

    She do seem a little more crazy than normal. But better like this than depressed as she sometimes get.
  6. Really hope not. Rosie is welcome, but always thought Anna has been a bore, especially since she chickened out that New Years night. And as it has been the last few times she's showed up, the Lola has been close. Don't want her back, especially after her last "hotel" visit in B2
  7. Frankster

    B-1 General Topic September #1

    Irma has been on her period. She's always less active when she is, sinnce she often have cramps during those. Been like that everytime.
  8. They have forgotten sound dempening, really echooy sound in the livingroom
  9. To bad it's not Jessica instead of Karol. Noting against her, but never had her close to being a favorite of mine. I'm guessing she's going to stay the longest since she got the big bedroom.
  10. Correct, it's going to be hard to follow all the action. I bet that is RLCs plan to sell more replay. They could shut down a lot of the other appartments without many noticing
  11. Upgraded alot, and with the best girl ever back in barca, together with Danaya. Looking forward to those massages again.
  12. Never noticed before that there actually are another floor to the house that isn't in use. Bridget and Tine is/was in the backyard to take some photos, and looked up to there Anita was working out (Her room). So the whole floor we can see in the Backyard camera is a hidden floor to the house. If one looks closely at hall camera 3-13, down in the right corner, you can see the mount for the railing on the stairs going down. Maybe just storage, or never finised? Maybe some of those who say they have found the house on Google maps can enlighten a little bit, without showing where the house is (For the girls safety)
  13. They probobly only removed the camera from the list to stop questions to RLC about why it's um for such a long time. It will be back again when the work on the outside of the building is finished
  14. Bridget started asking how Megan and bf met, and have turned into a discussion about men hitting women. and it almost seem like miro and megan are defending it, an bf is saying they should run away if it happends