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  1. she finally got access after many many weeks of trying
  2. Today is yesterday, but in some places tomorrow
  3. Guessing Megans BF isn't the smartest guy. She showed him the elivator, and he was like: What's this?
  4. Did Miro go into the batroom with Megans BF?
  5. If you refer to the evening in the room that Ksusha is now, wasn't that Rosie, Belle and Monica? That was actuall contact which shut Monicas annoying laughter up. I remember Aminas face, but anything else about her.
  6. Elly and Loraine is trying to do a fake show, but are really bad at that too.
  7. They don't even do fake shows...
  8. Don't know, but hope Mary leaves soon, so Mila and Bridget could spend more time together, both have seen interested in each other, but not dared to. Seemed Mila is careful not to scare off the other ones with going to hard in. She have tested Alexa a couple of times last night in the bath, but Alexa removed Milas hands when they come to close. The same does Mary in a way, she has made it clear for the girls not to touch between the legs. Only on the panties, but no movement.
  9. I feel bad for Mila having to hold out with the girls who only want to fake things.
  10. easy, so the air condition in the room has a smaller space to cool down.
  11. weird that rlc doesn't just restart the server. 2-8 and 3-13 works just fine.
  12. Me too, aslo 2-5 and 2-7. 3-8 seems ok