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  1. New girl looks a tiny bit like the redhead that was in B1, the one that was drunk for 98% of the time, at least from night cam 2-3 But Noldus most likely would have recogniced her, so hopefully it isn't. Don't need that again. But think that was the same time as Candy was in B2.
  2. They either have a consionce, or they got yelled at for all the glitter mess last night. That shit goes everywhere.
  3. That seems more likely. Doesn't seem like the girls in B2 now have much contact at all with the current B4 girls. That seemed more like Monicas friends, and to some extent Rosies. Naomi and Sofie seemed a little weired out when Rosie was there alone a week or 2 ago when they came home.
  4. Hope it's bedtime for Serena and Candy soon, kinda keeps the fun down. Candy still have time to be more open than she was last time, but Serena have had enough chances this time to have fun, but never been anything but a party poper and boring. She's just too young in mind for what the Barca appartments has become since B4 opened.
  5. is Candy a lot thinner than she was last time? Don't recollect that she was this thin before. I always like the Rosie type before the Sofie type, and I remember liking Candys looks the last time. (Even tho she never was Rosie "size" (which isn't big at all, just a nice full ass 😄 ))
  6. Must say I liked her last time, even if she didn't do much. But we have seen what B4 did with Jasmin, so hopefully Candy comes closer to that than last time.
  7. The girls put on a little Rammstein, and Serena got angry and left. She really is a small child at mind.
  8. Adri doesn't even dare to touch Anitas boobs so far.
  9. Have to say good looking girl, and seems to have a really nice set of attributes.
  10. Yep, first 100% confirmation that Nora is working for RLC as most has been expected for years. The new girls, isn't she one othe girls who visited Sofie in the last little while?
  11. Anita leaving? She hugged Serena and ms red head like it was goodbye